Pin Up Girl Contest

Hello Lovlies!!!

Well I am back, computer and all!! I can't tell you how long it's been since I have been able to blog and feel great about reading your posts.  So no jokes, I have to read 2343 posts from everyone I subscribe to.

Anyhoozle, so I have a computer but have to buy a new laptop charger as this one has fizzled and flopped, so I am gonna make this post SHORT and SWEET.

Enter the contest or something really really bad will happen!

What's the deal you may ask????

Well, Mr. Insatiable loves the 50s and LOVES loves LOVES him some women...he had this great idea to help empower myself and to help other women empower themselves to enter this contest.  

What 'cha gotta do is simple...get gussied up!  Slap on some fishnets, red lipstick and put your hair up.  Give us your best Cheesecake Pin Up or Rockabilly Chick pose...Take a picture (professional entries welcome) and send it to me!!  (  Get friggen creative!  Have some fun and

Your entries are allowed to be submitted until Friday May 22, 2010 - 11:59 pm ET (cut off).

What will you win?

Vanna: The lucky winners (selected by Mr. Insatiable himself) will win 2 very rare and vintage magazines that Ms. Marylin Monroe was in (Time Life and a Photo Play), a copy of the 7YearItch, a Classic Monroe movie and another really great treat!!!

Don't be Fooled..I am taking part in this contest are some entries so far....

Mi casa, la Vida Loca and Give-A-Way #2

HELLO FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well in typical Monday fashion, it's Make Out with Blog Mondays; however, here's a spin.

Today I am making out with MY BLOG!!!

ooooh, ahhhh....yes, that's the spot!

I can't tell you all how much I have missed blogging and you all but I have to tell you life has a funny way of taking over!  So here's a low down of my past 3 weeks.

1. Bought a new house!!!! Holy fuck balls!  I told y'all how we had a short period of time to get things done and you bet your ass off, I got it done!  4+1 bedrooms, big back yard, hardwood everywhere and a laundry room!! Ok, so you are like, yah...and?? But I haven't had my own laundry room for over 5 years!  We have been paying for the washer/dryer at our building and or toting the bags to the laundry mat --- NOT FOR FUCKING LONG!!!  I can't wait - this house will be my home and I can not wait!!! June 4 is the closing date and I will be documenting the transformation from the 80s to 2010!

2. Visited Boston!!!!!!  Let me tell you this.  Bahston is amazing!  I won a really great award from work called the Hub Award.  Basically, you only can win it once but whoever nominates you because you are an exempliary model of what our company stands for.  Luckily I was nominated and won!!!  So, for each office (mine and the other two locations - one headed in Boston) we all get together (the winners and the higher up peeps in the company) and have a great meet and dinner.  So, on Wednesday March 31, I took off to Boston.  I flew out of Buffalo airport with my travel companion - let's call her Juno.  We wake up at 4 am to get to the shuttle and then arrive in Buffalo around 8 am.  Our flight isn't until 9:55 am so we had some time to kill with horrible coffee - even more craptastic food and then our flights.
Once we land we take the bus - because Boston is so amazingly friendly that the city transportation is great!!! Each stop the bus talks to you and tells you where you are, and what point(s) of interest you are close to.  HOW FUCKIN COOL IS THAT????  So we get off at our stop and make our way across this HUGE walk way and find our Hotel.

We were staying at the Weston Waterfont.  Again, I have to tell you an amazing hotel!  We were able to check in early which was really amazing because I looked like ass and felt like my face had last years makeup - when in fact it did not have last years makeup rather than just Buffalo funk.  The room was exquisite though, and I had a KING SIZE BED!!!  Holy fuckin-doodle!  I have never owned a big bed, just twin and double for me...even know, Mr Insatiable and I sleep in a double bed with our 3 kids and 1 kitty.  The king was completely spoiling me but I was deserving.  I took a giant leap off the floor and landed on my bed and sank into it's heavely comfiness.  That is why they call it the Heavenly Bed I am figuring (duh?)

Juno then meets me at my room and we make our plan of attack....we wanted to go to the Boston office to see everyone - which again was super cool.  Exposed brick walls and funky lay-out made me feel like I was at an Ad agency or something...but I wasn't.  I got to meet ma peeps that I have been working with for over 2 years now!  It was really amazing to meet everyone face to face; however, I will say that for the next time I would love some non-work time and drinks!!!

We then decided to treck around the city.  I had never been there before and Juno had but hadn't done the official walk-about.  We made our way downtown and went shopping at some of the shoe stores.  We also had lunch - STREET MEAT!!!!  I have to admit that I loves me some meat too...anyhow we were on Franklin St where there were open markets, stores and amazing little bisto seats on the cobble stone streets where we sat for an hour.

Our dinner was at 6:30 pm so that didn't leave us with an exhorberant amount of time left, so we hopped in a cab and made our way to the hotel.  Now, let me just tell you about the shower.  Not only does Weston figure everything out for you, they also understand certain luxuries that are essential.  Having a rounded shower curtain, to me, really is thinking ahead.  Who wants a funky shower curtain sticking to you??? Not I!  They also had a double head on the shower...and although the sign read, "we are trying to be considerate of the environment and conserve energy" I pretended like I was iliterate.  I pressed that fucking button and had the best shower ever!!! I mean really...two heads...WOW!

I got ready and made my way downstairs to meet with Juno.  Our taxi took us to the North End of Boston to a quaint little restaurnt called Lucca.  The dinner was really great and again, SO amazing to meet these people and hear why they won this coveted award.  By the time of dinner's end it was already 10 pm.  Juno and I took a cab back to the hotel and had a coctail at the bar 11:45 pm I was yawning and could have slept standing up...The bar was empty also aside from one or two people sitting at the bar - but really they could have been servers or kitchen peeps who had just didn't matter...THE KING was calling my name.

I don't really remember the elevator up to my room - but I know that I flopped into the center of the bed and didn't move until 8 am when I woke up!  I couldn't believe it.  I literally slept in the same place I fell asleep and woke up in the same spot.  ok, so I just said that twice, but that's weird!!

It was likely to be the best sleep of my life!

Day two consisted of a treck that I have long since dreamed of...we went to Harvard University for a day trip.  Cambridge, MA; another amazing place!  The people were so nice and friggen trendy!  Who knew that everyone had a fashion stylist before leaving the house who inspected what you were wearing.  Apparently Juno and I missed out on the memo that you had to wear rubber boots with tights and cool pea coats with scarfs.  We didn't care.  We were rebels with our suitcases rolling behind us.  The university was so great though.  The architecture throughout the buildings - the amazing lay out and just the feeling that surrounds you.  I added pics on my personal facebook too - for those of you who know me...

Next we took a cab back to Boston and went to Fenuile Hall.  Likely to be the best place we went to during our trip!  We decided that eating would be a great idea - so we went to the market hall.  With over 30 places to choose between, my sights were set on the lobster rolls...holy hannah!!!

I had the worlds best and biggest Lobster Roll and was in heaven!!!  Ok not the worlds biggest and likely not the best, but this was in my experience one of God's creations. 

I felt kinda bad at this point though, I mean I was supposed to get to the American Girl for my Easter gift from my mother-in-law; however, after realizing that it was about a $60 cab ride, I was NO!  Instead, Juno allowed me to fulfill my motherly obligations at Build-a-Bear.  I had never built a bear before...the closets I got was building 3 kids..but that was a nasty hormonal 10 month long process each..and I much prefer to do this bear nonsense.  Construction was complete and my guilt of leaving my children had vanished but it was time to think about leaving for the airport...

We arrived at the Boston airport and were pretty much on auto-pilot.  The first food/drink place we saw had my homing devices a-beepin.  The thought that was in my mind was Oysters and Wine...why not?  Juno loves beer and that was a selling point for her...we made our way to the bar stools and ordered up...she a pint of Sam Adams and me a 1/2 bottle of Kim Crawford Sauv and a dozen oysters.   I have to admit..I really wished that I had gotten drunk after the dinner or something but I was completely responsible, so this pre-flight libation really hit the spot.

In no time our flight was in progress and then we landed...the trip was over.  I will say this.  For a 2 day jaunt, I had such a great time and really loved traveling wtih Juno.  She and I had conversation the whole time - and she's hella smart too.  All-in-all Bahston fuckin rocked!!  The only thing missing was Mr. Insatiable...he would have loved it - and I more if he were there too.

3. Life.  So other things that have kept me away from you my pretties have been day to day functions of my life.  The computer is friggen broken again and I haven't fixed it.  The kids are growing and doing more things that are having my attention going in 30 different directions and I am still tired.  I try to get enough sleep in but for some reason someone keeps fucking with my clock because daily I am waking up at 6...oh...I have to do that?  Well shit! 

As pathetic as it sounds, I can't say anything else really has happened...I will say that I am totally excited to have started to read all of your missed posts and also that you all have been checking in on me.  I really love that about you all!! 

So, make out with blog Monday has been me making out my blog.  I got to give her the attention that she has been missing in 3 weeks.  If you feel like joining in and want to make out with ma blog too...the more the merrier.

In honor of this big RANDY make-out session, I am announcing my second GIVE-A-WAY.  This has been inspired by Mr. Insatiable. 

Here's the scoop.  It's a PIN UP GIRL CONTEST.

I want you all to dress up (or down) and take some snaps...professional or home..whatever...but let's see your best Pin Up Girl.  I am even doing this and entering the you'll have until April 30 this time - enough time to get your snaps done.

Send me a pic of you as a pin-up and Mr. Insatiable will be the judge.  He can't pick me because that would be unfair - but I am taking part of this contest because who doesn't want to be HAWT!?!?!?

You may be like...this could be fun, but why do they want these pics?  Well...Mr. Insatiable loves the Rock-a-Billie era and also really does love women.  Why shoulnd't he?   What's in it for you????

Well ladies...Mr. Insatiable is giving this prize away himself...he was thinking dinner - but that doesn't work...then he thought he would tattoo the winning picture on him...but I had something to say about that (because no offense- if he was gonna have another woman's face on him, it better have my tits n ass to go with it...) so instead, we are giving one of our RARE VINTAGE MAGAZINE editions away.  This rare magazine is not in 100% condition; however, it is one of the rare editions that features Ms. Marylin Monroe (the image above is not the edition that will be given away...again, I'll post pictures when I have a computer that will allow me to upload).

When I have a computer of my own I'll def. put up pics of this..but the magazine is really amazing!!  For a collectors piece, if you love Marylin or just love something to look back'll win this magazine and also one of Marylin's movies "The 7 Year Itch" and a gift card to Indigo or Chapters book stores (for those of you in the states, Barnes and Nobel).  This gift card will be for $30.00 and you will be able to get your next read!!! There are a lot of beach reads out hopefully you'll be enticed to join!!!

How to join:

Enter your name below in a comment.
Email me at with your picture and a brief description as to why you are this pin up girl.
Pimp the contest on your blog (for an extra entry)

Remeber the deadline is 12:00 am ET on Saturday May 1, 2010 so get your snaps snapping!!!

Ok friends, this is long enough!!!!  I love y'all for stayin with me! I love y'all for your support and I can't wait to see who enters!!! Tell everyone!!!!