i miss you all; and a dose of gratitude

Please note that I can not hyperlink from my phone (me not that its not possible) so I promise to like it up asap! Hello my friends old and new! I am absolutely astonished! So after two full days of no use of our laptop (as the dood turned into the douche) and poured water on the keyboard...sorry still harbouring resentful feelings. Anyhow I'm seriously having withdrawl though! I have tried to use my bb to view all of your blogs; I wanted to comment on JewliaGoulias post about shopping with Jenn and talk about how great it was that she was havin a girls day; I wanted to post on Sue Tdid I just eat that out loud)'s post about how much her readers are appreciated, twitter and all- but I can't because I can't work my phone! I wanted to say what's up to marilee at the hicks mix because I think she is a riot! Julie over at a day in the wife, is amazing and her squirrel and my lamp are gettin it on. I also want to ask how her neighbour could call me monthly ( right around the 10th) for a sugarfix of fuckingscrumptuousgoodies. (Julie I'm not kidding)...but I can't! I wear glasses and still have issues using the buttons! My fingers feel like sausages trying to type- but today I have had it! I could not hold out till the keyboard is fixed! I fucking missed you all! So anyhow, not sure how many of you there are that read my stuff; but I know 2 of us are facebook friends (add me if ya want danon pascoa). So for y'all who don't know my eldest daughter joe dirt er.. Sophia decided to cut her bangs the other day. She looks like a young william wallace from braveheart! What the fuck she was thinking is beyond me ...but for whatever reasons she did it! I have captured an image ( but don't know how to add it to this post while usung my phone to post) but I swear I will post it when I'm online again! What else...oh - have 30 followers!!!!!! Holyfriggendoodle! 30 people who are reading this rant! WELCOME WELCOME new peeps! Please drop me a line and tell me about yourself! And besides if I've dropped all my shit on the table - its your turn to pony up! Tell me anything about you-what makes you laugh? What you are having for dinner tomorrow? Amuse me; its gonna be one longass day tomorrow so I may as well enjoy it! In other FANTASTIC nrws my blogfriend Jenn over at Ex Hot Girl has recievef her panties from the panty pyramid and totally posted it on her blog (where she has deciples let alone followers- trust me I'm one of them!!y. Anyhow so she posted the deets and linked it back and I just thought it was so incredible that she did that! Thank you (ps the bathing suit is great you look amazing but I have to say something red would totally be great too!!! Again you are amazing!) So panty pyramid eh? Do you all know about this? Well if blogs had alter egos this would be mine! Its my 2nd site where I am trying to help other bad ass chicks like myself to start to appreciate their asses enough to go buy new panties to make them bootie-full! I shit you not! This all started because I had 6 pairs of underwear! Uh-huh! So you can see I totally needed help right? Anyhow so if you go over there ( www.pantypyramid.blogspot.com) you will see in the first post a video of the idea...you will also see that more and more women and men are "following". So I don't know if you all are up for it but please check it out! I will always accept new people and all you have to do is send me a comment with your name, email address, size, preference and anything else you're considered in! I will always send you your first pair and will then give you the names and addresses of the next recipients! Voila the pyramid begins! You can tell your friends family coworkers anyone and get them all involved because if not for anything else; why not make someone elses day!?!? Hmmmmmm. What else? No clue! I had something else to say but totally can't remember it ( or moce my fingers as they are soooo cramped from blogging on my bb). Ok I'm wrapping it up! Thank you everyone though for your comments (keep them coming) your reading and for being there! I can not wait to read all your new posts from thus week on a full screen!! It will be great to hear! Be insatiable my friends Xoxo Danon


hey ya'll...I found the post I was searchin for....it is not my post for today; however, I had to put it somewhere!! lol "Hasta la vista....Baby" it is these last words that captivate an audience and leaves them wanting more...(or less...Terminator XVII - no thank you!!); however, I have been watching a crap ton of movies as of late and it's these closing moments when your "quickie" is done with these characters that brings every lesson together. It ties all the loose ends together; gives us the "uh-huh"moment that we all lust after when we walk into the theatre, or press play. I have to say that as a person who is obsessed with movies (not in a cool Sundance sort of way) but I do really enjoy movies...the escapism of it all..the fact that no matter what, we can all drift off into fantasy, reality or the cosmic unknown for a brief point in time...*sigh* anyhow, i just thought I would share with you the most profound closings I have seen/heard/felt as of late.... 1. The Breakfast Club (spoken by Anthony Michael Hall - Brian Johnson) Brian Johnson: Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did *was* wrong. But we think you're crazy to make an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us... In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain... Andrew Clark: ...and an athlete... Allison Reynolds: ...and a basket case... Claire Standish: ...a princess... John Bender: ...and a criminal... Brian Johnson: Does that answer your question?... Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club Ok, Im sorry to go with an obvious one, but really, it's such a great ending to the movie...and every time I watch it...I still get a little bit of a tingle... 2. The Power of One (spoken by Stephen Dorff -PK) P.K.: I remember my nanny would tell me, that if I listened to the wind, I would hear the voices of my past. I listened, and heard Doc talk about justice, I heard Geel Piet talk about hope, I heard Daboola Manzi, the odd medicine man, talk about courage. I heard Maria. These are the voice of my life, the voices of Africa. These are the voices I carry with me, as Duma and I set out, to bring our country closer to a better tomorrow. This was one of the most political movies I had seen when it came out. This movie is inspiring, moving and I thought it was really well done. I also can't get away from the South African accent that Stephan Dorff has in the movie. 3. The Wizard of Oz (Spoken by Judy Garland - Dorothy) Dorothy: Oh, but anyway, Toto, we're home. Home! And this is my room, and you're all here. And I'm not gonna leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all, and - oh, Auntie Em - there's no place like home! .....oh Auntie Em...GAH! I can't get enough of WOZ. :Some where ooooooover the rainboooow, blue birds flyyyyyyy" 4. Fight Club (Spoken by Edward Norton -Tyler Durden/ *** Jack/Joe ( I bet you didn't know he didn't have a name in the movie or book - he typically made Jack references though...like Jack's obdula oblongata) "You've met me at a really strange time in my life." um, ya..no shit! I think that the way this whole movie was put together is genius though. The book was super also. 5. Scarface (Spoken By Al Pacino - Tony Montana) "I'm Tony Montana! You fuck wit me, you fuckin' wit da best!" 'nuf said. 6. The Big Night (not spoken - but acted by Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott) ...after a night of indulgence, laughter, wine and more..while bankruptcy and other woes may lay ahead two brothers sit down (both chefs) to a fresh omelet with their waiter and they sit in silence...it's magnificent - and if you're a foodie I highly recommend watching this flick!! 7. Remember the Titans (Spoken by Hayden Panettiere - Sheryl) Older Sheryl: People say that it can't work, black and white. Here, we make it work every day. We still have our disagreements, of course, but before we reach for hate, always, always, we remember the Titans. Goosebumps... anyhow to round out the most prominent one was from an unsuspecting movie that I just watched. 8. All about Steve (Spoken by Sandra Bullock - Mary Horowitz) "Why should you have to change to be normal? All you have to do is find someone who's as normal as you are." I love the truth in this. The fact that we all have our own individuality, what makes me "me"...you know....that "je ne sais quoi" it's equally as alluring to someone...it doesn't have to be everyone! Just sayin.... I also think it quite poetic the last words that some of the most renowned people of our time and our history's time. Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827) "Friends applaud, the comedy is over." Dickinson, Emily (1830-1886) "... the fog is rising." Flynn, Errol (1909-1959) "I've had a hell of a lot of fun and I've enjoyed every minute of it." Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973) "Drink to me." Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953) "I have just had eighteen whiskeys in a row. I do believe that is a record." Voltaire (1694-1778) "This is no time to make new enemies." (Asked on his deathbed to forswear Satan) Just a thought or two...what are your favorites??? Leave me a comment and let me know!!!

I'd like to thank the Academy....and Marilee

can not THANK YOU enough!
This is also my first ever award...and being in the blogsphere with a GAZILLION other brilliant bloggers, writers, artists of craft, I am really humbled.
I can't believe it but, I find myself without words to express my thanks, Marilee, thank you very much for this award and for being my first!! (well...you know what I mean) xoxo So apparently the way this works is that I have to also share with you 7 things that you don't already know and I get to award 7 other fantastically wonderful amazing bloggers out there...
what would you like first? The Unknown or The Candidates??
ok, The Unknown
1. I am terrified of snakes and sharks. Terrified. Like, I am twitching just writing about it.
2. I have just had a nasty, ghastly, fugly wart removed from my knuckle (on my left hand). This bitch was on me for over a year and wouldn't go away with treatment from the Dr. or the home stuff...so I had a dermatologist burn the living shit out of it with liquid nitrogen...let me tell ya, if having a wart on your knuckle doesn't give you a hand complex, having the knuckle wart turn black/purple and blister to the size of a cherry tomato sure as fuck will...now, I hate my left hand (and it's where my wedding rings are - which I love)
3. I used to have a horse and I named it Pharlap. My horse was really ill and she did have to be put down only a year after we had gotten her, but, oh, how I loved to ride her.
4. I lived on a farm where we had to draw water from a well. (Julie- does that qualify for a 6 degrees of Lauran Ingles story?)
5. I can play the flute. I actually was pretty good at it too....I played all through elementary, highschool and some college; although I don't own my own, I can still play it pretty darn good.
6. I die my hair a lot. I have died my hair since grade 10...really, its likley a small addiction I have...I love the whole re-vamping idea of it all...but I don't have grey hair, which often people ask me because I die it more often than the average person.
7. I have a tattoo of an angel on my back with the chinese symbols for strength and perseverance in honour of my late grandfather...
Now, I have the distinct pleasure to award 7 other bloggers with this amazing award...wait...who is my co-presenter??? OOOOOH!!! can I pick??!!! Can I have Gerard Butler..no, wait....Quinten Tarentino present with me?? Can we both wear suits and sun glasses and have K. Billy and the Radio in the background??? no?... ok, whatever...I'll just do it my way...
And the winners are...
Sue from Did I Just Eat That Out Loud - I nominate her for her beautiful writing and fantastic stories and support...not only that, but with her acting skills, it's a wonder why she doesn't have her own show?!
Alex formerly of WHOA MOMMA - I nominate you for a few reasons...firstly, because your blog is beautiful as are your words. Secondly, because I think you are a beautiful person inside and out, and I am sooo sad to see you go; but can not wait to hear about your upcoming adventures!!
Natalie from Nat the Fat Rat - literally, her words are like story time daily! I love love love reading about her daily adventures, the Holbs and more! She has some great amazing and photo loving dogs too who are stinkin adorable!!! She also has been a blog of Note in 2009 and really is a fantastic person. I think that she also can write like nobodies business.
Julia from JewliaGoulia - she is sweet, inspiring and honest. These are rare qualities these days and I love the blog world for it. I find that it is soooo hard to allow our first encounters with people not be our initial and final thoughts of them. The blog world allows us to totally see inner beauty/charm/whit...you know, the real shit we're made of...it let me read a story of a girl on a new adventure in life who may have days where she isn't 100% on the mark but she always has a positive outlook on life and she ALWAYS seems to bounce back with her head held high. Julia, I am sooo thankful I have found your blog through Jenn (EHG)and I love to read your blog.
Julie - A Day in the Wife. I knight thee Dame Whoreticulture...you are really so funny and witty with your blog...thoughts...rants. You make a killer song writer (did you guys check out the 12 Days of Tiger) I also think that you have such a great out look...it`s a pleasure bein your friend and I thank you for everything you write because you are a literary genius!! Who else could have thought up of `Chick Norris`!!!! Yah, thats who...so go to her blog and read it!!
Mrs Humble of Not So Humble Pie because your blog IS beautiful. Your pictures of the wonderful amazing treats you make, make my mouth water! I love the images you choose and I also love how you are so willing to help (trust me, even with her recipes - she`ll break it down for you if you need something explained differently.) She is a talented woman who makes the most delish treats I have ever seen!!
Amy at Just a Titch. I really enjoy reading her blogs (she also has a weightloss journey one called SkinnyTitch) Not only is she a wonderful writer; she also captivates her readers in an instant. I have been reading her posts for a while now, and literally enjoy reading the next one because I know there will be something delightful in them, or a romantic story....it`s just a great read! so thank you Amy!!
Alright lovelies!! I am seriously running on Empty...2 posts tonight and I am feeling as exhausted as I did the say I finished level 1 of the 30 day shred and did level 2 in the am....TOTALLY DONE!!!
enjoy your night friends

Wedding Bliss and Happieness

(ok, totally off topic; however, when you write, do you ever sound out the words in your head??? - ok, I totally do and when ever i sound out happieness it sounds like ha-penis.!!!!) ok, GAME ON! So as I had subtly posted my little sister has gotten engaged!!!! I really am so very happy for her and The Fiancee (aka TF). He is truly a gentleman, a real giver...someone who I know has her best interests at heart and who's ha-penis is first and foremost. I can't say it enough...SOOOO THRILLED!!! Anyhow, so TF and her get back today from their 2 weeks in Cuba and it was amazing because we got to see mumma and have some dinner and just chill....I was able to reminisce about when Dan and I were planning our wedding.... Daniel and I on our wedding July 5, 2003 ....(as the harp plays a dream like chord)...I was a freak! I didn't see it then...but something happens to women when the ring goes on our finger...it like makes our brains speed up and everything is WEDDING...everyone is talking about WEDDING and everything but everything is about the WEDDING... now, please don't get me wrong...I loved my wedding - it was beautiful, the dress, flowers, weather, food...really -it was a great day BUT it came with some sacrifices. Dan and I argued a lot about me and my thick headedness...to his point, now I can see where I was being ridiculous...we also had thoughts about what type or where it should be...and you know, he let me to the deciding - despite his ideas or thoughts...not to say that he wasn't in agreement with my idea but it wasn't his first choice and I was too addicted to WEDDINGbells and Today's Bride to surrender to his requests... ...sigh...but in the long run our day was amazing! we both had fun, we laughed, talked, kissed, and had our family and friends there to celebrate with us. -- anyhow, so this post was about Seistor...so back to her... so as we all sat around the table tonight, trying not to ask too many questions (as they likely haven't talked about it as much as we all on the home front had fantasized) we tried to inquire about when, where, style etc...now, seistor is very amazing but she is a simple and traditional gal. She looked at me and asked "did you plan the whole thing?" like, I would do that! pa-chaw! I only had a couple ideas sister...and I couldn't tell you them because it's your day!!! I couldn't tell you that I have a vision of you in a vintage dress that is silky with beautiful applique on it, while your hair is slicked into a side bun/something with a beautiful red flower in your hair...while your bridal party looks amazing wearing burgundy/red/blood with white..I couldn't tell you that all I want to do is buy you a pair of Manolo Blahniks just like the ones that Carrie wore in Sex in the City - the movie! I mean, I can't ever afford them, but I would love to be able to... I had visions of Christmas/Winter themed wedding for you and TF....where you are so happy and overjoyed because of your special day, that it feels so warm and inviting. I am getting goosebumps now just thinking about it!!! I can see it all...but only in my eyes..I have no idea what you are thinking! I wanted to ask you soooo badly how you were feeling? What were you thinking when he asked you? Have you thought of the dress you would wear??? Do you have an idea of anything????!!! What are you most excited for?! AHH!!! I am so just in need of time with you. I can't believe that we only have until Tuesday and tomorrow's dinner is likely all we have before you go back until who knows when!! I really just hope/pray that I am able to be there enough for you while you are away... Like, what happens if you are away and decide that next year is the year...and you plan to do it here...how do we help you?! Maybe it's just best if my mind stops racing - because you are likely doing that too. Isn't it funny how a like we are? I know you are just dying with excitement and wonderment! I know that you can't wait to plan this out and draw your dress or something to design. Man I wish I was crafty and could design your wedding jewelry or something so you have a token of how special you are... I do have one thing, and I am not sure if you would want it or not...I have my veil...I had wanted to tell you tonight and offer it to you- but with TF there, I could see it was not the time nor the place...poor TF...he really just wants to take it casually. And i know you do too; however, I also know that you may want to have a girls day and squeal with excitement and champagne. Maybe sister, I'll just have to come out there and give you one of those days!!! *sigh* if wish that could happen...gah!!!! I wish that I could pay for every little thing for your wedding too. Seriously, if I could, I would. I don't want you to have to feel a burden about a wedding on top of everything. I want you to have the best photographer (um Jen Brindley...if you could ever come here to do her pics, my gawd that would just be amazing - because after all, the way you capture true moments of "love" is just amazing!); I want you to have the most beautiful flowers, hair, makeup, bridal party.... ....oh, there is just sooooooo much to cover; so many little things to do...and I haven't been able to talk with you about them...I can't wait for you to get back to Alberta and we can skype and talk and have the girly girl talks we need to have to celebrate this the right way!!! Just know that no matter what my little sister, I am totally here for whatever you need!!! I swear to you that no matter what you need of me, I will be there for ya! Ok kid...it's all you know..just let me know when it's ok to gush about the details and ask questions...I won't pressure until you're ready - just know that I am only holding back my excitement because I don't want you to feel overwhelmed or anything...or TF...I don't want him to feel pressured either..lol...poor guy! Ok, friends...sis...I love you all and am feeling a little too emotional to go on with my post...just know that today after seeing you both together, and the beautiful ring...I couldn't be happier!! (ha-pee-er) :)

The Insatiable Host: she needs a name...taking suggestions now!#comments#comments

The Insatiable Host: she needs a name...taking suggestions now!#comments#comments Ok friends...I have the pic up of "the lamp" i have 4 amazing fantastic and creative suggestions from Julie - A Day in the Wife...(and her fantastic Blue People Talking hubby who digs my pic and who loves my writing skillz becuase julie, i heard his thoughts..its all good!) these four names are sadly the only suggestions from you all i have gotten. Do i need to bribe you all with alcohol? Candy? Gift certificates??? Hmmm...how about this..how about if you all send me some more suggestions (not that i dont love yours Julie cuz Judith Light is likely my fav..) and I will start to think about give aways aside from undies.... Promise! My ideas for her are : Bette (Your Ass its a great Shade) Miller Stella Madame Lamps-a-lot Elle Mac FierceLight Uriah Phoebus (derived from the words Uriah (my light is Jehova) and Phoebus (light) Lux Lior (Lux - Latin for lux meaning light and Lior which is Hebrew for my light) Sunny Roshan (Roshan is Persian for bright or light) see... clearly i need help!!!

she needs a name...taking suggestions now!

oh, why can't there be any more hours in the day... if there were i would have many more projects started and finished rather than half done bursts of energy. i would be able to fairly divide my time between each child, the husband, myself and my home. i would have been able to do everything that i had wanted to do (like be productive and buy paint for my bedroom, do all the laundry, clean the bathroom, buy a gift for a kid who's birthday party is tomorrow and sleep for a few hours without anyone in my bed). Instead, I woke up took the kids to day care, came back home slept for another 30 minutes and got up, took hubby mcgee to work and went to see my mom for a coffee... i also went to the mall...my new sactuary! I had a few gift certificates from my birthday that i wanted to use and i also wanted to just do something for me...so i go and find myself gravitating towards homesense (which is a great home furnishing store) and I met my new favorite thing...my new lamp. lamps add subtle accents for room, allow height variences for decorating, illuminate your space and they also happen to be super cool. So, as my mother-in-law has my camera -and my phone's USB cord is mIa, I can not post the image;however, its sexy. Brushed steel base that has a great shape...the round base has 3 tiers and then a globe-like shape that stretches into an elongated neck. The shade, is more a "band" but it's covered in black silk with a velvet trim on the top and bottom. so beautiful...and elegent...and simple. Anyhow, so i buy my lamp and walk through the mall caressing it. I got a lot of compliments on it too...actually there were 3...but for my town for people to actually acknowledge you is a big step...anyhow, so i made my way into the store i wanted and found myself hugging the lamp. literally. hugging the lamp (insert here "i carried a lamp") I found a couple cute tops and cardigans that i liked and i saw a few things that i would love to be able to wear...more inspiration right? SO I try to get into the change room and couldn't so i found myself torn because i had to put my lamp down...i didn't know if i should just buy the clothes and then try on at home...no, i was here, and i may never get another afternoon to myself....so i put the lamp on the service desk and tried on the clothes...the sales rep started to accessorize it. she put a scarf on it, she turned it a little...wtf is that?!?! she loved the lamp clearly, hello it's friggen amazing but why was she accessorizing it!!? I have brought the lamp home and she feels like its the missing link in her life really...we bonded. I sat on the big purple couch, with my rum n coke and stared into the lamp...our eyes fixated on oneanother...it was magical. I look at the lamp now and smile. you may think this is silly but really. I.Love.My.Lamp. Dan just came home too and i also think that he loves her too..perhaps not as much as i; but we both have been eyeing it all night...I think that this lamp will be with us for a long time...and if this is true, she needs a name... this is serious folks...we need to name her! I am open for your suggestions- I will post a pic shortly (as soon as i can find where the damn laptops camera is or the USB cord went...)but this is a serious cry for help here. anyhow, i am going to post more tomorrow about my night, but we are just settling down to watch a movie (Rock'n'Rolla and I happen to luve luve luve GerrardButler - sorry friends...it's also time to snuggle with the hubs). I hope you all are great and keeping well though, and thank you everyone who has been reading and commenting and reading...for those who are new here (because I seem to have been getting more friends (WELCOME), but drop me a line..have a cocktail... good night.
seriously amazing - yet scary how much i love her.

save the best for last

I can't believe that this post didn't post; however, as I am now re-writing my post of last night, I hope you all are well. Perhaps its great that the post didn't materialize yesterday. I have had a long-ass day and I am quite miserable today; well I was until I started reading all the blogs I follow; that totally cheered me up! anyhow, here goes nothing....

I am a movie junkie. I absolutely love love love getting lost in films and stories and daydreams. They allow fantasies to become realities; they allow an escape from the everyday! Who doesn't love them?? I am not a movie junkie in the Sundance sense of the term; however, I really do appreciate film. Some of my favorite movies are timeless classics; sappy high school rom-coms; war movies; gangster films and kid flicks...some of my favs are: Some Like it Hot A Splendour in the Grass Braveheart Ever After Grease Chicago Immitation of Life Scarface Remember the Titans The Breakfast Club Weird Science The Lady in Red The Notebook and soooo many more.... anyhow, I actually have a point or a thought I would like to share...so let me get on with it... I love how movies take us on these journeys and leave us with lasting impressions. Most of all I love when the last lines of the feature...mAkE the FiLm!!! Case in point: The Breakfast Club - Brian Johnson: Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did *was* wrong. But we think you're crazy to make an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us... In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain... Andrew Clark: ...and an athlete... Allison Reynolds: ...and a basket case... Claire Standish: ...a princess... John Bender: ...and a criminal... Brian Johnson: Does that answer your question?... Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club. I love when you get that "cadbury secret" if you will...when everything comes together perfectly and the impression we are left with is just.....priceless. The Power of One - P.K.: I remember my nanny would tell me, that if I listened to the wind, I would hear the voices of my past. I listened, and heard Doc talk about justice, I heard Geel Piet talk about hope, I heard Daboola Manzi, the odd medicine man, talk about courage. I heard Maria. These are the voice of my life, the voices of Africa. These are the voices I carry with me, as Duma and I set out, to bring our country closer to a better tomorrow When the last lines mean or say something to us... All About Steve - "Why should you have to change to be normal? All you have to do is find someone who's as normal as you are." Classics that will forever stay with us... Gone With the Wind - Scarlett: Tara! Home. I'll go home. And I'll think of some way to get him back. After all... tomorrow is another day. Or powerful heartfelt pieces throughout these films...sometimes the most important part of a movie can be captured in a few words... GI Jane "suck my dick" Remember the Titans "This is where they fought the battle of Gettysburg. Fifty thousand men died right here on this field, fighting the same fight that we are still fighting among ourselves today. This green field right here, painted red, bubblin' with the blood of young boys. Smoke and hot lead pouring right through their bodies. Listen to their souls, men. I killed my brother with malice in my heart. Hatred destroyed my family. You listen, and you take a lesson from the dead. If we don't come together right now on this hallowed ground, we too will be destroyed, just like they were. I don't care if you like each other of not, but you will respect each other. And maybe... I don't know, maybe we'll learn to play this game like men." A Few Good Men "You can't handle the truth!" Apollo 13 "Houston, we have a problem" Dirty Harry "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?" Dead Poets Society "Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary." Dirty Dancing "Nobody puts Baby in the Corner!" Mrs. Robinson "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?" Finding Neverland "Every time you hear a bell ring, it means that some angel's just got his wings." Never Been Kissed "Somebody once said, To write well, you have to write what you know." Well, here is what I know... " I know it's not much of a post...but these are some of the simplest things that I get enjoyment out of... what are your favorite lines in movies???? favorite last lines of novels????? famous last words??? PS. Last night's post was way better than this....there was humor, detail and explicits; today - not so much.

where did you go?

I have a question friends...I had a post yesterday and had saved it, had posted it and had theme music for it...and now it's gone. I don't know what happened; however, while I re-write it...if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them... Post, if you are out there somewhere or hiding in bloggyland..could you please come back?


Friends, Romans, Country-Men... It's been a few days since my last post, and I have to tell ya I have been BLAH frickin BLAH! I don;t know if this is all PMS or MSP, or what yo' but I have been having this "I need to eat my feelings, snack on your fist, and bite down hard till I get the satisfaction of not "wanting" any more. I haven't taken out my feelings on food (aside from the double-packet hot chocolate with bailey's...it's. a. weakness!) OMG I can't go there again, so I better not talk about it. I really have been doing well though on all other accounts. I am maintaining a healthy balance with working out, eating well and keeping my mind peaceful...now, I have said that i've been maintaining..and that's just it. I haven't excelled, I haven't wow'd myself with this. I actually had planned for a week to myself for my voice, mind, body and heart; however, I have renig'd. I took it back...I had today off - which ended up being filled with chaos from the kids - who also stayed home; filled with doing things and totally not focussing on the most important thing...HELLO MOI!!!! I am okay with it though....I laughed like I haven't laughed in a while, with the dood. I giggled and snuggled with smelly - even though I could have seriously grounded the girls for the rest of their natural born lives after the shit they pulled...let me explain... so 4:00 am comes on Sunday morning...this is an hour when no one should be awake- unless you are a twenty something creeping in from being out partying..this time should be for mother's going into labour or for shift workers who actually start work at sucha a rediculous time...NOT i repeat NOT for a mother to wake up to find her children making "goo" out of their baby powder and Cocoa Butter Body Butter (which happens to retail for $16.95 CAN). Not for a mother to find that this "goo" which could now retail for $.034 CAN in the stores has been smeared all over the walls of her daughters recently painted walls, dressers, desk, clothes and every single toy they own. Not for a mother to find her 3 children COVERED FROM HEAD TO FRICKEN TOE by this "Goo"!!!!!! I can't tell ya...I was seriously tremor-filled-boiling-over-the-top-RAGING-MAD!!! But rather than let my head spin around and blow off...I took my angry pillow, screamed every single foul mouthed thing that crept into my body...I think I had a temporary lapse of snaity...a "tweak" if you will..But after, when I had my fill...I totally stopped, giggled, rolled over and went to go clean the disaster area that was my kids room. um...where was I??? Sophia, ya...so she got to have a great afternoon with her daddy...they romped and roamed all over the city doing little errands. When she came back, her smile was probably as big as I had ever seen it! She was full of energy, warmth and love. All she could do was giggle when she came into see us. That and she shoved her hands on my neck and made me freeze!!! Soooo...aside from it being a totally not exciting-full of chills and thrills or riviting ramblings...that was my weekend... Oh, that and my husband and I have totally meshed with eachother and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have him in my life. I know that "Ike" has his dickish moments; however, I totally have my "Tina" moments...so all that matters is that we have some great "tunes" together... I have been finding more and more reasons why I adore him and I think it's amazing. After being married for 7 years and being together for what...oh...11 I think that it's something that we really have just started to know one another (like man and wife; mommy daddy; hubby bubby) until just recently. I think we also have been working together on how to fight fair. How to repect eachother's boundaries. How to.... comprimise... I know that there are always good times; bad times; hard times; shit times; whatever...but I have to tell ya...I'm totally looking forward to what EVER time we have together...and can't wait to blog it all later!!! xoxox friendies!!! hope you are great and let me know whats up in your comments!!! tell me what you did this weekend, what you are going to do next weekend....anything!!!

Ike has nothing on you...and Im the one to get bitch-slapped!

TRUE STORY So in all things fun and lovey-dovey, Daniel and I have been really on a great little path for a while. You know how things are just great and fun and you love love love being near the other person??? Ya, well up until this post is how I was feeling... Yesterday we were talking when he got home, recapping the day if you will. Some how a playful game of slap/kick/tickle came along (this is not code for nookie alright?!) You know how this starts..you lightly slap them, and they think that you are weak and they are cooler....so they try to tap you back but just a little bit harder....and they happen to have that little playful yet smoulderingly sexy grin...yah you know what i am talking about!!! So this game is going on, over something ridiculous like "make me a sandwich" or "i want to snuggle with you (aka get some nookie) or whatever...and then I go for a tap on the face...LIKE A TAP okay and what happens.. Yah, so I totally got bitch slapped by Ike Turner....what the eff!?? I am going to tell you, that first off, I do not think that domestic abuse, spousal abuse or any sort of abuse is acceptable, right or funny; however, in this instance, as we were both consenting adults horsin' around and I do not consider this abusive an any matter...it was pretty fuckin funny.

I went into the kitchen to laugh away the tears that had surfaced - and I gotta tell ya, it fuckn hurt!! I couldn't believe him...and that he did that...IMMEDIATELY after it happened he was all "wow, that was way to hard, are you okay?" and did apologize to me...I (in fear of his masculinity) kept answering "yes sir, I am"

Now, every time he gets angry or stressed or anything...I call him Ike... "gear down Ike, you don't want to let things get out of control now do ya?" or "yes Ike, you are the lead singer of this band"...little does he know "Proud Mary keeps on burnin..

and we're rollin' rollin' rollin down the river.....

Then instantly the lights go dim, and I re-appear in a blue sequence "flapper-style" dress with killer legs and electric hair. The lights blast on to reveal the stage and my back up dancers and I do the dance......just.....like...Tina

Sadly, this isn't the first Ike accident...I have to tell you that Dan and I have been together for a LONG time! When we had just been dating for around a year or just under....the one day we were getting ready for work in the morning (he would stay over at my moms house with me...)and so we were getting ready and he was turned facing the window (back to me) and I walked into my room just as he was bustin his arm through one of the sleeves and again "BAM" knocked right the fuck in my nose!!! I have the worst luck ever and this really tops that cake! TOTAL TMI story right???!!! I hope you all are great, and I just wanted to tell you all a couple things... 1. Yes and Yes has this wonderful new idea that she is sharing with everyone "Moments of Win"...please check out her most recent post and get in on the fun...it's a great idea and really sends a message of empowerment 2. Did I just Eat that out Loud is adorable and wonderful, and I think that everyone should tell her so...I know that we tend to always know just how wonderful people are; however between her and Ex Hotgirl I have to keep both shout outs as number 2 because both are equally as important....Jen (EHG) recently has lost a shit ton of weight and got a sassy new Red Jacket with the coolest collar...please go visit them if you haven't already!!! xoxoxo my friends, it's bed time for this momma!

Why do I smell puke EVERYWHERE???

Ok kids, cat, neighbours, hubby....who the funk puked in our house?
I can not for the life of me rid my nasal passages of this odorous funk and I am seriously contemplating getting out my old synchro gear and putting the plug on! I have searched high and low - top and bottom and for the life of me can not find the source of PUKE.
I know you are all thinking, Danon, you must have been a tad drunkie-poo on rum n cokes and you could have puked in your closet and hid it under one of hubbies chef jackets....and the answer my friends is NO- I am not the puker!! I actually have mastered the job of HOLDING MY OWN thank you very much.
On the real, where do these smells come from???? I have looked everywhere...could my neighbours be sitting in a pile of chunks and I am just worrying about my sense of smell? Should I be concerned about them??? - Well...no one is concerned about me - so eff you neighbours! Princess Pineapple Bottom Jeans, you little bitch, did you yak in my Manolo's???? (ok I don't have manolo's but the heels that I do have, I wish were manolo's ...is that close enough?) But did you??? You were home all day - what were you doing? If I find you little cat-yak anywhere...you better hope you can say your hail mary's and that the pope understands Pussy! (lol..okay...that may be a bit overboard but i mean to say "kitten"- even though I am totally leaving it ---maybe i'll have to do more hail mary's than I though!)
All day I have been walking around and feeling that..."did the kid just launch on my shirt and I can't tell because it's in the middle of my back?" feeling because seriously, I can smell this like EVERYWHERE!! The funny thing is when I asked the eldest critter if she could smell it anywhere..she just looked at me like I was on glue. She says momma, I think you have lost your marbles!
This actually has happened before to me when I would smell "wet dog" everywhere....but that lead to me finding out I was knocked up ...er I mean blessed with a tiny seed. And kids, for those of you who haven't dont your homework - I have had my factory shut the fuck down..and in this economy who would blame me? Really having to pay for all the over time and stat. holidays for these tools..puh-chaw! But ya, so when I found out I was preggers with So, I would smell this wet dog nonsense everywhere, and it would make me gag...like wretch...
urgh..like...it's totally happening now, because I remember that feeling...(ICK!)
Anyhow, if there is a mystery launch-er please stand up; please stand up;
I can't stand this effing smell, and I have my patchuli insense burning on every level and I think the Pope may think it's a friggen sign from above and come to visit this non-holy abode....it could make for some news-worthy publicity; however, I doubt even he has the answers to the mystery smell.
Oh well...here's hoping
Hail Mary,Full of Grace,The Lord is with thee.Blessed art thou among women,and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.Holy Mary,Mother of God,pray for us sinners now,and at the hour of death. Amen
(let's hope I dont get shot, as i am not catholic, but if the pope is coming for dinner I better get all the help I can on my side!)
Have a great night friends and I hope to hear from y'all soon -
PS welcome new friends!!! Thanks for stopping by- if you have good ideas about how to get rid of the nasal funk please let me know I am taking prescriptions, home remedies and more!

A.F.R.I.C.A and one long-ass update

Sup bitches! Well I have been super duper busy this weekend I didn't even have time to stop in between and post...so in re-cap of all events Insatiable, I will start with Friday... but please know I am also begging forgiveness as this is one long-ass-mutha-effin post!
Friday January 8, 2010
I woke up late (and by late I mean 6:40 am and I needs to be leaving at this time) so not a great way to start my day; for many reasons actually...mainly because I am a miserable snatch in the morning when I am running behind and I feel like I could rip the head off of one of those aliens in District 9 with not so much as a flex. It would kind of be like the Yu Shi Finger Hold (Kung Fu Panda Reference) Sca-douche (pooof)
Went to work, and as we are now approaching Valentines Day, we are prepping for the storm ahead...I know I don't really talk about work here, and it's a good thing because I do that as my occupation and I am not nearly a brilliant enough writer to write for a living; so I blog instead and write about other stuffs...anyhooo....so work was busy and it came and went which was just fine by me...I was totally excited to get out the door.
SEISTOR ARRIVED!!!! She landed at 12:00 am from Alberta, and I was only toooo friggen happy to see her!! It's been since October and I'm sorry Dan, she is my world...she is my everything and she is my best friend...one of the only reasons why I have this new outlook on myself and life...so Dan, say thank you to seistor..I'm sure she'll say "you're welcome".
Anyhow, so the kids were being babysat (and picked up from daycare) so I didn't have to worry...I just rushed out the door at work and called her. We ended up meeting at the mall which was really fun as both of us needed some retail therapy! Me way more than her, as we all know I am just emerging from my chrysalis of un-fashionable-ness (a new word just for y'all). We go through H&M, XXI (Forever 21) and a few other places, and have a hoot! I bought some new duds too!!! I am actually super excited too because as I am now entering into the "Im fucking to small to fit in my old size clothing" phase, I am really having fun with playing with new clothes...anyhow, so I get this super cute polk-a-dot halter from Jacob (SALE) and wanted to wear it for dinner on Sunday (celebrating the 30somethings with friends). I bought a casual white cotton shirt, a sweet green/brown shirt with a necklace which is sooo cute that effin SEISTOR took it with her to Cuba (before I even wore it - just kidding she asked and I agreed) and I also got this white shirt that is hard to describe but it's super fun and is kinda slouchy on one side...I dont know...its cute.
Seistor was due back to have dinner with her BF's mom, so we had to cut it short, but again --- TOTALLY loved the time that we had together, AAAAND she had the cutest birthday gift for me from her and Joel (BF). They gave me a great candle set (I totally love candles and now that the kids are old enough to not put their hands in them I have a lot around the house), a gift certificate for The Body Shop and some goodies HOT SEX --- Ya!!! I said it...my sister gave me some HOT SEX for my birthday (the liquor - and it's pretty great!!) and these things called Mustard Melons.
So Mustard Melons are cantaloupes that have been peeled and cut into pieces, reduced till there was no colour and then they add mustard seeds, vinegar, sugar and some other stuff...but they are friggen great! I had some Procuitto and put them inside and it was DELIGHTFUL! It was super sweet of them to bring me some goodies and I totally love her for it!!! The funniest thing was that she gave me this beautiful card...with a lot of thought also...one thing about our family, we all go out of our way to find THE perfect card...the one that says what you want it to, ya know? So she gets this kind of card and it's the same one my mother gives me!!! See...it runs in the family and was a great verse and everything!! xoxo seistor, I love it and Thank you!!!
Seistor leaves me and I go back to the mall for more! This has never EVER EVER EVER EVER happened before. I literally have gone into stores, tried things on and cried in the change room (you have read this) and this time, I was on a personal high! It was friggen great! I was looking at things, trying them on and loving them! I think it was just that my sister said I looked great and couldn't argue! Anyhow, so I went to the one place I needed to come to terms with.
La Senza
Heeeeellllloooo Nurse! I go in there...I muster up the balls to say to the clerk, " Honey, I needs some help!" I tell her my pathetic cry for help and all things lacy and she pats my shoulder, leads me to the back change room and that's where I dont really know what happened. I know she threw me like 12 bras to try on and about 30 gitch....The bra thing was difficult, because anyone who knows me knows that I have some tig ole bitties and when you do have these suckers, it's hard to find pretty, sexy bras that fit perfectly that are sold in these stores...and guess what girlies....I DID! I bought two new holsters for the guns show!!! I was totally stoked and Dan was too!! (wink wink).
I also treated myself to 10 pairs of gitch!!! Lace, thongs, boyshorts, bloomers, skanky and silly ones!! I literally had a childish grin on when I saw what modern and womanly panties looked like and let me tell you, I have literally stared at my ass every day with a new pair on and have danced like Cameron Dias in Charlie's Angels! I also bought 10 for the next round of Panty Pyramid recipients! (which for those who have just joined, PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR ADDRESSES because I can't send them without your address and size)
Friday also was the day that we celebrated my brother-in-law Brandon's and his girlfriend Tessa's going away party as they left on Sunday for Australia for a whole entire year!!! OMG I can't believe they are gone already, but they are!!! Anyhow, so Tessa's mom threw a bender for them to see them off right and it was a NIGHT TO REMEMBER! Friends, family, c0-workers and a debauchery of Jaegar, Wine, Rum, Beer, RedBull and more! Honestly, I can't think of two people who are so happy and loving of their friends than Bran and Tess...it was a great evening!
I didn't drink this night...Shocking I know; however, I had some kids that I had to pick up from the sitters...so I DD'd the night away and ended up with my babies in toe by 10:30 pm. I also realized at this time, I didn`t eat anything all day...that totally sucked! Thank goodness for grapes and cucumbers! Nom nom nom nom
Saturday January 9, 2010
SPA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck ya! So seistor and I decided to do something super special and we got mani/pedi's at this wonderful spa called Sanctuary. I was very spoiled by one of my clients who sent this lovely gift for my birthday, so we went to the spa and were royalty for 2 hours! I have to tell you, this spa, really is just stunning. I hyperlinked it for y'all so when you come to Burlington, or if you live here or near, you can go! I will recommend to anyone! It's so tranquil and beautiful! Anyhow, so seistor and I go and get these beautiful wonderful and relaxing treatments and had the BEST time ever. I can't say it enough, really, she just is amazing. No matter what, we always have a great talk and she makes me laugh and I make her terrified to have kids! Its a happy balance I think!! Anyhow, but I wanted to share with you some of our day....and this was the only picture that wasn't blurry! eff Blackberry!!!
Oh well..these are my tootsies! I love the colour too it's OPI's christmas line and it's very similar to the I'm Not a Waitress Red...but it has a little sparkle to it. (Eat your heart out Daily Nail!!! Just jokes, her nails are WAAAAAYYYY better than these, and she even does them her self!!

Anyhow, so that was Saturday... we all went grocery shopping and had a blast!!! Again you all know how much I love taking the fam out, we sample the goods, teach the kids about veggies and I get to create in my head the perfect Sandwich. Seriously, this is what goes through my brain while shopping....LUNCH! I must have mental issues.

The rest of the day was with the kids and puttering about the house! I was a little sad though later in the day, as Jax was leaving for Cuba. Ya see, they had invited us to go with them for this trip. I know that it's something that could happen; however, when you have kids, and especially more than one it's more difficult to just pick up and leave them behind...there's sooo much organizing and to put on someone else's shoulders; however, its all good! I know we'll get away some day soon. I do hope she has fun though.

Sunday January 10, 2010

Today is a great day!!!! I always love Sundays because Dan's home and we always have a great time with the kids and easing our way into the day. We get up a little later, we snuggle on the couch (all 5 of us fit on this pig) and we have a great breakfast...its' just great. I made Bailey's and coffee, and we just were. We also watched Harry Potter (The Coblett of Fire) and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - two movies I totally love!

We were also gearing up to say good bye to Dan's brother Brandon. Today was the day that not only 1 sibling but 2 were leaving for some time. Seistor left at 3 am and Bran and Tess were leaving in the evening for Australia...we couldn't leave without saying good bye, so we made our way over to Chez Pascoa (his parent's house) and you could just feel the tension. Mima was sombre, Cort (the youngest brother who is 22) was himself, and Bran was solemn. The kids totally started to bawl and freak out that they will miss him; that totally ripped my heart out! They don't even see him every day or every week as it is, but because he is gone for a year, they were just so sad. It was really difficult to watch, and Brandon couldn't take it for long either....he had to walk away....we said our goodbyes, and wished him well. It's gonna be such an adventure!!! I'll def. give updates as we get them...and I also d/l Skype so we can totally talk when they are online. I did hear that they landed safely in Hong Kong earlier today, so that is great news!

We then took the kids to my moms...THANKS NANNA for watching the kids BTW..

Next up Dinner out with our friends!! We were going to Treadwell's Farm to Table Restaurant in Pt. Dalhousie (which is just like 25 mins from where we live out towards St. Catherines/Niagara on the Lake). I love love love love this restaurant...it was also where Dan and I went to celebrate our 6-year anniversary this past summer. Anyhow, so in "Insatiable Host" fashion, I documented the dining experience to share with everyone!!!

I can't tell you enough, just how amazing it was....really. I hope my shabby images can do some justice...but I swear, I was soooo satisfied when we left, as were our guests...it was just amazing!!

We arrived and were instantly greeted by Robert, the Somelier and manager at the restaurant. With his compliments along with Chef Steven Treadwell and Somelier/Co-Owner James Treadwell's wishes they popped a bottle of Rose Sparkling Wine for the table...it was soooo yummy (and a great effing way to start the evening out!!)

Next came one of my favorite points of the meal....the Bread...I know it's not good for you and I know that I am trying to not do damage to the hard work I have done thus far; however, it was in celebration of my birthday and I LOVED EVERY BITE! We had two types for the evening, they served a Rosemary Focaccia and a Poppy-seed bread with Blueberry Balsamic/Olive Oil for dipping. Again, scrumptious!
For the Amuse Bouche a Celery Root Puree with `Colbeys Maple Syrup` was served topped with a Parsnip Crisp. It was warm, sooo buttery and just like velvet on your palate. Really, an amazing start to our adventure.
We were dining with 2 other couples on this night, so in good fashion, I made everyone (really bothered them to no end) to take snaps of our eats so I could share it with everyone here...Happily our guests obliged and I think it was amazing as they were remembering to snap a pic before diggin in! Thanks guys..I can`t say it enough, we had such a great time!!
Here are our 1st courses...the first one listed was by far the best out of the lot - and everything was FUCKING AMAZING...below is the Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffled Soya Cream and Parmigiana-Reggiano. The wine pairing was something fantastic, but for the lack of brain capacity, I cant recall at the moment...either way, the way it popped the Truffle flavour out was amazing, and its really cool how flavours and textures pop when wine is introduced...really, just something amazing!
Next we have what Dan and I both enjoyed, this was the Surf n Turf. Braised Pork Belly, Apple Ginger Chutney and a Seared Sea Scallop. I know the Pork Belly isn`t the best thing for you, but There is nothing quite like bacon! Pork is a religion and I am now subscribing!
We also both enjoyed the Foie Gras that was served ontop of Brioche topped with Blueberries that was served with an Heriloom Beet Salad with Operatta Salad. (AMAZING) Other guests enjoyed the Ravioli of Braised Short Rib...which one would you order
Main Courses were again hard to choose between. I enjoyed the Aged Cumbrea Farms Striploin (aged for 45 days) topped with a variety of mushrooms (Hedge-Hog, Shitaki and Oyster) that was served with Smashed Fingerling Potatoes. The entree next to mine was the Braised Lamb Shank with the Celery Root Puree; next to it was the Duo of Pork (Pork Belly, Apple and Ginger Chutney and Seared Pork Tenderloin with a Red Cabbage Marmalade) and lastly was Dan`s entree...ELK! Ok, sorry Bambi`s grandad- but I have never had Elk before and I have to tell you - its is bloody fantastic!! This was hugged by Procuitto and seared to Rare served with Celery Root Puree again. FANTASTIC!!!!

Again, apologies for not remembering the wine pairings; however, at this length of a post I am sure that you are sooo delighted that I didn`t...I couldn`t not share this with you all though, really. I mean, even though you all are likely to be very hungry right now and wanting to hit me with your free-weights, I hope you all know I still love you all.

We finally were winding down the evening and dessert time was about to commence...(sigh)

Happy Birthday to me! (this is the new shirt I bought too!!!)

Starting from top left going clockwise...Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee with Cocoa Bean Icecream and a Cookie; Specialty Coffee of Baileys and Frangelico topped with fresh whipped cream (that was literally just made); Cheese selection and an Apple Clafoutie served wtih a Dolce La Leche Ice Cream Topped with an Apple Chip. Can you guess what one I had!!!!

So folks, that is it! Our evening out, with friends, enjoying amazing food, company; lots of laughs (like a shit-ton) and some great snaps for viewing pleasure. The only thing left to do was tour the kitchen. So we walked back there, and saw all the writing on the wall (from past guests who have dined at Chefs Table) and our favorite post was this one...AFRICA - Another Fucking Restaurant I Cant Afford!!! Chef Treadwell you and your crew rocked the socks outta us again and we thank you from our full bellies!

There you have it...3-days in review and I am now exhausted and am going to snuggle with my hubby and watch a flick and maybe get some extra snuggles (if ya know what I mean)!!! Enjoy my friends and until next time....I hope you all had a great weekend! Tell me what you all did.

Jesus didn't meet me face to face but he still loves me!

Well...I don't know what to say really; my friend Julie at A Day in the Wife...the one who dubbed me Chick Norris; the author of the hilarious 12 Days of Tiger; an entire month of tributes to why Laura Ingles rocks the shiz; the one who howls at the moon and drinks champagne like the alpha wolf tells me today that
she has nominated me for Best Canadian Blog
oh, em gee!! ok...so this is the 2nd time ever I have used this expression ever much less today; however, when something this cool happens, you never know what is going to happen or come out of my mouth! (save your comments for below this post :)) anyhow, so as I am new to the blogsphere, I had no clue as to what the Bloggies were...it kinda sounds like the day after your "deal" is finished or something but ney my friends...it's not...it's something profound! something amazing! and something that even to have a nomination is FUCKING RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!!!! so while I will now whore myself out to my friends and family to vote for me - I wanted to tell y'all that this is bloody cool and if you feel this way too, then I encourage you to visit the Bloggies site and vote too http://2010.bloggies.com/ even if it's not for me.
There are seriously talented writers out there who deserve a lot of credit. Writers who make me want to lick the screen of my toshiba lap-top; writers who make tears well up in my eyes when I learn of their milestones and sorrows. There are bloggers that I get up off my ass before I read their blog to prep a fresh cocktail and sit back down to not be disturbed while I burn excessive calories while trying not to pee my pants reading their rants and seeing their visions captured with the tap of fingertips or snaps of a flash. There are soooo many amazing blogs, really...and I know you all have written about them, given them buttons and bedazzled the shit out of them...
I have to say...I too have nominated some peeps today because of this. I think that each one of your 4 know who you are and I really truly believe that these individuals are friggen amazing. Even now as you think..but really Danon, how could you know these people are so great...you have never met them...I say to you all...Jesus didn't meet me face to face and he still loves me! This I know.
I think that if we all do our part to nominate those truly worthy of this incredible award then it will make someone's year!
In other exciting news...today is my friggen lucky day and I am totally going to buy a lotto ticket because of this...but I won a pair of tix to go see Joe Rogan (UFC former fighter and now commentator; comedian; former host of Fear Factor and kinda cutie patutie) for the local radio station that I can't stop listening to 102.1 The Edge. Super cool right??? Ya, I thought so...
Anyhow so it means a date night with the hubby -which means that we may make out too - which also means that there will be alcohol involved- ****WARNING..if your children are reading this post here is where it should stop...kiddies, go play!!! or go to bed- unless it's Alex's kids then Good morning!!!**** urgh! censorship! anyhow, as i was saying...yes....alcohol is going to be involved and yes...FOOD. I think it'll be a great night in any event even if it's in 3 months! Yay me for my horseshoe up my WHOOOOOHAA!
This humpday post is starting to get me hyper and excited again...I guess this is my 2nd wind kickin into effect (great, thanks for takin your sweet ass time to get here...I've only been waiting for 2 hours since I finished "hell" (30 day shred)). I am also super stoked that my little sister is landing at midnight tomorrow for a quickie visit, jaunt to Cuba for 2 weeks and another quickie visit...
If you are new here...welcome and just so you know, I luvs me my seistor! She makes me happy. She also posts wonderful comments anonymously on my blog - which adds to her mystique. I actually was really inspired by what she (you- if you are reading this) commented yesterday... here
She empowers me, supports me, makes me laugh and blames the cat when she farts! She is the one person that I would give my last bite of chocolate fudge cake to when I were PMSing...it's just how we roll. Anyhow, sis...your comment is true and I am starting to believe it more than ever before!!! I <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_33">probs on the couch-type) and Spa Day on Saturday!!! It's gonna be a long weekend and I can't wait!!!
Thanks again friends, readers and strangers who I haven't met yet...please vote for your favorite bloggers now...it'll literally take you 3 minutes...GO
What are you waiting for???? Do you want to push a button and Poof be directed where to go again????

AssHats n Safety Belts..bucket seats have all got to go!

G'day mates! So, there are a few pressing issues that we have to discuss.... I am seriously feelin that "fuckin right doggy!" vibe! I mean, once I walk out of work and get home, I am in a freakin great mood. Now, I don't know what that means...does it mean that I don't love my job anymore...likely not - because it's a friggen sweet job and I loves it but when I have been left to my own devices, I am walkin with a little more pep in my step. I wonder, is this because my steps are now 20 lbs lighter? Perhaps. Let's delve deeper into this "pep". I am happier as of late because not only is my job amazingly wonderful but I am exceeding - seriously good point. I have been losing weight, which is instant gratification - especially when my hubby sees me and I can see him appraise his real estate and sum it up with a sly grin. (I like when he does that). I am also feeling a little giddy inside because after my last post, I got an email from him stating this
yes danon i do sometimes look at your blog and yes i am
proud of you. i love youand your little pot belly...
seriously cute...right? Other reasons for my pep...hmmm... OH! SeIsTor is making an appearance for a few days...she is coming home before she goes to Cuba for 2 weeks. Ya, 2 weeks...she's a celebrity I guess. Anyhow, so there are a few plans of sisterhood..Friday - retail therapy/party and Saturday we are spending the morning at the spa!!! I was given this great amazing gift and it is a spa gift certificate!!! SO TOTALLY excited! Pedi's and massages!!! woot woot!
2. every time I hear "i've got a feelin" a dance party breaks out around me like the flash spot mob that occurred on Oprah's anniversary...that time when the Black Eyed Peas came out and then the whole T-Mobile dancers started dancing...urghh!! so frustrating...please see below for I have lost the words to describe...but I will bet that you all end up with this song in your head and either are dancing or thinking of dancing while you watch....
Now that y'all have burned some calories watchin that I am hoping you all have a little pep in your step.
Issue No 2
I seriously can not stand Customer Service Representatives at Bell!!!!!!!!
This is also a new facebook group - or at least it should be! What is the meaning of customer service you ask?
According to Urban Dictionary:
Customer Service A job which causes your anus to hurt because you've been bending over backward and taking it from whiny, complaining, bratty, idiots all freaking day long. See also: HELL. Customer service A service that a company provides to individuals. 90% of what customer service representatives deal with are people known as idiots. These idiots are losers, whiners and no do-gooders that have nothing else to do with their time.
For real though, customer service and experience is what it's all about. I called because there were two charges on my statement that made absolutely no sense what-so-ever. The first was $100 bucks "service termination" for my internet...um...fyi...still have the Internet and never cancelled that. Second, was $76.90 in text message charges...and right on the same statement it says each phone has 2500 texts...really!!! It's these kind of mistakes that you call and say "um...ya...not correct sir" and one reasonable human would expect them to say "oh, let me look into this...I see, we are just a bunch of mindless monkeys playing on computers here...not to worry, we'll credit back the money."
Not today folks.. no...no...no...! I tell you what happened..
I was told that I was wrong.
I was told that this didn't occur
Then I was told that my request to have charges taken off my bill was something they couldn't do.
beep, boop, beep bop bop boop bi booop bop beee beeet
"hello and thank you for calling bell cananda how may i direct your call" or whatever the automated service attendant states.
so I get back to billing and get a new representative..explain myself for the 2nd time. I also asked for her name and id number...because if she was a monkey, she wouldn't have an id number...anyhow, so i get through all of this again and tell her what happened when I spoke with the last representative...her response
"Um Im not sure what you want me to do..." then proceeds to tell me "if it's on your bill, then you must have dont it or it wouldn't be there"
maybe not monkeys...no umpa loompas-doopadie-doo
3rd times a charm...luckily when getting through the 10 minute intro to what is going on, I tell them immediately I would like to speak with someone who will help me and make me happy - at first I was skeptical...they said.."um, well I am not sure if that is possible" - like I don't sound like I could be made happy or something...but I don't want to waste more time on this so I say...."can you try?" like really, all I wanted to do was get these bogus charges taken off my bill.
Finally after 23 minutes on hold a few "I'm sorry miss'" and the entire Jeopardy theme song playing in my head, we get this issues under hand. But really, why isn't it possible that if you have people in customer service, that you don't have capable people...people that have "it"....you know common sense, thoughts and creative ideas for problem solving....active listening skills...
Maybe I am asking too much...maybe I expect too much from customer service because I am in this industry also...maybe monkeys are running the planet and I am the last to know. I just think that there are certain things you should try to accommodate especially in a servicing arms like customer service; for if the "service" and "satisfaction" portions are missing you are wasting time and resources...and that's a pile of poop for everyone.
I am quite happy to get this taken care of though, I hated having bogus charges on my account and feel as if it was 1 of 10 things checked off of my to do list...again PEP in MA STEP!
There are only 30,328 things left; but I have a plan to get them done in a decent time.
Anyhow, 2 days till she's home and it's mid week already...can you believe its here already????