A.F.R.I.C.A and one long-ass update

Sup bitches! Well I have been super duper busy this weekend I didn't even have time to stop in between and post...so in re-cap of all events Insatiable, I will start with Friday... but please know I am also begging forgiveness as this is one long-ass-mutha-effin post!
Friday January 8, 2010
I woke up late (and by late I mean 6:40 am and I needs to be leaving at this time) so not a great way to start my day; for many reasons actually...mainly because I am a miserable snatch in the morning when I am running behind and I feel like I could rip the head off of one of those aliens in District 9 with not so much as a flex. It would kind of be like the Yu Shi Finger Hold (Kung Fu Panda Reference) Sca-douche (pooof)
Went to work, and as we are now approaching Valentines Day, we are prepping for the storm ahead...I know I don't really talk about work here, and it's a good thing because I do that as my occupation and I am not nearly a brilliant enough writer to write for a living; so I blog instead and write about other stuffs...anyhooo....so work was busy and it came and went which was just fine by me...I was totally excited to get out the door.
SEISTOR ARRIVED!!!! She landed at 12:00 am from Alberta, and I was only toooo friggen happy to see her!! It's been since October and I'm sorry Dan, she is my world...she is my everything and she is my best friend...one of the only reasons why I have this new outlook on myself and life...so Dan, say thank you to seistor..I'm sure she'll say "you're welcome".
Anyhow, so the kids were being babysat (and picked up from daycare) so I didn't have to worry...I just rushed out the door at work and called her. We ended up meeting at the mall which was really fun as both of us needed some retail therapy! Me way more than her, as we all know I am just emerging from my chrysalis of un-fashionable-ness (a new word just for y'all). We go through H&M, XXI (Forever 21) and a few other places, and have a hoot! I bought some new duds too!!! I am actually super excited too because as I am now entering into the "Im fucking to small to fit in my old size clothing" phase, I am really having fun with playing with new clothes...anyhow, so I get this super cute polk-a-dot halter from Jacob (SALE) and wanted to wear it for dinner on Sunday (celebrating the 30somethings with friends). I bought a casual white cotton shirt, a sweet green/brown shirt with a necklace which is sooo cute that effin SEISTOR took it with her to Cuba (before I even wore it - just kidding she asked and I agreed) and I also got this white shirt that is hard to describe but it's super fun and is kinda slouchy on one side...I dont know...its cute.
Seistor was due back to have dinner with her BF's mom, so we had to cut it short, but again --- TOTALLY loved the time that we had together, AAAAND she had the cutest birthday gift for me from her and Joel (BF). They gave me a great candle set (I totally love candles and now that the kids are old enough to not put their hands in them I have a lot around the house), a gift certificate for The Body Shop and some goodies HOT SEX --- Ya!!! I said it...my sister gave me some HOT SEX for my birthday (the liquor - and it's pretty great!!) and these things called Mustard Melons.
So Mustard Melons are cantaloupes that have been peeled and cut into pieces, reduced till there was no colour and then they add mustard seeds, vinegar, sugar and some other stuff...but they are friggen great! I had some Procuitto and put them inside and it was DELIGHTFUL! It was super sweet of them to bring me some goodies and I totally love her for it!!! The funniest thing was that she gave me this beautiful card...with a lot of thought also...one thing about our family, we all go out of our way to find THE perfect card...the one that says what you want it to, ya know? So she gets this kind of card and it's the same one my mother gives me!!! See...it runs in the family and was a great verse and everything!! xoxo seistor, I love it and Thank you!!!
Seistor leaves me and I go back to the mall for more! This has never EVER EVER EVER EVER happened before. I literally have gone into stores, tried things on and cried in the change room (you have read this) and this time, I was on a personal high! It was friggen great! I was looking at things, trying them on and loving them! I think it was just that my sister said I looked great and couldn't argue! Anyhow, so I went to the one place I needed to come to terms with.
La Senza
Heeeeellllloooo Nurse! I go in there...I muster up the balls to say to the clerk, " Honey, I needs some help!" I tell her my pathetic cry for help and all things lacy and she pats my shoulder, leads me to the back change room and that's where I dont really know what happened. I know she threw me like 12 bras to try on and about 30 gitch....The bra thing was difficult, because anyone who knows me knows that I have some tig ole bitties and when you do have these suckers, it's hard to find pretty, sexy bras that fit perfectly that are sold in these stores...and guess what girlies....I DID! I bought two new holsters for the guns show!!! I was totally stoked and Dan was too!! (wink wink).
I also treated myself to 10 pairs of gitch!!! Lace, thongs, boyshorts, bloomers, skanky and silly ones!! I literally had a childish grin on when I saw what modern and womanly panties looked like and let me tell you, I have literally stared at my ass every day with a new pair on and have danced like Cameron Dias in Charlie's Angels! I also bought 10 for the next round of Panty Pyramid recipients! (which for those who have just joined, PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR ADDRESSES because I can't send them without your address and size)
Friday also was the day that we celebrated my brother-in-law Brandon's and his girlfriend Tessa's going away party as they left on Sunday for Australia for a whole entire year!!! OMG I can't believe they are gone already, but they are!!! Anyhow, so Tessa's mom threw a bender for them to see them off right and it was a NIGHT TO REMEMBER! Friends, family, c0-workers and a debauchery of Jaegar, Wine, Rum, Beer, RedBull and more! Honestly, I can't think of two people who are so happy and loving of their friends than Bran and Tess...it was a great evening!
I didn't drink this night...Shocking I know; however, I had some kids that I had to pick up from the sitters...so I DD'd the night away and ended up with my babies in toe by 10:30 pm. I also realized at this time, I didn`t eat anything all day...that totally sucked! Thank goodness for grapes and cucumbers! Nom nom nom nom
Saturday January 9, 2010
SPA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck ya! So seistor and I decided to do something super special and we got mani/pedi's at this wonderful spa called Sanctuary. I was very spoiled by one of my clients who sent this lovely gift for my birthday, so we went to the spa and were royalty for 2 hours! I have to tell you, this spa, really is just stunning. I hyperlinked it for y'all so when you come to Burlington, or if you live here or near, you can go! I will recommend to anyone! It's so tranquil and beautiful! Anyhow, so seistor and I go and get these beautiful wonderful and relaxing treatments and had the BEST time ever. I can't say it enough, really, she just is amazing. No matter what, we always have a great talk and she makes me laugh and I make her terrified to have kids! Its a happy balance I think!! Anyhow, but I wanted to share with you some of our day....and this was the only picture that wasn't blurry! eff Blackberry!!!
Oh well..these are my tootsies! I love the colour too it's OPI's christmas line and it's very similar to the I'm Not a Waitress Red...but it has a little sparkle to it. (Eat your heart out Daily Nail!!! Just jokes, her nails are WAAAAAYYYY better than these, and she even does them her self!!

Anyhow, so that was Saturday... we all went grocery shopping and had a blast!!! Again you all know how much I love taking the fam out, we sample the goods, teach the kids about veggies and I get to create in my head the perfect Sandwich. Seriously, this is what goes through my brain while shopping....LUNCH! I must have mental issues.

The rest of the day was with the kids and puttering about the house! I was a little sad though later in the day, as Jax was leaving for Cuba. Ya see, they had invited us to go with them for this trip. I know that it's something that could happen; however, when you have kids, and especially more than one it's more difficult to just pick up and leave them behind...there's sooo much organizing and to put on someone else's shoulders; however, its all good! I know we'll get away some day soon. I do hope she has fun though.

Sunday January 10, 2010

Today is a great day!!!! I always love Sundays because Dan's home and we always have a great time with the kids and easing our way into the day. We get up a little later, we snuggle on the couch (all 5 of us fit on this pig) and we have a great breakfast...its' just great. I made Bailey's and coffee, and we just were. We also watched Harry Potter (The Coblett of Fire) and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - two movies I totally love!

We were also gearing up to say good bye to Dan's brother Brandon. Today was the day that not only 1 sibling but 2 were leaving for some time. Seistor left at 3 am and Bran and Tess were leaving in the evening for Australia...we couldn't leave without saying good bye, so we made our way over to Chez Pascoa (his parent's house) and you could just feel the tension. Mima was sombre, Cort (the youngest brother who is 22) was himself, and Bran was solemn. The kids totally started to bawl and freak out that they will miss him; that totally ripped my heart out! They don't even see him every day or every week as it is, but because he is gone for a year, they were just so sad. It was really difficult to watch, and Brandon couldn't take it for long either....he had to walk away....we said our goodbyes, and wished him well. It's gonna be such an adventure!!! I'll def. give updates as we get them...and I also d/l Skype so we can totally talk when they are online. I did hear that they landed safely in Hong Kong earlier today, so that is great news!

We then took the kids to my moms...THANKS NANNA for watching the kids BTW..

Next up Dinner out with our friends!! We were going to Treadwell's Farm to Table Restaurant in Pt. Dalhousie (which is just like 25 mins from where we live out towards St. Catherines/Niagara on the Lake). I love love love love this restaurant...it was also where Dan and I went to celebrate our 6-year anniversary this past summer. Anyhow, so in "Insatiable Host" fashion, I documented the dining experience to share with everyone!!!

I can't tell you enough, just how amazing it was....really. I hope my shabby images can do some justice...but I swear, I was soooo satisfied when we left, as were our guests...it was just amazing!!

We arrived and were instantly greeted by Robert, the Somelier and manager at the restaurant. With his compliments along with Chef Steven Treadwell and Somelier/Co-Owner James Treadwell's wishes they popped a bottle of Rose Sparkling Wine for the table...it was soooo yummy (and a great effing way to start the evening out!!)

Next came one of my favorite points of the meal....the Bread...I know it's not good for you and I know that I am trying to not do damage to the hard work I have done thus far; however, it was in celebration of my birthday and I LOVED EVERY BITE! We had two types for the evening, they served a Rosemary Focaccia and a Poppy-seed bread with Blueberry Balsamic/Olive Oil for dipping. Again, scrumptious!
For the Amuse Bouche a Celery Root Puree with `Colbeys Maple Syrup` was served topped with a Parsnip Crisp. It was warm, sooo buttery and just like velvet on your palate. Really, an amazing start to our adventure.
We were dining with 2 other couples on this night, so in good fashion, I made everyone (really bothered them to no end) to take snaps of our eats so I could share it with everyone here...Happily our guests obliged and I think it was amazing as they were remembering to snap a pic before diggin in! Thanks guys..I can`t say it enough, we had such a great time!!
Here are our 1st courses...the first one listed was by far the best out of the lot - and everything was FUCKING AMAZING...below is the Wild Mushroom Risotto with Truffled Soya Cream and Parmigiana-Reggiano. The wine pairing was something fantastic, but for the lack of brain capacity, I cant recall at the moment...either way, the way it popped the Truffle flavour out was amazing, and its really cool how flavours and textures pop when wine is introduced...really, just something amazing!
Next we have what Dan and I both enjoyed, this was the Surf n Turf. Braised Pork Belly, Apple Ginger Chutney and a Seared Sea Scallop. I know the Pork Belly isn`t the best thing for you, but There is nothing quite like bacon! Pork is a religion and I am now subscribing!
We also both enjoyed the Foie Gras that was served ontop of Brioche topped with Blueberries that was served with an Heriloom Beet Salad with Operatta Salad. (AMAZING) Other guests enjoyed the Ravioli of Braised Short Rib...which one would you order
Main Courses were again hard to choose between. I enjoyed the Aged Cumbrea Farms Striploin (aged for 45 days) topped with a variety of mushrooms (Hedge-Hog, Shitaki and Oyster) that was served with Smashed Fingerling Potatoes. The entree next to mine was the Braised Lamb Shank with the Celery Root Puree; next to it was the Duo of Pork (Pork Belly, Apple and Ginger Chutney and Seared Pork Tenderloin with a Red Cabbage Marmalade) and lastly was Dan`s entree...ELK! Ok, sorry Bambi`s grandad- but I have never had Elk before and I have to tell you - its is bloody fantastic!! This was hugged by Procuitto and seared to Rare served with Celery Root Puree again. FANTASTIC!!!!

Again, apologies for not remembering the wine pairings; however, at this length of a post I am sure that you are sooo delighted that I didn`t...I couldn`t not share this with you all though, really. I mean, even though you all are likely to be very hungry right now and wanting to hit me with your free-weights, I hope you all know I still love you all.

We finally were winding down the evening and dessert time was about to commence...(sigh)

Happy Birthday to me! (this is the new shirt I bought too!!!)

Starting from top left going clockwise...Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee with Cocoa Bean Icecream and a Cookie; Specialty Coffee of Baileys and Frangelico topped with fresh whipped cream (that was literally just made); Cheese selection and an Apple Clafoutie served wtih a Dolce La Leche Ice Cream Topped with an Apple Chip. Can you guess what one I had!!!!

So folks, that is it! Our evening out, with friends, enjoying amazing food, company; lots of laughs (like a shit-ton) and some great snaps for viewing pleasure. The only thing left to do was tour the kitchen. So we walked back there, and saw all the writing on the wall (from past guests who have dined at Chefs Table) and our favorite post was this one...AFRICA - Another Fucking Restaurant I Cant Afford!!! Chef Treadwell you and your crew rocked the socks outta us again and we thank you from our full bellies!

There you have it...3-days in review and I am now exhausted and am going to snuggle with my hubby and watch a flick and maybe get some extra snuggles (if ya know what I mean)!!! Enjoy my friends and until next time....I hope you all had a great weekend! Tell me what you all did.


Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Luverly. Looked like you had an absolutely fab time. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious underwear discussion, references to The Gun Show, and food porn. Your posts get no better than this. Loooved it.

JewliaGoulia said...

Holy crap you WERE busy the last few days!

It looks like you had an amazing weekend and btw, you look freaking hot!

Oh, and next time you hit up AFRICA, take me with. I just about drooled all over my keyboard!



Miranda said...

New to your bloggity blog blog. Lovin it :) It could be the sex-laced alcoholic beverages... If you get a sec to check out my blog specifically from Sunday you'll get why the song on your page made me about die. Adios!