Friends, Romans, Country-Men... It's been a few days since my last post, and I have to tell ya I have been BLAH frickin BLAH! I don;t know if this is all PMS or MSP, or what yo' but I have been having this "I need to eat my feelings, snack on your fist, and bite down hard till I get the satisfaction of not "wanting" any more. I haven't taken out my feelings on food (aside from the double-packet hot chocolate with bailey''s. a. weakness!) OMG I can't go there again, so I better not talk about it. I really have been doing well though on all other accounts. I am maintaining a healthy balance with working out, eating well and keeping my mind, I have said that i've been maintaining..and that's just it. I haven't excelled, I haven't wow'd myself with this. I actually had planned for a week to myself for my voice, mind, body and heart; however, I have renig'd. I took it back...I had today off - which ended up being filled with chaos from the kids - who also stayed home; filled with doing things and totally not focussing on the most important thing...HELLO MOI!!!! I am okay with it though....I laughed like I haven't laughed in a while, with the dood. I giggled and snuggled with smelly - even though I could have seriously grounded the girls for the rest of their natural born lives after the shit they pulled...let me explain... so 4:00 am comes on Sunday morning...this is an hour when no one should be awake- unless you are a twenty something creeping in from being out partying..this time should be for mother's going into labour or for shift workers who actually start work at sucha a rediculous time...NOT i repeat NOT for a mother to wake up to find her children making "goo" out of their baby powder and Cocoa Butter Body Butter (which happens to retail for $16.95 CAN). Not for a mother to find that this "goo" which could now retail for $.034 CAN in the stores has been smeared all over the walls of her daughters recently painted walls, dressers, desk, clothes and every single toy they own. Not for a mother to find her 3 children COVERED FROM HEAD TO FRICKEN TOE by this "Goo"!!!!!! I can't tell ya...I was seriously tremor-filled-boiling-over-the-top-RAGING-MAD!!! But rather than let my head spin around and blow off...I took my angry pillow, screamed every single foul mouthed thing that crept into my body...I think I had a temporary lapse of snaity...a "tweak" if you will..But after, when I had my fill...I totally stopped, giggled, rolled over and went to go clean the disaster area that was my kids room. um...where was I??? Sophia, she got to have a great afternoon with her daddy...they romped and roamed all over the city doing little errands. When she came back, her smile was probably as big as I had ever seen it! She was full of energy, warmth and love. All she could do was giggle when she came into see us. That and she shoved her hands on my neck and made me freeze!!! Soooo...aside from it being a totally not exciting-full of chills and thrills or riviting ramblings...that was my weekend... Oh, that and my husband and I have totally meshed with eachother and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have him in my life. I know that "Ike" has his dickish moments; however, I totally have my "Tina" all that matters is that we have some great "tunes" together... I have been finding more and more reasons why I adore him and I think it's amazing. After being married for 7 years and being together for what...oh...11 I think that it's something that we really have just started to know one another (like man and wife; mommy daddy; hubby bubby) until just recently. I think we also have been working together on how to fight fair. How to repect eachother's boundaries. How to.... comprimise... I know that there are always good times; bad times; hard times; shit times; whatever...but I have to tell ya...I'm totally looking forward to what EVER time we have together...and can't wait to blog it all later!!! xoxox friendies!!! hope you are great and let me know whats up in your comments!!! tell me what you did this weekend, what you are going to do next weekend....anything!!!


Anonymous said...

Awww, look at you having an I Love You, Man moment!

But I understand the stuff about Ike. Joe and I have been married 9 years, and those phases we go through when we feel really 'close' after all these years? Totally yummy. Plus, Saturday night during Business Time I called him daddy, and SO not in a daughterly way. Yeah. Who knew how much he'd like that? I sure didn't.

My son's goo moment was with a tub of Vaseline. Oy.

JewliaGoulia said...

First off, I want to give you a gigantically humongous hug for your last post on my blog. Seriously! No. . . seriously. My freshman year I was top 2% of my class, over 4.0 each report card, all A's, never 1 B. I'm going to kick all their asses. BOO YAH!

Okay, about you post. I'm scared! I have no kids, and now I think that maybe I should never have any. If I had to wake up at 4am to see my kiddos covered in goo and my house all jacked up. . . I don't know if I would have the restraint you did. I wouldn't harm my kids, I would probably just pack all my shit up and move out! :(

I so excited that you are connecting with yo' man! That's amazing! Sometimes Tim and I are on two different levels and I question our (6 month) marriage. I'm glad to see that things begin working themselves out in time!



Julie, The Wife said...

Chick Norris, good to see you. I love all of your sugar for Ike, and I have those moments too, but we always laugh because as soon as I am having an "I luuuuuuv you soooo much" moment with CH, it usually means I am going to be wet-cat-pissed at him within 24 hours. I cannot believe the goo. I probably wouldn't have sworn in a pillow. But it's funny to read about!

Miranda said...

This cracked me up... Ahh good laughs. I think I might have laid myself down in the goo and suffocated myself out of exhaustion and aggravation... Just a thought...

Flippin sweet on the reconnecting with the husband. My husband and I went through a VERY rough patch at the beginning of our marriage (his father passed away 2 days before our wedding). I never thought we'd recover and have been elated to find we're getting to know each other all over again as well.

I plead ignorance when we first got married and after only two years realize we're just now getting to that deeper level that we never knew existed.

And if Sue can call TH daddy then shit, I'm pumped for the next few years... ha!