AssHats n Safety Belts..bucket seats have all got to go!

G'day mates! So, there are a few pressing issues that we have to discuss.... I am seriously feelin that "fuckin right doggy!" vibe! I mean, once I walk out of work and get home, I am in a freakin great mood. Now, I don't know what that means...does it mean that I don't love my job anymore...likely not - because it's a friggen sweet job and I loves it but when I have been left to my own devices, I am walkin with a little more pep in my step. I wonder, is this because my steps are now 20 lbs lighter? Perhaps. Let's delve deeper into this "pep". I am happier as of late because not only is my job amazingly wonderful but I am exceeding - seriously good point. I have been losing weight, which is instant gratification - especially when my hubby sees me and I can see him appraise his real estate and sum it up with a sly grin. (I like when he does that). I am also feeling a little giddy inside because after my last post, I got an email from him stating this
yes danon i do sometimes look at your blog and yes i am
proud of you. i love youand your little pot belly...
seriously cute...right? Other reasons for my pep...hmmm... OH! SeIsTor is making an appearance for a few days...she is coming home before she goes to Cuba for 2 weeks. Ya, 2 weeks...she's a celebrity I guess. Anyhow, so there are a few plans of sisterhood..Friday - retail therapy/party and Saturday we are spending the morning at the spa!!! I was given this great amazing gift and it is a spa gift certificate!!! SO TOTALLY excited! Pedi's and massages!!! woot woot!
2. every time I hear "i've got a feelin" a dance party breaks out around me like the flash spot mob that occurred on Oprah's anniversary...that time when the Black Eyed Peas came out and then the whole T-Mobile dancers started dancing...urghh!! so frustrating...please see below for I have lost the words to describe...but I will bet that you all end up with this song in your head and either are dancing or thinking of dancing while you watch....
Now that y'all have burned some calories watchin that I am hoping you all have a little pep in your step.
Issue No 2
I seriously can not stand Customer Service Representatives at Bell!!!!!!!!
This is also a new facebook group - or at least it should be! What is the meaning of customer service you ask?
According to Urban Dictionary:
Customer Service A job which causes your anus to hurt because you've been bending over backward and taking it from whiny, complaining, bratty, idiots all freaking day long. See also: HELL. Customer service A service that a company provides to individuals. 90% of what customer service representatives deal with are people known as idiots. These idiots are losers, whiners and no do-gooders that have nothing else to do with their time.
For real though, customer service and experience is what it's all about. I called because there were two charges on my statement that made absolutely no sense what-so-ever. The first was $100 bucks "service termination" for my have the Internet and never cancelled that. Second, was $76.90 in text message charges...and right on the same statement it says each phone has 2500 texts...really!!! It's these kind of mistakes that you call and say "um...ya...not correct sir" and one reasonable human would expect them to say "oh, let me look into this...I see, we are just a bunch of mindless monkeys playing on computers here...not to worry, we'll credit back the money."
Not today folks..! I tell you what happened..
I was told that I was wrong.
I was told that this didn't occur
Then I was told that my request to have charges taken off my bill was something they couldn't do.
beep, boop, beep bop bop boop bi booop bop beee beeet
"hello and thank you for calling bell cananda how may i direct your call" or whatever the automated service attendant states.
so I get back to billing and get a new representative..explain myself for the 2nd time. I also asked for her name and id number...because if she was a monkey, she wouldn't have an id number...anyhow, so i get through all of this again and tell her what happened when I spoke with the last representative...her response
"Um Im not sure what you want me to do..." then proceeds to tell me "if it's on your bill, then you must have dont it or it wouldn't be there"
maybe not umpa loompas-doopadie-doo
3rd times a charm...luckily when getting through the 10 minute intro to what is going on, I tell them immediately I would like to speak with someone who will help me and make me happy - at first I was skeptical...they said.."um, well I am not sure if that is possible" - like I don't sound like I could be made happy or something...but I don't want to waste more time on this so I say...."can you try?" like really, all I wanted to do was get these bogus charges taken off my bill.
Finally after 23 minutes on hold a few "I'm sorry miss'" and the entire Jeopardy theme song playing in my head, we get this issues under hand. But really, why isn't it possible that if you have people in customer service, that you don't have capable people...people that have "it" know common sense, thoughts and creative ideas for problem listening skills...
Maybe I am asking too much...maybe I expect too much from customer service because I am in this industry also...maybe monkeys are running the planet and I am the last to know. I just think that there are certain things you should try to accommodate especially in a servicing arms like customer service; for if the "service" and "satisfaction" portions are missing you are wasting time and resources...and that's a pile of poop for everyone.
I am quite happy to get this taken care of though, I hated having bogus charges on my account and feel as if it was 1 of 10 things checked off of my to do list...again PEP in MA STEP!
There are only 30,328 things left; but I have a plan to get them done in a decent time.
Anyhow, 2 days till she's home and it's mid week already...can you believe its here already????


Anonymous said...

I know why you feel good. . it is not ONLY that you like your job.. it is because you KNOW you are good at it no matter who tells you or not. Not only that you've lost 20lbs+ ... it is because you KNOW YOU DID IT .. and when you get home and see your family.. it is because YOU KNOW that both you and your man have worked for it. And plus ... you get to relax and hang with 3 cool kids. am i right .. or am i always right?

love you lots see you soon...



Julie said...

Aw hell. Look how sweet you and your seistor are together. Seriously cute.

p.s. I nominated your for best Canadian blog at 2010 Bloggies because you maka me laugh, Chick Norris!

Vword is Ackbas - is it me, or does that sound like a twist on ass-backwards?

Anonymous said...

Ya, customer service..that needs a new name like people that will deal with you while we are busy getting our act together. I had a charge on my credit card once from a gas station I went to for $28.61 cents. I was also charged the same amount from them on the next day and I hadn't been there. I called my credit card company and told them I didn't need more gas since I had obviously gased up the day before and who puts in such an odd amount like that twice?...well he said maybe I drove around in a big circle. Yes, that was his explanation. I hope he was kidding or at the very least amsusing himself. He did do whatever miracle they do and look into the system and discovered that every customer was charged the next day as well and apparently I was the only one that unhappy about that. Huh? I believe through my coughs of disbelief I heard him chuckling and he did agree to forgive me of all sins and wipe that extra charge off my account and make a note on the screen that I don't drive around in circles.

I agree with you on the lightness feeling. There is nothing better than not having the heavy leg feeling and just gliding effortlessly in every step.