I'd like to thank the Academy....and Marilee

can not THANK YOU enough!
This is also my first ever award...and being in the blogsphere with a GAZILLION other brilliant bloggers, writers, artists of craft, I am really humbled.
I can't believe it but, I find myself without words to express my thanks, Marilee, thank you very much for this award and for being my first!! (well...you know what I mean) xoxo So apparently the way this works is that I have to also share with you 7 things that you don't already know and I get to award 7 other fantastically wonderful amazing bloggers out there...
what would you like first? The Unknown or The Candidates??
ok, The Unknown
1. I am terrified of snakes and sharks. Terrified. Like, I am twitching just writing about it.
2. I have just had a nasty, ghastly, fugly wart removed from my knuckle (on my left hand). This bitch was on me for over a year and wouldn't go away with treatment from the Dr. or the home stuff...so I had a dermatologist burn the living shit out of it with liquid nitrogen...let me tell ya, if having a wart on your knuckle doesn't give you a hand complex, having the knuckle wart turn black/purple and blister to the size of a cherry tomato sure as fuck will...now, I hate my left hand (and it's where my wedding rings are - which I love)
3. I used to have a horse and I named it Pharlap. My horse was really ill and she did have to be put down only a year after we had gotten her, but, oh, how I loved to ride her.
4. I lived on a farm where we had to draw water from a well. (Julie- does that qualify for a 6 degrees of Lauran Ingles story?)
5. I can play the flute. I actually was pretty good at it too....I played all through elementary, highschool and some college; although I don't own my own, I can still play it pretty darn good.
6. I die my hair a lot. I have died my hair since grade 10...really, its likley a small addiction I have...I love the whole re-vamping idea of it all...but I don't have grey hair, which often people ask me because I die it more often than the average person.
7. I have a tattoo of an angel on my back with the chinese symbols for strength and perseverance in honour of my late grandfather...
Now, I have the distinct pleasure to award 7 other bloggers with this amazing award...wait...who is my co-presenter??? OOOOOH!!! can I pick??!!! Can I have Gerard Butler..no, wait....Quinten Tarentino present with me?? Can we both wear suits and sun glasses and have K. Billy and the Radio in the background??? no?... ok, whatever...I'll just do it my way...
And the winners are...
Sue from Did I Just Eat That Out Loud - I nominate her for her beautiful writing and fantastic stories and support...not only that, but with her acting skills, it's a wonder why she doesn't have her own show?!
Alex formerly of WHOA MOMMA - I nominate you for a few reasons...firstly, because your blog is beautiful as are your words. Secondly, because I think you are a beautiful person inside and out, and I am sooo sad to see you go; but can not wait to hear about your upcoming adventures!!
Natalie from Nat the Fat Rat - literally, her words are like story time daily! I love love love reading about her daily adventures, the Holbs and more! She has some great amazing and photo loving dogs too who are stinkin adorable!!! She also has been a blog of Note in 2009 and really is a fantastic person. I think that she also can write like nobodies business.
Julia from JewliaGoulia - she is sweet, inspiring and honest. These are rare qualities these days and I love the blog world for it. I find that it is soooo hard to allow our first encounters with people not be our initial and final thoughts of them. The blog world allows us to totally see inner beauty/charm/whit...you know, the real shit we're made of...it let me read a story of a girl on a new adventure in life who may have days where she isn't 100% on the mark but she always has a positive outlook on life and she ALWAYS seems to bounce back with her head held high. Julia, I am sooo thankful I have found your blog through Jenn (EHG)and I love to read your blog.
Julie - A Day in the Wife. I knight thee Dame Whoreticulture...you are really so funny and witty with your blog...thoughts...rants. You make a killer song writer (did you guys check out the 12 Days of Tiger) I also think that you have such a great out look...it`s a pleasure bein your friend and I thank you for everything you write because you are a literary genius!! Who else could have thought up of `Chick Norris`!!!! Yah, thats who...so go to her blog and read it!!
Mrs Humble of Not So Humble Pie because your blog IS beautiful. Your pictures of the wonderful amazing treats you make, make my mouth water! I love the images you choose and I also love how you are so willing to help (trust me, even with her recipes - she`ll break it down for you if you need something explained differently.) She is a talented woman who makes the most delish treats I have ever seen!!
Amy at Just a Titch. I really enjoy reading her blogs (she also has a weightloss journey one called SkinnyTitch) Not only is she a wonderful writer; she also captivates her readers in an instant. I have been reading her posts for a while now, and literally enjoy reading the next one because I know there will be something delightful in them, or a romantic story....it`s just a great read! so thank you Amy!!
Alright lovelies!! I am seriously running on Empty...2 posts tonight and I am feeling as exhausted as I did the say I finished level 1 of the 30 day shred and did level 2 in the am....TOTALLY DONE!!!
enjoy your night friends


Brenda said...

Ugh! Snakes and Sharks. Terrified of them too.*shudders*

Alex said...

Thank you my lovely Canadian friend!

Blogging withdrawal sucks...(I'm allowed to peek cos the husband is out and heck, I love it)

My daughter plays the flute and I just froze a freaking yuck wart on her finger...could we be twins?

Ha ha ha.

GP said...

congrats on your award!