Wedding Bliss and Happieness

(ok, totally off topic; however, when you write, do you ever sound out the words in your head??? - ok, I totally do and when ever i sound out happieness it sounds like ha-penis.!!!!) ok, GAME ON! So as I had subtly posted my little sister has gotten engaged!!!! I really am so very happy for her and The Fiancee (aka TF). He is truly a gentleman, a real giver...someone who I know has her best interests at heart and who's ha-penis is first and foremost. I can't say it enough...SOOOO THRILLED!!! Anyhow, so TF and her get back today from their 2 weeks in Cuba and it was amazing because we got to see mumma and have some dinner and just chill....I was able to reminisce about when Dan and I were planning our wedding.... Daniel and I on our wedding July 5, 2003 ....(as the harp plays a dream like chord)...I was a freak! I didn't see it then...but something happens to women when the ring goes on our like makes our brains speed up and everything is WEDDING...everyone is talking about WEDDING and everything but everything is about the WEDDING... now, please don't get me wrong...I loved my wedding - it was beautiful, the dress, flowers, weather, food...really -it was a great day BUT it came with some sacrifices. Dan and I argued a lot about me and my thick his point, now I can see where I was being ridiculous...we also had thoughts about what type or where it should be...and you know, he let me to the deciding - despite his ideas or thoughts...not to say that he wasn't in agreement with my idea but it wasn't his first choice and I was too addicted to WEDDINGbells and Today's Bride to surrender to his requests... ...sigh...but in the long run our day was amazing! we both had fun, we laughed, talked, kissed, and had our family and friends there to celebrate with us. -- anyhow, so this post was about back to her... so as we all sat around the table tonight, trying not to ask too many questions (as they likely haven't talked about it as much as we all on the home front had fantasized) we tried to inquire about when, where, style, seistor is very amazing but she is a simple and traditional gal. She looked at me and asked "did you plan the whole thing?" like, I would do that! pa-chaw! I only had a couple ideas sister...and I couldn't tell you them because it's your day!!! I couldn't tell you that I have a vision of you in a vintage dress that is silky with beautiful applique on it, while your hair is slicked into a side bun/something with a beautiful red flower in your hair...while your bridal party looks amazing wearing burgundy/red/blood with white..I couldn't tell you that all I want to do is buy you a pair of Manolo Blahniks just like the ones that Carrie wore in Sex in the City - the movie! I mean, I can't ever afford them, but I would love to be able to... I had visions of Christmas/Winter themed wedding for you and TF....where you are so happy and overjoyed because of your special day, that it feels so warm and inviting. I am getting goosebumps now just thinking about it!!! I can see it all...but only in my eyes..I have no idea what you are thinking! I wanted to ask you soooo badly how you were feeling? What were you thinking when he asked you? Have you thought of the dress you would wear??? Do you have an idea of anything????!!! What are you most excited for?! AHH!!! I am so just in need of time with you. I can't believe that we only have until Tuesday and tomorrow's dinner is likely all we have before you go back until who knows when!! I really just hope/pray that I am able to be there enough for you while you are away... Like, what happens if you are away and decide that next year is the year...and you plan to do it do we help you?! Maybe it's just best if my mind stops racing - because you are likely doing that too. Isn't it funny how a like we are? I know you are just dying with excitement and wonderment! I know that you can't wait to plan this out and draw your dress or something to design. Man I wish I was crafty and could design your wedding jewelry or something so you have a token of how special you are... I do have one thing, and I am not sure if you would want it or not...I have my veil...I had wanted to tell you tonight and offer it to you- but with TF there, I could see it was not the time nor the place...poor TF...he really just wants to take it casually. And i know you do too; however, I also know that you may want to have a girls day and squeal with excitement and champagne. Maybe sister, I'll just have to come out there and give you one of those days!!! *sigh* if wish that could happen...gah!!!! I wish that I could pay for every little thing for your wedding too. Seriously, if I could, I would. I don't want you to have to feel a burden about a wedding on top of everything. I want you to have the best photographer (um Jen Brindley...if you could ever come here to do her pics, my gawd that would just be amazing - because after all, the way you capture true moments of "love" is just amazing!); I want you to have the most beautiful flowers, hair, makeup, bridal party.... ....oh, there is just sooooooo much to cover; so many little things to do...and I haven't been able to talk with you about them...I can't wait for you to get back to Alberta and we can skype and talk and have the girly girl talks we need to have to celebrate this the right way!!! Just know that no matter what my little sister, I am totally here for whatever you need!!! I swear to you that no matter what you need of me, I will be there for ya! Ok's all you know..just let me know when it's ok to gush about the details and ask questions...I won't pressure until you're ready - just know that I am only holding back my excitement because I don't want you to feel overwhelmed or anything...or TF...I don't want him to feel pressured guy! Ok, friends...sis...I love you all and am feeling a little too emotional to go on with my post...just know that today after seeing you both together, and the beautiful ring...I couldn't be happier!! (ha-pee-er) :)


Miss Marilee said...

*COUGH COUGH* someone has an award on my blog that they should pick up! ;) heart you!

Anonymous said...

hey sis..

you know what is funny just when i was about to write you back i got that good old feeling...

what am i always doing when we talk on the phone.. thats right.

so this will be quick so i can go to the ........

you are the best.

i wont stress. at all i dont think. I think you will stress more... i think you already have stressed enough.. just relax lol

it will be a beautiful day no matter what, everything will be great as long as you are there...

lol cheesey??

anywyas... ill write you soon.

love ya

PS. word verification: SPOLDING HAH