i miss you all; and a dose of gratitude

Please note that I can not hyperlink from my phone (me not that its not possible) so I promise to like it up asap! Hello my friends old and new! I am absolutely astonished! So after two full days of no use of our laptop (as the dood turned into the douche) and poured water on the keyboard...sorry still harbouring resentful feelings. Anyhow I'm seriously having withdrawl though! I have tried to use my bb to view all of your blogs; I wanted to comment on JewliaGoulias post about shopping with Jenn and talk about how great it was that she was havin a girls day; I wanted to post on Sue Tdid I just eat that out loud)'s post about how much her readers are appreciated, twitter and all- but I can't because I can't work my phone! I wanted to say what's up to marilee at the hicks mix because I think she is a riot! Julie over at a day in the wife, is amazing and her squirrel and my lamp are gettin it on. I also want to ask how her neighbour could call me monthly ( right around the 10th) for a sugarfix of fuckingscrumptuousgoodies. (Julie I'm not kidding)...but I can't! I wear glasses and still have issues using the buttons! My fingers feel like sausages trying to type- but today I have had it! I could not hold out till the keyboard is fixed! I fucking missed you all! So anyhow, not sure how many of you there are that read my stuff; but I know 2 of us are facebook friends (add me if ya want danon pascoa). So for y'all who don't know my eldest daughter joe dirt er.. Sophia decided to cut her bangs the other day. She looks like a young william wallace from braveheart! What the fuck she was thinking is beyond me ...but for whatever reasons she did it! I have captured an image ( but don't know how to add it to this post while usung my phone to post) but I swear I will post it when I'm online again! What else...oh - have 30 followers!!!!!! Holyfriggendoodle! 30 people who are reading this rant! WELCOME WELCOME new peeps! Please drop me a line and tell me about yourself! And besides if I've dropped all my shit on the table - its your turn to pony up! Tell me anything about you-what makes you laugh? What you are having for dinner tomorrow? Amuse me; its gonna be one longass day tomorrow so I may as well enjoy it! In other FANTASTIC nrws my blogfriend Jenn over at Ex Hot Girl has recievef her panties from the panty pyramid and totally posted it on her blog (where she has deciples let alone followers- trust me I'm one of them!!y. Anyhow so she posted the deets and linked it back and I just thought it was so incredible that she did that! Thank you (ps the bathing suit is great you look amazing but I have to say something red would totally be great too!!! Again you are amazing!) So panty pyramid eh? Do you all know about this? Well if blogs had alter egos this would be mine! Its my 2nd site where I am trying to help other bad ass chicks like myself to start to appreciate their asses enough to go buy new panties to make them bootie-full! I shit you not! This all started because I had 6 pairs of underwear! Uh-huh! So you can see I totally needed help right? Anyhow so if you go over there ( www.pantypyramid.blogspot.com) you will see in the first post a video of the idea...you will also see that more and more women and men are "following". So I don't know if you all are up for it but please check it out! I will always accept new people and all you have to do is send me a comment with your name, email address, size, preference and anything else you're considered in! I will always send you your first pair and will then give you the names and addresses of the next recipients! Voila the pyramid begins! You can tell your friends family coworkers anyone and get them all involved because if not for anything else; why not make someone elses day!?!? Hmmmmmm. What else? No clue! I had something else to say but totally can't remember it ( or moce my fingers as they are soooo cramped from blogging on my bb). Ok I'm wrapping it up! Thank you everyone though for your comments (keep them coming) your reading and for being there! I can not wait to read all your new posts from thus week on a full screen!! It will be great to hear! Be insatiable my friends Xoxo Danon


JewliaGoulia said...

Ah, I saw your tweets about your keyboard. F! That REALLY sucks!

I've been in school and blogger keeps freezing on my phone, so I have been fairly absent from the internet for awhile too.

I'm glad your still around! :)

BTW, the panties Jen got are freaking ADORABLE!

Oh, and I don't know how much longer I can wait to see your daughter's do-it-herself bangs! HA!

Have a great weekend!


Brenda said...

Backatcha Danon. Have a fab weekend, girlie.XO

Julie, The Wife said...

Dude, I am so sorry about your keyboard! When my computer crashed a couple of months ago, I thought I was going to lose it.

I want a picture of the haircut! This is why we have blogs!
Todd sends Judith his love.

highway200to160 said...

lol your daughter's bangs make me laugh. i hope you have a great weekend :)