Reality Check

Today I was handed my slice of reality with a side of humility. I have a surgical procedure forthcoming and I had to get my pre-op done with the dr. This is when they weigh you, measure you, take ypur blood pressure (in my head I'm totally thinking belittle you; humiliate you and expose you in those horrible lights that department stores have). And while I know that I am the maker of my destiny I actually was under the delusion that dr's were to protect us, heal us and give us the perscription to make our lives better. Sadly if you too were under this impression .... We are DEAD wrong my friends. Well my reality check kicks into play when I weighed in. I have let my tight grip go of my work out schedule and I have faltered a bit with my eating over the last few weeks. I had no idea just how much I had let slide (down my fucking throat!) You guys... I am back to 183lbs and although I feel I am able to pull it off; there is no effing way I am just going to lwt this slide. I have just had the dose of reality that I need to kick me back into 5th gear. I am making a promise to you all that I will be strong again. I am not maaking excuses for what has happened but BUTT BUT BUT BUT I will say that after losing weight and feeling that high; to feeling the low I am feeling now????? Its not happening again. I have also been talking with a girlie at work who asked abous Zumba class and we will be joining for Monday evenings. For me, I have no clue what Zumba is, or if this is an acronym for something like zebras under my bed always (which would not have anything to do with working out) or if it was a great and fun way to work out and shed the LBs. Either way I am totally on board with this and also will be re-starting Jillians bitch-out (aka work-out) and will be taking the lead of my nightly reads BigBottomBlogger, Ex Hot Girl, JewliaGoulia, Skinnytitch and more. I am embracing the low carb life...just suck the carbs outta my life! I am going to learn how to count calories and also learn how many I need daily and then how to eat sensibly. I will also be using the forthcoming wedding of my favorite person in the world as more motivation as I will be standing up with them at the wedding (whenever the set the date). As this date is quite important, (duh) I want to really look great and feel great! We have decided upon these hot little red dresses that would suit Jessica Rabbit and at this stage of the game I look more like The Queen of Hearys rather than Jessica Rabbit. Perhaps feeling so low is just what the dr perscribed? Any suggestions? Ideas? Knowledge to share? Ps: Mondays will also be Mandatory weigh in Mondays and I will be adding one of those fun weight trackers to my page and also when I learn the basics of food counting I may fo a food journal and find my passion in cooking with better food for me! Thanks for being there guys! It totally helped me recover from the reaction I received from hubs.


Guassian Girl said...

you can do it girl! hey, sometimes a "reality check" outside your friends, family, or scale at home is necessary, and not a bad thing! :)
sometimes it gets you revved up and excited to kick some (or lose some!) ass! :)

Julie, The Wife said...

Hey there Chicka-
A) pre-op? Hope that isn't too serious.
B) You are a totally determined person. You have visualized what you want, and you WILL make it happen. You are not some pushover, and I KNOW you are going to rock the Kasbah.
C) I do a diet plan, and I hate exercise, but I have come to grips with the fact that my metabolism flipped me off at 35, and now I can't drink all night and eat Taco Bell at 2 a.m. without it showing up on the scale. You are so right - it always comes back to eating right and exercise. The less processed the food the better.
D) You are a hot chick no matter what you weigh. When you've got it, you've got it, and Honey, you've GOT IT. But I applaud you for wrestling this bastard to the ground. And then spitting on it.

Miranda said...

Whew! Its good (for me, selfishly) to see that someone else is struggling getting back in gear. Why is it so effing hard when you KNOW how much better you feel? Yikes...

About Zumba... even though zebras under the bed seems like a blast I can tell you two things about the REAL Zumba
1) you will want to puncture your own lungs after the first time
2) it is the most fun, least workout-ish workout there is

Let us know how you like it. Good luck getting back on track :)

Anonymous said...

You can do it! the hardest part is keeeping it off! I have the same issue. i keep losing and gaining 20lbs. Think positive and with the right mindset and motivation you can do it! We BOTH can!