Sunday Morning Coffee..How to Have your Cake and Eat it Too

Good morning frackers!

Well I FIRST must start out by welcoming all my new friends, followers, stalkers! God this was pretty fricken cool to wake up this morning to see that I have 44 followers and have received more comments on one post than on 3 combined posts in the past. I really am finding merit in not being afraid to write what's on my mind (case in point my last post "do porn stars get yeast infections").

I was really worried about hitting publish with this one because although I am 100% being truthful I didn't know if those people who read it would understand where I was coming from! I'm 88% sarcastic & being serious &12% wanting a reaction! Anyfeck, I am really thankful and soooo happy!

Next item up for bids, Panty Pyramid, as some of you know, I have a 2nd blog with this title. I have been getting more people signing up bit not sending me their addresses and info; I am going to be sending out my next round but am sort of changing the concept.

As soon as I get info I am gonna send out panties ASAP when you receive them, I’ll send you your names! There are enough names to cycle through a few times and I just want to increase your panty wardrobe.

Also, for those of you who do follow that blog, and haven’t sent me your information PLEASE SENDS IT!!! I am currently waiting to hear from the recipients of the latest wave to be informed of when/if shipping has taken place...there is no rush, but I would like to at least know that everyone is still on board.

If you are interested in joining or want to learn more, leave me a comment and well chat it up until you have new skivvies!!!

3rd topic today is I would really love to learn about all of your shiz! Like who are you? What makes you tick, are you in the momma-hood? Are you addicted to blogging? Caffeine? Hank Mooney? Do you fuck punch? (For those of you self admitted lovers of Californication) Tell em your secrets and ill make fun of you! No I won't at all; I just want to be able to read your comment and know who's writing to me ya know?

Now here comes the sass and frass you were lookin for! How to have your cake and eat it too!

Dear friends, I have found it, the fucking Cadbury secret of life! Remember when I wrote here about how do you do it all? How do you rationalize being a mom, writer? Blogger???? Yah so I had my "fuckin right doggy!" moment last night with Mr. Insatiable... (3 times lol). We were talking though, and he actually was listening to me! I have asked him about my blog before and yes, he does read it daily... (But never comments on them directly). He has said that I do write a mean blog and that he likes the idea that I do this. Since hearing these words of encouragement and him basically telling me and everyone I should write the next Best Seller and should be on Oprah's best blog club, I realized that involving him in this adventure, (leaving it completely about me) has really opened up my mind and also it feels like I am less paranoid.

I think that I was totally being a pussy because I felt like he didn’t know what I was writing or that he didn’t appreciate it – I am totally wrong...he was just giving me space to be do this and to be me! GOD DANG IT! I wasn’t sure of what I was feeling until now.


...for no reason because what am I hiding? NOTHING....clearly if you have read any of my last posts over the past month.  What was I worried about?  I needed to clear my head and just get over myself.


...clearly because I wasn’t sure if I was good enough. I wasn't sure if I could do this blog thing and have people read it...I didn't realize that I could come to be friends and care about people that I had never met before, but continually become entwined in thier lives through their words...but I can!  I am good enough!

I am sort of retentive when it comes to success, and I really want to be a writer (I think). I love being able to interact and be free and still be crazy at the same time. I needed a hobby or an outlet where I could find out who I am and rather than taking a mirror to inspect my vag, I decided to blog! Good choice I think!

In any event, I love today, I feel great, and Mr. Insatiable has really cured my fear...maybe it was him being supportive and asking questions, or maybe it was my head getting knocked off of our headboard last night. Whatever the reason, I actually feel really great and not full of fear! This is how I have my low-cal cake and eat it too!!!!!

Sunday Coffee with you all is lookin like Girl Talk, but this is how it is today and I needed it! Keep comin back, keep commenting, and keep posting such great friggen posts!!!

Stay tuned for Make Out with Blogs Monday where I whore myself out with a whole lotta bitchin blogs!! This week I have found about 30 great ones that I am now subscribing to!!!

Thanks again for the cuppa joe and I'll gab with ya later!


sarah @ i run with scissors said...

Kick ass girl!!!! Love it! I love the no holds barred approach and I definitely think you should stick with it. I started writing my blog because I was sick of what I was "supposed" to say/think/feel. I've quickly discovered there is a plethora (good word eh?) of people out there who love sheer opinionated unedited honesty. It's funny when you finally let yourself be who you are, you find out other people will still like you and that you can like yourself too... and it's not arrogant to LOVE yourself:) Everyone should be their own biggest fan!

Natacha said...

The husband thing of "is he reading my blog, does he get it?" was exactly where I found myself too. Every now and then I ask "did you read my blog?" and although I know he did, I want some reaction... todate I got a "great" and every now and then I hear the comments from where he is sitting at his computer...this will be good enough for now!

Anonymous said...

Dropping by from Lady Bloggers. That's wonderful that your man is in on this. Mine is, too!

Suzanne Westover said...

Hey Danon:

Thanks for being so funny and irreverent and honest! And for visiting THRITY and leaving such thoughtful comments! Oh, and I want to put together a list of Canadian blogs on a blogroll...So I am going to be posting about that this week too!
Glad the blog is bringing you such perspective!


Alex said...

Go for it, your blog is fricking awesome. Let loose and see where it takes you.

The Insatiable Host said...

To my friends here...i thank you so much for your support!!! I can't believe it, but I almost felt defeated today but it is with an ope mind, big heart and pocket full of Sass and Class that I do and will continue to be "myself" and Run with it like my Aussie friend says; to be "no holds barred" like my new friend Sarah has enforced and to be creative and innovative...

Thank you again, you made my Sunday complete...well...that and Winning the GOLD MEDAL IN HOCKEY TONIGHT!!!!



Lottie said...

What a refreshing go girl ....

the link for my "stalkers " widget is

Off to

Thanks for visiting me and commenting xxxxxx

Heather said...

I say go for it! You are doing a great job keeping me rolling and looking forward to my google reader updates. Loved the yeast infection discussion. So gross and perfect. Have a great day!

Julie, The Wife said...

You're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!

But where the fuck do you find the time to find all of these blogs? I seriously feel like I am treading water just to write my blog, take care of the spawn and hubby, and do my 15-hour-a-week job from home (which never gets done), and I want to look at all of these places, but it seems so labor intensive. Seriously, how are you doing it, Chick Norris?

Ms Bibi said...

What an awesome blog. I love your honesty. It's so refreshing. I feel like we are sitting at the coffee shop and just shooting the breeze.

Thanks for coming by.

Dual Mom said...

I'm not going to pretend I remember how I found you. Yes, I realize I only found you like two days ago.

But I love a good potty mouth and really enjoy reading your stuff!