Make Out with Blogs Monday -- Whorin' it up to bring some Luv

Well today is the day that I share with you all about some Fan-Fuckin-Tastic Blogs that I have found this week!!!  I have been asked by my dear moniker giving friend Julie,from A Day in the Wife how I find time to read all these posts and I wanted to answer it here...Julie...this is how
I have joined 2 amazing sites!!!!


Each of these sites are to assist in Comment Love!  Everyone loves to get comments, right, you go here and there are simple things you can do.  Basically if you see one of the above tags on a blog, leave a comment. Tell them why you are doing this...I`m from SITS or Lady Bloggers....tell them something great!!!  Why not!!  Thats all really...

On Sundays the Lady Bloggers Society holds a tea social, where you visit 3 blogs (of those who are signed up) comment on thier posts (Im from Lady Bloggers Tea Party and whatever else) then go back to the main page, and let everyone else know who you visited and what you thought!

SITS (Secret is in the Sauce -- my favorite quote from Fried Green Tomatoes) had Sunday Shout-outs, which was commenting on the main page, then visit the persons blog of the comment above yours.

The great thing about these two sites is that daily you have either a featured blogger, a new topic to assist in your own personal  goals, life or blog.  I have learned so much about HTML, sitemaps and more...

Now, I know that this seems like a little bit of work; however, I cant tell you all how great it has been.  I have boosted my readership, found some really AMAZING people and have some new girlies that I really love talking with!!!  So, aside from these two blogs that you should deffinately look into, I have a hefty list of great reading.  I have also added some commentaryt about each blog to let you know what kind of blog they are.  Dear blog writers...if you find youself listed here...this beautiful banner is all yous!! Display it proudly on your girl scout sash and just know that you have something great going on here!!!  (Suzanne, you now have two blinkies or whatever they are called...)

There is a catch...if you happen to visit any of these blogs, just let them know, you Made out with Insatiable Hosts Blog and found their blog was given some Link Love...(see, baby steps here!!)  Are ya Ready!!!!

This is a brand-spankin-new site that my girlie Bridget know the sassy bitch that gave me the inspiration to start the Panty Pyramid...well this sexy bitch is totally amazing.  She loves cute boys (and isnt afraid to share images); has impecable taste in music, and other random obsessions...check her out!!

I Run With Scissors
Sarah is the creative Canadian genius behind this site, and she and I have a fondness for the word Fuck!!  Her writing is pretty friggen funny and I also love the fact that she has Throat-Punch Thursdays....Really..dont ask questions, just run to her careful though, you may get addicted to Canada, swearing or all of the above!

Live It Luv It
Now, this gals been around the blog but this post makes me love her more and more!! I am a total looser and have never Kareoke'd before...things I want to do SURE!! But more so a painful fear of humiliation, boo'd off a stage and lack of alcohol is something that really has restricted me....regardless...I have the tools now! All I need are some friends who will come with...anyone near Toronto????  I also love her site because she has sooo many great things to say...The Shiz that comes out of my bfs mouth for one..not only that, she is 100% dedicated to her readers...every (or what seems like every) comment, she has actually responded to.  That,is love!

{the glamorous life of a} Designer Wife
ok, so i see addict and I run..i dont know if it's concern or intruige; however, I am went to her blog none the less. I love the site, it's user friendly and eye pleasing. I have to tell you ladies she is not serving Tea, rather than enticing us with Wine, and I quite enjoyed it...the blog is great and she was posting about her most recent encounter with the Tweethearts she met up with...what a great idea!

Kaffeine Addict
there is something to say about the big pink bunny costume!!! this is a great encounter of life and everything with it! Her site is pretty fun and there are some great widgets she has! She writes from the heart and really has it down pat.
 Who’s That Girl
I am so loving her recent post, not only for her clear love and appreciation of a great hand bag but she writes like I thinks she is wonderful!!! Ok, and also, if you read her post Whats in your... keep yer eyes peeled on Insatiable Host because I will be bringing Whats in your.... also....its gonna be amazing because I have a ton of shit in my ....its gonna be fun!

30: Own up to being Grown Up
Suzanne is a writer from Ontario in Canada..she loves Canada, she loves to write and she has a lot LOT lot of great information to share.  Not only do I love this blog because she is Canadian, she is a brilliant writer and has a great sense of humor. I like that she is also a contributing writer for the Lady Bloggers Society.

From Misery to Happieness
This post really is our writer feel like the freak of the neighborhood.  She is literally changing daily, having hot flashes on the hour but still has a really great way of writing!  I like the blog for her honesty and simplicity!  Its pretty refreshing.

Ok..there you have it..I told you I whored myself out for you all....whew...Im tired now!!!  Thank god I didnt have to give any random hjs to anyone to find these blogs.

Next up....Tuesday Gratitude with Attitude...and its gonna be lovely!


sarah@i run with scissors said...

You rule girl. Thanks for the shoutout. Here's to sayin' it like it is (swear words and all).

Your fellow damn proud Canadian sista.


LiLu said...

Awww, thank you so much!!! Hahaha I try. Too hard sometimes. It's awkward. For everyone.


Alex said...

Gonna check them out (luuuuuurve LiLu, already).

Canadians rock!

Julie, The Wife said...

I posted a comment and it didn't show up, G'damnit. But I want you to know that I did it. I want my E for effort, and I don't want you to bitch slap me when we meet. At least not for that.

Miranda said...

*sigh* My lips are BURNING from making out with your blog today... You should really consider passing out chapstick...

Anyways I just showed a little (or a lot) of link love to you on my blog. Enjoy!

Lottie said...

Thanks for the Love ...

I will sure repay you....

Have a bloody awesome day girl xx

Suzanne Westover said...

Thanks so much for the mention! Yes, by all means head over to THIRTY and copy and paste that "I heart maple leaf" icon and display some Canuck love on your blog - I got it from google - copy rights be damned - and let's pass it on! I'm always on the hunt for interesting blogs with a Canadian perspetive. The deal is, when we find new ones, we have to share the news!