Will you..followers....stay with me

A long time ago, lived a girl named Danon.  She lived a life of almost normal proportions - she married a greata guy, had 3 lovely children and loved to write.  She also started to write a blog in order to claim back her life.  This blog, this little blog grew.  It grew and it grew and it grew until it reached 75 people following.

Danon started to really feel like she was doing something great for herself...you know.  She was happy and having great people visit her blog and really loving the whole blog world. Then she started to feel as if her life was consuming her. There were things going on in her life that she wasn`t equipped to deal with.  Her strength was being tested and she really needed to focus on what was going on - because it really mattered.  What she was dealing with, was the only thing that truly mattered.

Things tend to get chaotic typically.  Life really does sneak up on you in funny ways.  It pulls you left, right, up and down but still there is no way you can actually survive without letting some things slide.

Here`s where Danon weighs in her head what slides..

her time with the kids
time with the hubby
me time
family time
or the blog

well what she discovered was that she could try to rotate the things that slide.  currently her blog is suffering from cardiac arrest - she hasnt revived it yet but is trying desperately to.  I have been seeing the people who actually honoured me by following dwindle to 72 people  which means that there are 3 people out there who  didnt get what they needed from me - which makes me feel aweful.

3 people - thats like if I let the time that I currently spend with the kids slide that in 2 weeks they could leave me too

see...heres where the dilemma is...so my friends and trusted confidents... 
I am actually committed to making this blog work.  I really love the current memes that I have kickin - especially WTF Wednesdays - I am also totally loving the Panty Pyramid Blog a ton as there are so many women who have recieved their panties and are ready to get more...but I also have to learn balancing and planning.

So if I propose to you all that i will continue to post and be as consistant as possible - will you please stay with me

Cant wait to hear from you all and I am starting to update myself with the 600 plus blogposts that I have missed out on.

xoxo Danon


Heather said...

like you, I have a busy life with 4 kids and I volunteer way too much at my kids school. I have been slacking in my blog posts and I JUST finished catching up reading the blogs I was behind I. I love to read your posts and am ok if you are busy and not updating as much as you would like. I fall behind on the daily conversation, but am leaning towards a weekly update on my life and a blog here and there to say Hi or vent a little. I will stick by you. I'm sure lots of us will. You are too funny to walk away from. Have a great rest of your weekend.

Tammy said...

Hi there...Happy Saturday Sharefest! I will follow you and I will stick with you, I never "unfollow"!!!! I started my blog in December and it is growing like crazy. Come and take a look, I would love to have you visit...hang in there girl! Always remember that family comes first!

Elizabeth Obih-Frank said...

Hello Danon,
“Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!” I enjoyed reading your post on your journey as a blogger with your wonderful 72 followers. Good for you! I've been at it a year and post weekly as, like you, I'm a very busy mom. Keep up the good work and stop and say hello any day.

Acting Balanced Mom said...

I'm also working to find a balance between blogging that I love and all the other things in my life... two kids, the hubby (who at least contributes to the blog occasionally), the house, the shopping, the volunteer stuff... sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything, so I feel ya...
I'm started having issues with people not following me any more... but then I realized that many of them were the same people who left the 'I'm from xyz and I'm following you so will you follow me' and I figure there's no point in worrying about people who don't even take the time to read the post that they are commenting on... they probably aren't going to be great followers... so I figure the number will fluctuate, but my core group of wonderful blog friends and IRL friends and family will keep reading and commenting.. and they're the ones who I write for now... I do give everyone who comments and follows the benefit of the doubt, but I don't feel obligated to follow blogs that don't interest me... it's their loss if they stop following my fabulous blog :)

I hope you find your balance and can make a blog schedule that works for you... one of my best blog friends has committed to 3 blog posts a week... and if she does more, great, but otherwise she knows she's posting MWF... and that works for her (and her followers, who know what to expect)

Anyway, now that I've written a novel, let me say thanks for stopping by and for the poem you left in the comments - its' great and so on point! I am a new follower, so you're one closer to getting back to 75 :)

Lori said...

I'm a stayer :) Losing a Follower is the worst, isn't it?

Sarah said...

I'm sticking around! Your posts are worth the wait. :)

Brenda said...

Hey girlie, I am a loyal follower and will never ever leave you. You are too effing funny, my friend!

Million hugs.xoxoxoxo

Smart Ass Sara said...

Which is why I pencil in one hour (only!!!) for blog at night. So about 20 minutes (max) is spent on posting my new post and then the rest is reading/commenting. And this is affter kids go to bed. Then after that, if I feel like not being a complete bitch, I'll say hi to hubs. :)

Aviatrixt said...

Aw, as long as you still find it enjoyable, keep bloggin'!

Glad you found me from LBS. I'll definitely be back! Have a great week. :)

Erin said...

We are all trying to balance family, work and having a life/time for ourselves. I am not leaving you. I haven't posted in a week until tonight so if you didn't leave me yet, I won't leave you. Spend time with hubby and kids and if you miss a few posts.....so be it. We love you!

Miss Marilee said...

I WON'T LEAVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep, I'm shouting that so you can hear me allllll the way from Iowa!!

WannabeVirginia W. said...

I know what you mean. It is disturbing to lose a follower. Its like losing a friend.

Thank goodness you posted about this I thought I was the only one.

No worries. I am sticking around.

Scraps said...

Hey, Life Happens. Anyone who doesn't get that, well, just doesn't get much, then, huh?

I'm sticking around! Yes, I miss your hilarious posts when you get to busy with the other stuff and do wonder if you're okay and all. But Google Reader watches for whenever you push publish and lets me know you've returned to give us all a glimpse of you, again!

Julie, The Wife said...

Hey hot stuff - you know I'M not going anywhere!!

Let me tell you though, this is what I was talking about with spending the time to look at and comment on a million other blogs. I have a blog because I love to write. It gives me an outlet I wouldn't otherwise have. I post three times a week, and each post takes about an hour. I check on it every day, and try to read some of my fave blogs I follow (like yours) because I like to read them. Period.

It kills me when I lose people too. But I've gotten to the point where I say, "Hey, if they aren't getting anything out of it, that's okay". I'm here to write. For me. And if some of my friends "real" and "cyber" like it, bonus. You need to be true to you, because the true you is kick ass.
xo to you.

JewliaGoulia said...

Google Reader deleted you once before, but I came back. Know why? Cuz I love you and I'm here for the long haul.



Dorkys Ramos said...

Well you have to live your life because at the end of the day you can't spend you every waking moment in cyberland. Interesting bloggers with things to say are those who can go off, enjoy the world and people around them and come back with new ideas to share.

Having followers and readers is all fun and wonderful, but I'd much rather spend time with the people who truly know me, love me and will be there when I shut the computer down. Enjoy finding that balance and don't feel guilty about it!

Blue Disastrous said...

I have done the same. And while my blog isn't some huge thing that is all lovely like yours, it.. doesn't feel good when you feel no one cares because they are no longer reading.
I will stay with you!! Er.. the blog. So technically sort of you. Stay awesome.

Kellyansapansa said...

I'm still here!

Sarah With Scissors said...

Me loves you... me stay with you... me understands... me hopes you keeps blogging... me's tired... me's on my way to vegas.