The Lady Bloggers Society - I am Woman; Read My Blog!!


So, as many of you have read my blog, you know that I have joined the Lady Bloggers Society.  I wasn't really sure about networking sites because really, I wasn't sure if people liked my blog (now, I know that you like it, but other those people who have their Mommy Blogs, Health Blogs, Finance Blogs and such...the people who have a strong affinity for Jesus or other such important beleif systems...)  I was thinking that, if I join this site, what happens if no one likes my spice? 

Rather than think this way any further...I said eff it!  Why should I worry if someone doesn't like my blog...I do!  So I did it!  I joined, and daily I go to the site and comment, read the feature's, articles and tips.  I also check out other blogs..cuz you see it's a really great way to find great reads!!  It's how I fuel my "Make Out with Blogs Monday's" and have met some really great bloggers through the site.

I think that it's really important these days especially to be proud to be a woman!  To be proud to say, "I have done this on my own!"  In a time where no matter what you do or who you are, to know that there is always support and someone to listen...really makes me proud to have the logo on my site.  I think that being able to use our voices to give life to our days or experiences is fantastic!!!  I just feel like screaming..I AM WOMAN....READ MY BLOG!!!!
I have come to realize that joining these networking sites are really a great way to drive volume to your site - and sometimes you know...they actually come back!  Sometimes these bloggers become your followers...and sometimes they tell other people..see where it's heading???

So...if you are up for new readers, friends and support..why not give them a can even join them and participate in the Tea Social Sunday's or get some great tips on how to make your blog functional, enjoyable and full of great content...

If you want to learn more about the Lady Bloggers or to sign up, click HERE to do so, they already know you are coming!  When you go though, just let them know who sent ya!!  Cool?


Kellyansapansa said...

Networking sites are brilliant. Not only do they help create blog traffic, but it's a great way to make new online friends. Well done for taking the plunge!

Julie, The Wife said...

I want to go there...I do...but I don't want to be lame and join up and then sort of dwindle away and not keep up my end of the bargain. You are motivating me though, Canadian Bacon.

And I love your spice.