Oh Mi'Gosh! Short n Sweet

So guys n gals...tonight is my last night before I go back to work!!! I can't believe it...but for real..I am super excited!!!

I have had a friggen blast with you all this past month and guess what!!?!?  I have just hit 70 Stalkers!!!  Hi Stalkers!!!!!  Thank you all so much for your love over the past few months and I really am so happy!

Anyhow...enough about that mushy gushy stuff!!

I have some important things to discuss with you all!!!

1. Truth or Dare Give-A-Way!!!  no, I am not giving Madonna's secrets away...you have to learn them yourself...I am however giving away a great gift basket and I want you all to participate!  Here is the post where I introduced this exciting Give-A-Way...so you have only until MIDNIGHT on Tuesday March 16(ET) to enter!!!  All you have to do is click to be transported to this post...Yes, I extended this; however a few of my blogger friends had asked if they could have an extension as they didn't have the "techincal" props to fulfil...who am I to shame someone for not having "toys'!!!! sorry ladies who were waiting on Sunday...I just think its a lot of fun!!

2. I am also travelling to Boston soon!!! I am super excited; however, it's only for a one night stop for an awards dinner for work..(yay me!)  Anyhow, I want to know..are any of you Bostonians??? What is your favorite thing to do? Place to have breakfast? place to Drink? Shopping? I want to know it all!!! Please help a sista out as I have never been and I want to have a few ideas of things to kill the 4 hours on the first day and 4 hours the second...

3.  I have something that is seriously bugging me...I read this post...about a chef who was whoring out his wife's titty juice to make cheese from and I am still gagging.

Please read Julie's post, comment, interact...but really I want to know what you all think!!  Is this an accpetable form of use for titty-juice??? ugh...I think not!!  To Julie's post...lets see what you can do with poop!  Let's see cheffie...if you are sooo good that you can find a use for vomit...like really.  Ok, so you beat Bobby Flay (who is pretty great in his style; however..would you beat say Thomas Kellher with your TitMilk Cheese?? Um...nope!!

That is all friends....until tomorrow night (when I inform you all of what kind of day I have had) I hope you have a kick-ass night!!

Insatiable Host


Kellyansapansa said...

Congratulations on 70 followers - that's a huge achievement!

Alex said...

My new thing to bitch about (on the internet of course, cos that's so private and all) is this whole breast milk is gross and only for the baby thang.

For real?!!!!

Can't speak for everyone but after my babies were born my boobies got so engorged I needed someone to get rid of the excess. That's why God made husbands.

And for the ladies that can't handle the hubs touching your boobies cos their stealing your babies milk?

For real?

Have fun with your body, you don't want to end up on a Dr Phil episode.

Alex said...

God, please change their to they're. I'm sorry.

Sarah With Scissors said...

I think we just hit the jackpot for a spinoff of Iron Chef America.

"And the secret ingredient is...."

Not sure which channel would air that though...

Have a GREAT day at work.

Acting Balanced Mom said...

congrats on 70 followers and enjoy going back to work! stopping by from SITS - happy sunday!

Julie, The Wife said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Danon! Congrats on 71 followers!

And Alex, I do want to clarify - my best friend's hubby helped her girls out when they were engorged, and bravo to him. It just wasn't CH's thing, and I don't judge either way. I even gave the chef some leeway, but the concept of her pumping to turn it into cheese to sell as appetizers in a restaurant took it to a whole new unnatural level for me. Nursing babies? Love it. Nursing patrons? Ish.