And the winner is.....Insatiable Host

oh my god...I can't believe I have won an Academy Award 2 blogging awards!!! Like it's just unreal!!!
I have to first thank The Academy for voting for me...and the head of this academy is my mate Brenda from MUMMY TIME. 

I would also like to say that if it weren't for these amazing blogs, that give me inspiration, make me laugh and pee myself on a daily I would never have the balls to do this...I also would never have the nads to tell you all the humiliating things that occur daily...regardless these peeps are da bomb dizzle!

I Run with Scissors - she is my YODA who swears and is just as addicted to the Olympics as I and if I ever met her, Im sure we would get super drunk and laugh a crap-load making fun of everyone and going balls to the wall because that's what kind of chicks we are!
Wearing Ink On My Sleeve - cuz this gal really can give it all and make me laugh a shitton
Who's That Girl - another new chica that i am addicted to like worse than crack!!! (ok, im not addicted to crack but if i were. this would be just as serious!)
THIRTY: Own up to being Grown-Up - a Canuck, Journalist and Comedian.  She is witty, impulsive and really really amazingly nice!!! I have been charmed by her blog and advice too!!
The Blogess - even though I doubt she'll ever come on to my site and if she did and commented or emailed me I would totally die because that would be like the most amazingest thing ever....but I am putting her here regardless because of her latest post where she gave everyone an award and I am a "pay it forward" kinda gal.
Rectal Ventriliquism - cuz i just met her and Mr. Blueballs and think that she is just my kinda brew!!
Welcome To Sara's Organized Chaos - another new to me chica that makes me snort-laugh constantly and who also appreciates a good potty mouth rant


1. Thank the person that nominated you; link to the person that gave you the award.

2. Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you've discovered and think are fantastic. (BUT 15 would also give away more of the great peeps I just listed in Make Out with Blog Mondays so instead I am chosing to name 7 top-shelf chicas)

3. Contact said blogs and let them know, they've won.

4. State 7 things about yourself.
7 things about myself....
I love tattoos..I have like 9, one is a huge 1/4 back piece that is yet to be finished that says My Life, My Family, My Strength
I also love Ramen Noodles bitch! (even though they are soooooooo un-healthy)
I feel that the word Twat-whorin should be used more same with DoucheCanoe and AssHat also.
I can not get enough of highschool, chick-flick, bro-mance movies!!!
Mr. Insatiable is the only man who makes me hummmina hahahah ooooh yaaaa like never before
I have a goal to take our family to Disney and will literally cry when we get kids happieness is the most important to me.
I love grilled cheese pitas


Brenda said...

Thanks for playing along, Danon. And hey I gave you 2 awards. Beautiful and Kreative, remember?

And nom nom nom on the Ramen Noodles!

Julie, The Wife said...

Never knew you were tatted out - we need photos.

Love me some Ramen and grilled cheese anything.

Mr. CH has the same effect for me.

I also want to take my kids to Disney, and haven't yet.

And our dads may be twins. This is just more evidence.

Can't wait to check out some of the blogs above I haven't seen yet!

Wendybob said...

Very cool...


Smart Ass Sara said...

I would first like to thank my mom. Good job pushing me out. Then society for making me jaded. Thank you jesus for surrounding me with jackasses every day...

Suzanne Westover said...

OH MY. MY. This is excitng news. I must run out and make myself a Canuck wand (bacon tapped the end of a hockey stick) and pontificate about this wonderous award! Thank you!

Miranda said...

Flippin sweet blog awards! They make me want to lick things... Award accepted. Michigander out.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You are awesomeness personified. Don't die. For real.

sarah @ i run with scissors said...

Oh girl... YOU'S THE BESTEST EVER!!! And one of these days you know were hooking up for drinks and a laugh blast.