Portmanteaus...and a little game of Who You Callin Bitch, BITCH!?!

The dictionary defines Portmanteaus as a single new word that has been made out of two or more distinct words.

Urban dictionary defines it by stating that almost anyone who can speak a language can fabricate words by butchering two perfectly good words and using cheap glue to form one ugly word

Society has created some doosies as of late and I have to say it, I can't fucking stand these...there are two people in these relationships, lets give them all the credit...


you all know these; however, I have been finding that we bloggers are so much fucking better at this than those social media whores....

we have words like Craptastic, Crap-ton or Shit-ton we have created such words like Fugly or other fantastic words that I have been seeing everywhere are words like:

Mad Twatter - which is a chick who gives it up early
Twatterwhore - is a man slut who has many twats at a time (all twats knowing)
TwatSwap - is when said twatterwhore offers twat to other twatterwhore
(now, I can't take credit of these as my dearie Kirsten has created these..and she has a friggen goldmine of these ones)

We all know my favourite's

Now I have spent days finding some amazing ones for you also...god the web is redonculous for finding shit! So here we go...Funny Words and Phrases Starting with A

ATF - afraid to fart

Absoludicrus - absolutely ludicrous

Angervate, angervated - "Very angry and agrevated, "You angervate me!"

Automagically - when something happens automatically as if by magic

You get my drift... Other such musings are words like this one that you just have to totally laugh out loud when you hear it because you know damn well you will try to in almost every 3rd sentence..

Procrastibating - To masterbate out of boredom, or to avoid work

I have also found that as of late the word BITCH has made it into my lingo and others around me; however, I just can't figure out which reason is behind what person said it...so here is a game that I like to call...

How you play is I have listed some acronyms for the word Bitch, and have also listed some people who have recently said it...you have to figure out who called me Bitch! now, don't peek..you try to figure this out...
B.I.T.C.H - Beautiful individual that causes hard-ons
B.I.T.C.H. - Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming, and Horny
B.I.T.C.H. - Being In Total Control of Him
Biatch -
Bizzatch -
bitch -

My mother
Mr. Insatiable
referring to myself
the demon child (oh yes that would be critter #2)
my dearie Carrie Bradshaw


Being In Total Control of Him - Mother
Beautiful Individual that causes hard-ons - Mr. Insatiable
Bizzatch - seistor (as a very enthusiastic greeting)
bitch - TDC...while she was screaming at me...oh yes, that was fun...
Beautiful, Intelligent, Talended, Charming and Horny - Me -- to Mr. Insatiable...
Biatch - Carrie Bradshaw...so dubbed for her great hair, journalism degree and lover of all things sarcastic and witty....

What are your favourite portmanteaus???? 



Miss Marilee said...

oh goodness...Mr. Insatiable's rocks my socks!!!! I had to print this post out it made me laugh so hard!!

Assertive Wit said...

I use Ass Clown all the time and for some reason, it makes people laugh...LTM (Laughing To Myself)...I shortened "ridiculous" to ridic...I changed "ridiculous" to "ridonkulous" (no rhyme or reason to that one LOL)...and there are plenty more but my brain just shut off and wants me to go do something else LOL

Dual Mom said...


It says so much about someone.

Snarcastic is also a good one.

sarah @ i run with scissors said...

Well you know I'm a fan of the portmanteaus (which totally sounds like creepy animal that eats lemmings or something). Of course Douchetwat and fucktard are always my favorites. But on the not so vulgar side chillax/chillaxing is probably my fave. It's like a double wammy of downtime. (I actually had someone stare at me like I was a retard when I used that the other day... dude so obviously is too uptight to know how to chillax)

Thrifty Gal said...

Popping in from SITS! I must admit asshat is so American it's something us Brits could never get away with, but it makes me laugh every time I hear it...