Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!


So i am a member of the SITS (Secret is in the Sauce) Group for bloggers and let me tell you!!!! TODAY they have everyone thinking of the BEST OF their blogs.

What a great idea this was!!!  Not only did I wake up at 6:30 am today to read and post everywhere but it totally allowed me to re-read my posts and comments from all of you lovely amazing peeps!!!!

Talk about a friggen warm fuzzy!!!!

OK, so I have picked 4 of what I feel are my best posts..perhaps you have your own favourites and if so, let me know what they are!!  I am also going to try to have a link put on the side where I can keep posting about Bests....your bests, my bests others bests.  It will just be the BEST!!!

So this is what I have come up no particular order

There was the day that the BLOGGESS appeared on my site

Oh, reading this was was when Mr. Insatiable told me he really likes my blog...and then showed me how much lol....god I love that man!!

Some questions do have to be asked, and who better to ask??

This post was great and also had a great response!!! It's all about being true to who you are!!

T-Minus 1 week and counting....

Moving is such a big production.  I mean, if it were a Spielberg movie it would be like Avatar; however, we would all be speaking English and our pony tails wouldn't attach themselves to trees and or dinosaurs.  Rather than Jake Soule being disabled, its me...Chick Norris, mentally and physically drained from the daily chaos that is my life.  It is me versus the mountain of boxes that have decorated the walls of my house.  Us vs. them...who will win?  WHO you ask????!!!! should have some faith in ol' CN who will roundhouse kick you in the box in 5 seconds flat if you beg to differ.   It seriously is a huge undertaking though.  We have had 5 weeks to the date to pack up our little house and be organized for this next chapter of our lives...and to tell you all the gods honest truth, we are still not ready.  I know that for myself, nothing motivates me more than a deadline.... well, the deadline is Friday June 4, so I better get off my ass and do some work!!!!  I vow to have my room done tomorrow (and if not, I fear that I will never move out of the postage stamp we live in) 

I have to work on Sunday so it is the only day I have this weekend to haul ass!      I feel also compelled to inform you that in less than 1 hour the photo's are due for the

If you have taken pictures and are just uploading them to your computer now, YOU BETTER HURRY UP!!!!  If you have not yet taken your pictures and wanted to be a part of this have until I wake up to enter this contest as it's been drawn out long enough...

Winners will be announced some time tomorrow!!!!

To refresh your memory those who enter will win:

1 Photoplay Magazine with Marilyn Monroe featured in it.
A Copy of the 7 Year Itch and a special Time Magazine of the
late Ms. Monroe.

Happy Pin Upping!!!


Talk to me Goose! "You've lost that love'n'feelin"

There are times when I actually want to die!  Like of total embarrassment - and today...I had encountered one of these times.

So I told you all how Seistor and I were on a volley ball team - just a house league of beach volley ball...anyhow, so today after a 12 year hiatus, I stepped back on the court and played!  I totally had a blast getting out in the sun, with people who were my age(ish) and doing something that I absolutely LOVE!!!!  I fucking love the outdoors and playing me a jock or whatever, I really do though...anyhow, so out of 4 games we played, we actually won 1 game!  To top it off, I served 5 in a row and had to rotate out after my 5 (meaning I was too friggen awesome to keep playing as my awesomeness was really putting the other team to shame)....what ever way you look at it, I felt on top of the world and I haven't felt that happy and excited in a long time (for myself...)  Mr Insatiable said that he was proud of me for doing something for myself and gosh darn it, I totally do too!!!!

Highlights from the night:

1. I didn't talk myself out of going...I didn't make any excuses up or anything - I just went for it.
2. I didn't suck like the horror of a nightmare I had yesterday about it
3. Time with my sister really is something that grounds me COMPLETELY
4. I am a total ass and really shouldn't be able to talk!!
5. Team Canada - this amazonian-like woman who was on one of the opposing teams, was a total skag!  I'm just sayin...when you play volley ball - and you serve, and the ball hits the net - ITS NOT IN PLAY!!!  I don't care what league you are in, it's not a playable ball...not even for Team Canada
6. i totally had the visual of Goose/Maverick playing volleyball in Top Gun throughout the whole time....there weren't any icemen or hollywoods - but's not a movie!  I will admit this...I am singing "Highway to the danger zone" as I am typing...

Observations - the musings of Danon out in public not supervised by her children:
1. there are a lot of dumb girls out really dumb.
2. those same dumb - non-intelligent girls - waste their money on college when they aren't retaining info they are being taught
3. some people just have fuckin style.
4. i secretly am jealous of big sunglasses!  I want them - is there a secret handshake?  Can I please know it??? I have a fruckin round face and can't for the love of christ find glasses that work on my face....SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!
5. when you own an establishment that has outdoor volleyball courts and a BAR - and just for shits and's 90 fickin degrees can you RUN OUT OF BOTTLED WATER?????  someone didn't want to carry another case out to the bar did she??  well..that only means one thing...NO TIP.

ok...back to he story...
 Anyhow,so after the last game was played and the feet were washed, the team was standing around talking about what they were going to do afterwards..."drinks here" or "my house my house...may parents aren't home"...Seistor says, "Yah maybe, but we've gotta go  now"  I say "I have to go home and shower with my kids"...cuz apparently I am a sick individual...WTF took over my mouth?!  OMG I am a total ass!!!

Seistor really loved it - and likely now has an additional lifetime of ammo against me after that beautie!  I just laughed...

Funny, how I haven't laughed until tears were in my eyes lately...till my belly ached until today.  I don't know if it was the fact that my sister and I were together or if it was the fact that I actually started to feel like the me that used to be before the three...maybe a little of each  - Whatever the case, I am totally smiling still and can't wait until next Tuesday!!

Gonna take it right away to the danger zone...

I'm one Bitch-Crazed MommaFuhka!

This is a story about Mrs. Insatiable.
She is a mother of 3 children under the ages of 5.
She is a full time worker, full time care giver and is fully under some stress as of late.  Here is her story.

is a woman of many words.
she has only a few things that really make her fucking batty - we shall discover one of these few things below.

I feel and fear that this post should have some sort of a disclaimer it is...

****If you are not a mother, have always thought that pregnancy is a magical experience, if you are a soon to be mother, or if you have not every understood how women get to that psychotic level of "angry mom" please don't read.  If you find yourself offended by mothers ranting about things on blogs, or feel that perhaps the things that I say below are offensive, please keep your feelings to yourself...for I have had one bad fucking day!  Also, if you feel as if this is of concern, please don't...I just need to get this off my chest to ensure that I don't take it out on my kids.  After all, I am only human - aren't I entitled to a bad day?


Hey...You...over there!  Ya, I m talking to you...I see you sniffling like a little whiny sniffleywhinerson.  You are making my head spin faster than a propeller.  I am trying to see every possible good innocent and amazing thing that you mean to me right now; however, I am finding it extremely hard to do this right now.

I can't tell you just how friggen exhausted I am of listening to you cry and whine every time you don't get what you are demanding from me or anyone else you are encountering.  I have no idea who you think you are, or what you think this is doing to make the end result positive but hunny, you are pissing on the wrong lady's tree with this bull shit attitude.

Yes, I really think that our bonding experience yesterday at Walmart was amazing. remember, how you were snuggled on the FLOOR screaming your friggen head off that "I hate you mommy" and how I should "GET AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY from me NOW!" in such a high pitch shrill.  And wasn't it amazing to meet our new friend Mr. Security Guard? Oooh, mommy is soo happy you are branching out to meet new people but FYI sugar lips..THIS IS NOT HOW IT'S TO BE DONE.  I have no idea what it is about the tone of any child's voice when they whine that makes me want to lock myself in a closet and drink the hand sanitizer to put myself out of the misery, but it's got to stop!

I can't tell you how many circuits I feel I blow when the whining is a result of me telling you "no" for jumping off of the treadmill or from one bed to another.  When I tell you to hold my hand in the parking lot, it does not require a full out dramatic performance that should only be seen in Splendour in the Grass...and yes, even though you have already cut your own hair, and it may work for that only reason, I AM NOT THE PERSON YOU SHOULD BE DOING THIS TO!

apparently the word MOM means

Maybel - Im gonna walk all over you until you use the drum sticks from my little tykes set to poke your eyeballs out. 

It could also mean that

   My sanity as i
knOw it is over for the rest of
    My life

I have absolutely no idea how to combat these feelings; however, I have to tell you that getting this rant off my chest is totally helping and now that I think of it, I really want to know what the spectators were thinking when they say this little angelic face that I love with all of my entirety turn into the thing from the Grudge.  Were they like "is that her kid?"  "what a bad mother" "oh, shut up kid!"  "oooh what a rough day that mother has had, and look she has on clothes that don't fit too"  "she needs to get her hair done  -- BAD" or were they oblivious to the surroundings...did they perhaps walk through the experience with muted ears?  Perhaps not the latter, and I really don't care about what they were thinking, because, I had a bad fucking day!

I had such a bad day that all I wanted to do was hug the crap out of that little monster to make her know how insanely bitch-crazed I was over this outburst.  To make it worse, when we got into the car and I started the silent treatment to everyone around me so I didn't say things I felt at that time, all she could do was cry and say "Momma, I am so sorry I was such a bad girl.  It's just so hard to be a big good you"

ya....the next thoughts are still clear in my head now the day after...

 for the thoughts I had.

for the way I fantasized about screaming (but totally held my shit together so that has to count for something right?)

 that the incident still happened and that there wasn't any getting out of it

but mostly, finding myself in complete

 for her realizing that I am perfect she made a mistake, and that she was really wrong with her actions and behavior.

If you or someone you love has had a bad day, I really hope that you can see past the shit and mess of it to see just how much the people in your life mean to you.  I can't tell you the total 180 that ensued from yesterdays hot mess to today's amazing day at the zoo with our family...I am just glad that I didn't drink the sanitizer....maybe tomorrow!!

xoxo Insatiable

EXTENSION: Pin Up Girl Contest

Today I was supposed to announce the winner of the Pin Up Girl Contest; however, after recieving some emails again asking me to extend the contest, I have decided to extend another week. I know this is the 2nd time doing this, but if you all really want to be a part of this, how could I turn that down??

So, as I was going to share with you all what Mr. Insatiable decided for his tattoo, I am totally excited to share that with you today....

Mr. Insatiable has selected...

Not bad eh??

New ****and final**** entry date: Saturday May 29 2010 12:01 am ET.  If you have intention of entering, email me your images asap.  For those who have emailed me already, you got your better make your pics AMAZIN!!! 

Have a great day and we'll talk soon!!

Are these jugs returnable??

Ok, so here it is...straight and to the point.  I have not been pregnant for almost 3 years.  I have not breast fed for over 2 years and today...I had milk in my breasts?!!!  WTF is this shit?  Does it curdle?  Doesn't it go sour?   Why THE FUCK is this shit still in my milk jugs?!!!!! I am serious here friends...I had a shower tonight, and then all of a sudden I felt in my bra and looked down and there it was....leaky boob spots.  I feel as if my jugs weigh way too much and perhaps this is why?  I am wondering if perhaps I should do as some Chef's are doing and prepare some delish desserts, cheese and such goodies...  Maybe I'll stop feeding Mr. Insatiable real food and will just toss him a boob.  And let's just get this out of the way...There is NO fucking WAY I am preggers yo!  I had my factory shut down 3 years ago...but it does have me asking this question....

Ma....the Meatloaf!!!!

Happy Mother's Day ladies!!!  Words can't describe how amazing it really is to be a "mother".  It's a certain breed of woman that actually embodies this title.

Today has really been a special day though.  Belly woke up at 5 am.  She wanted to watch the new Barbie movie we rented.  That is just amazing at that early of hour of the day.  Then she woke up her sister, and they watched this riviting movie again.

The dood then comes downstairs at 6:30 am to start the day.  Daddy was working for the most part.  He made some amazing mother's pretty darn happy with his brunch so that was nice.

The kids and I took a long brisk walk down to pick up the van from him at work and then we started our mission: Give flowers to all the important women in our lives.  We started with Mr. Insatiable's mom.  A nice visit that turned into tears, and 2 hours later we were off.  We visited with my grandmother, who was so surprised and shocked she had tears in her eyes because we stopped by to see her.  We had a visit at my mom's and then went to the cemetary to give some flowers to my grandma.  The anniversary of her passing is upcoming on Tuesday.  We left some beautiful daisy's and tulips and I think that the shady lady visiting the GIANCOLA's grave wanted them.  She was totally eyeing up this arrangement we brought.  Maybe I'll check tomorrow to see if they are still there.

Anyhow, we then picked Mr. Insatiable up and went to his partents again and had a great dinner.  Steak, potatoes, salad, olives, bread and grilled veggies.  DELISH!

Anyhow, so what did you chicas do for your mother's day?  Do you get spoiled with flowers/affection?  Did your kids make you something? 

I'll tell ya, my kids were pretty crafty.  I love homemade gifts because the sentimental  Sophia and Bella made me 2 things..I got 2 sunflower plants they grew, two book marks and these cards...I was given two plant pots they painted and the dood made me a mug.  It's the cutest!!

Anyhow, I think that this post is on the lame side but I wanted to get my ass back in gear to write another post.  I'ts part of my regimine to get back on track.  Anyhow, I am done for the day...Tomorrow will be another brilliant day in my brilliant life.  I know you're totally clinging onto the edge of your seat.

I hope you mother's out there have a wondful day.  You all deserve the best of the best!


Cathing Up with the Ink on my Sleeve

Ok, don't get tooo excited but this is my 2nd post in a row!!!  Me thinks life is back on track!!!  Ok, so while I was on this incredibly long and eventful haiatis, I was the winner of a pretty amazing contest.

Miranda, from Wearing Ink on my Sleeve had a fantastic give-a-way on her blog (it was her first one).  The idea was that she was taking 4 trips and wanted to make a sound-track for each leg of the trip.  Enteries had to be of 3 songs for each destination and she would select the winner! that you know the end of the story, (me winning) I wanted to share with you first, the reason why I won -- sheer musical genius and also the pics I took...

My entries were friggen on par!  Anyhow, go check out the link above and you can see for yourself.

Miranda, officially you wrap the nicest gifts ever and I reallly love your labels.  I think you are an in the closet scrapper (scrap book maker - a new word definition I created).

So when I found out I won, Mir sent me an email "this little diddy is on it's way"

kinda lovely right?

So then a few weeks later, I got the notice in the mail and ran to the post office, and literally tore into the box because I was soooo excited...

This is the most amazing card EVER!!! I love love love Peacocks and have one tattood on me...also, I literally had just bought and sent this same card to Seistor because I missed her...Mir you have no idea how amazing this is.  I have framed the picture!!!

Tennessee...because even thought it's trashy it's the ultimate Southern Roadtrip Soundtrack:
Bob Seger's Greatest Hits

Chicago...Because parts of it were filmed there...
The Break-Up (Movie)
and again, you knew me so well to know that I have a slight obsession with Vince Vaughn and also LOVE chick flicks!!!!

Yummmmm...because we stocked up on Easter candy for the Tennessee trip :)
well...I never had one of these as my kids and co-workers ate them all...but I tell ya, they were hot items!!

Cruisin'...because it's fall in New England
This was super special as I didn't own an umbrella.  I know it's odd and sad but I didn't.  This is an amazing pink polk-a-dot one that is super sassy!!

Travelling...because Im big on jounaling on vacations...
and I am too.  I love this book.  When my computer was on the Fritz, I actually wrote posts, poems and ideas in this amazing book!!

Camping....because you have to see to PEE
ok, I laughed for a year.  This is two purple and amazing flashlights that are compact enough to bring with you or stay in your car. (I have done both).

Seriously, this was the coolest prize ever and I have to tell you that I have totally used the box and wrapping over to send a special prize to Running with Scissors.  I love the who idea!!!

So Miranda, I love you a lot and thank you for this!!! Everyone else, go to her blog!!!
Follow it, breathe it and love it!!!


Here comes another post!!!!


Well, I have the charger and the computer and some pictures...let's not skirt around this shit girls!!!

As my last post left you all clinging on to your panties you have recieved from the panty pyramid..I have a few pics to show you from my own entries and also some that were submitted to be a part of the

So we all know her for her wig wearin, sassy talk and outrageously amazing wonderment....The Bloggess...

Next we have the amazing photos by my new friend Valerie...she is also a hair dresser who has mad skilz and who did my hair and make up for my photo shoot!!!!

I have to mention that these images were taken Adam Ibbotson ( and also the one on the left, is an exact repilca of the Tattoo on her's super hawt and I think she looks absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Ok, here are some of my pics also...BIG BIG BIG ups to Maria Gagliardi and Adam Ibbotson
also, please don't think I am vein; however, I am really impressed with the following pics....
personally, my vote is with Valeries so far....

ok so the pics above are kinda fun as the left was based on the right..duh..I am explaining this like you all don't get it...sorry...

I love the one on the left here...I was playing around and really love the saturation here, it's soooo retro
I also love the blue bra that is falling out of the suitcase

lol.....just a little bit of sillyness really.  Anyhow, Maria, Adam and guys are seriously an amazing combination!! 

NEW ENTRY:  Just submitted today..... Jenn The EXHOTGIRL looking pretty friggen HOTTIEBOOMBOTTI

So there isn't much to say after this....but what are your thoughts????  and

where the FUCK are YOUR snaps?!?!?!!