Cathing Up with the Ink on my Sleeve

Ok, don't get tooo excited but this is my 2nd post in a row!!!  Me thinks life is back on track!!!  Ok, so while I was on this incredibly long and eventful haiatis, I was the winner of a pretty amazing contest.

Miranda, from Wearing Ink on my Sleeve had a fantastic give-a-way on her blog (it was her first one).  The idea was that she was taking 4 trips and wanted to make a sound-track for each leg of the trip.  Enteries had to be of 3 songs for each destination and she would select the winner! that you know the end of the story, (me winning) I wanted to share with you first, the reason why I won -- sheer musical genius and also the pics I took...

My entries were friggen on par!  Anyhow, go check out the link above and you can see for yourself.

Miranda, officially you wrap the nicest gifts ever and I reallly love your labels.  I think you are an in the closet scrapper (scrap book maker - a new word definition I created).

So when I found out I won, Mir sent me an email "this little diddy is on it's way"

kinda lovely right?

So then a few weeks later, I got the notice in the mail and ran to the post office, and literally tore into the box because I was soooo excited...

This is the most amazing card EVER!!! I love love love Peacocks and have one tattood on me...also, I literally had just bought and sent this same card to Seistor because I missed her...Mir you have no idea how amazing this is.  I have framed the picture!!!

Tennessee...because even thought it's trashy it's the ultimate Southern Roadtrip Soundtrack:
Bob Seger's Greatest Hits

Chicago...Because parts of it were filmed there...
The Break-Up (Movie)
and again, you knew me so well to know that I have a slight obsession with Vince Vaughn and also LOVE chick flicks!!!!

Yummmmm...because we stocked up on Easter candy for the Tennessee trip :)
well...I never had one of these as my kids and co-workers ate them all...but I tell ya, they were hot items!!

Cruisin'...because it's fall in New England
This was super special as I didn't own an umbrella.  I know it's odd and sad but I didn't.  This is an amazing pink polk-a-dot one that is super sassy!!

Travelling...because Im big on jounaling on vacations...
and I am too.  I love this book.  When my computer was on the Fritz, I actually wrote posts, poems and ideas in this amazing book!!

Camping....because you have to see to PEE
ok, I laughed for a year.  This is two purple and amazing flashlights that are compact enough to bring with you or stay in your car. (I have done both).

Seriously, this was the coolest prize ever and I have to tell you that I have totally used the box and wrapping over to send a special prize to Running with Scissors.  I love the who idea!!!

So Miranda, I love you a lot and thank you for this!!! Everyone else, go to her blog!!!
Follow it, breathe it and love it!!!


Here comes another post!!!!


Smart Ass Sara said...

Fun! And I don't own an umbrella either. I always am reminded when it rains, but when I'm at the store I'm always like, "I'll buy one next time". I've been on my own for 10 years and still haven't bought one. Which isn't surprising since I just bought a winter coat this year...the first one since I was 16. LAME.

mixtape said...

that looks like the best box ever.

Miranda said...

Well shizzle! I'm truly honored! I'm super glad you liked your prize.

And yes, I am an in-the-closet scrapper. I used to do it a bunch when I was engaged to my ex-fiance. I blew like hundreds of dollars on supplies to make a scrapbook that was officially thrown out a year ago. So I'm a little cautious but have been having urges to get back into it. I just need Sara to come get me organized. And both of you to come drink margaritas with me over gluesticks and stickers.