Ma....the Meatloaf!!!!

Happy Mother's Day ladies!!!  Words can't describe how amazing it really is to be a "mother".  It's a certain breed of woman that actually embodies this title.

Today has really been a special day though.  Belly woke up at 5 am.  She wanted to watch the new Barbie movie we rented.  That is just amazing at that early of hour of the day.  Then she woke up her sister, and they watched this riviting movie again.

The dood then comes downstairs at 6:30 am to start the day.  Daddy was working for the most part.  He made some amazing mother's pretty darn happy with his brunch so that was nice.

The kids and I took a long brisk walk down to pick up the van from him at work and then we started our mission: Give flowers to all the important women in our lives.  We started with Mr. Insatiable's mom.  A nice visit that turned into tears, and 2 hours later we were off.  We visited with my grandmother, who was so surprised and shocked she had tears in her eyes because we stopped by to see her.  We had a visit at my mom's and then went to the cemetary to give some flowers to my grandma.  The anniversary of her passing is upcoming on Tuesday.  We left some beautiful daisy's and tulips and I think that the shady lady visiting the GIANCOLA's grave wanted them.  She was totally eyeing up this arrangement we brought.  Maybe I'll check tomorrow to see if they are still there.

Anyhow, we then picked Mr. Insatiable up and went to his partents again and had a great dinner.  Steak, potatoes, salad, olives, bread and grilled veggies.  DELISH!

Anyhow, so what did you chicas do for your mother's day?  Do you get spoiled with flowers/affection?  Did your kids make you something? 

I'll tell ya, my kids were pretty crafty.  I love homemade gifts because the sentimental  Sophia and Bella made me 2 things..I got 2 sunflower plants they grew, two book marks and these cards...I was given two plant pots they painted and the dood made me a mug.  It's the cutest!!

Anyhow, I think that this post is on the lame side but I wanted to get my ass back in gear to write another post.  I'ts part of my regimine to get back on track.  Anyhow, I am done for the day...Tomorrow will be another brilliant day in my brilliant life.  I know you're totally clinging onto the edge of your seat.

I hope you mother's out there have a wondful day.  You all deserve the best of the best!



Smart Ass Sara said...

Your title made me laugh. Why? Confession: I can't make meatloaf. I am a meatloaf failure. It's really sad and embarrassing. LOL.

I'm glad you had an awesome momma's day!! :)

Miranda said...

Can I first start by finishing your title with "FUCK!"... there.

Glad to hear you had a good Mothers Day! And Sara... I can hardly boil water so please pat yourself on the back for attempting meatloaf.