T-Minus 1 week and counting....

Moving is such a big production.  I mean, if it were a Spielberg movie it would be like Avatar; however, we would all be speaking English and our pony tails wouldn't attach themselves to trees and or dinosaurs.  Rather than Jake Soule being disabled, its me...Chick Norris, mentally and physically drained from the daily chaos that is my life.  It is me versus the mountain of boxes that have decorated the walls of my house.  Us vs. them...who will win?  WHO you ask????!!!!  Well...you should have some faith in ol' CN who will roundhouse kick you in the box in 5 seconds flat if you beg to differ.   It seriously is a huge undertaking though.  We have had 5 weeks to the date to pack up our little house and be organized for this next chapter of our lives...and to tell you all the gods honest truth, we are still not ready.  I know that for myself, nothing motivates me more than a deadline.... well, the deadline is Friday June 4, so I better get off my ass and do some work!!!!  I vow to have my room done tomorrow (and if not, I fear that I will never move out of the postage stamp we live in) 

I have to work on Sunday so it is the only day I have this weekend to haul ass!      I feel also compelled to inform you that in less than 1 hour the photo's are due for the

If you have taken pictures and are just uploading them to your computer now, YOU BETTER HURRY UP!!!!  If you have not yet taken your pictures and wanted to be a part of this contest...you have until I wake up to enter this contest as it's been drawn out long enough...

Winners will be announced some time tomorrow!!!!

To refresh your memory those who enter will win:

1 Photoplay Magazine with Marilyn Monroe featured in it.
A Copy of the 7 Year Itch and a special Time Magazine of the
late Ms. Monroe.

Happy Pin Upping!!!



Natacha said...

Good luck with the move... I don't envy you... I have done this 3 times in 10 years, and of those 3 times, 2 of the times were internationally with a small child...
When you feel like you loosing your mind, just think of the advantages... ;)