Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!

HEY VAL!!!  Mr. Insatiable has selected you to be the
WINNER of the PIN UP GIRL contest.

I am going to msg you now, but please let me know when we can meet up so I can give you your prize!!!!!!!!!

What a great picture this Gil Elvgren remake is!  The cool thing about this picture is that the tattoo on Val's thigh, is this same picture...I think it totally adds to it!

Great photography also - Adam Ibbotson 

To the other ladies who entered...Jen, Bloggess....THANK YOU for playin along!  I hope you had a blast doing the pics!!! 

Ok, so it's Sunday, I have worked all day and have to pack the shit out of my life...I'll post later this week - but with work, packing/moving and the kids, its gonna be a rocky one.  I'll post when I can - just know that I luvs ya!!!




Jennifer Brindley said...

YAY! Congrats, VAL! :) <3


Alex said...