Talk to me Goose! "You've lost that love'n'feelin"

There are times when I actually want to die!  Like of total embarrassment - and today...I had encountered one of these times.

So I told you all how Seistor and I were on a volley ball team - just a house league of beach volley ball...anyhow, so today after a 12 year hiatus, I stepped back on the court and played!  I totally had a blast getting out in the sun, with people who were my age(ish) and doing something that I absolutely LOVE!!!!  I fucking love the outdoors and playing me a jock or whatever, I really do though...anyhow, so out of 4 games we played, we actually won 1 game!  To top it off, I served 5 in a row and had to rotate out after my 5 (meaning I was too friggen awesome to keep playing as my awesomeness was really putting the other team to shame)....what ever way you look at it, I felt on top of the world and I haven't felt that happy and excited in a long time (for myself...)  Mr Insatiable said that he was proud of me for doing something for myself and gosh darn it, I totally do too!!!!

Highlights from the night:

1. I didn't talk myself out of going...I didn't make any excuses up or anything - I just went for it.
2. I didn't suck like the horror of a nightmare I had yesterday about it
3. Time with my sister really is something that grounds me COMPLETELY
4. I am a total ass and really shouldn't be able to talk!!
5. Team Canada - this amazonian-like woman who was on one of the opposing teams, was a total skag!  I'm just sayin...when you play volley ball - and you serve, and the ball hits the net - ITS NOT IN PLAY!!!  I don't care what league you are in, it's not a playable ball...not even for Team Canada
6. i totally had the visual of Goose/Maverick playing volleyball in Top Gun throughout the whole time....there weren't any icemen or hollywoods - but's not a movie!  I will admit this...I am singing "Highway to the danger zone" as I am typing...

Observations - the musings of Danon out in public not supervised by her children:
1. there are a lot of dumb girls out really dumb.
2. those same dumb - non-intelligent girls - waste their money on college when they aren't retaining info they are being taught
3. some people just have fuckin style.
4. i secretly am jealous of big sunglasses!  I want them - is there a secret handshake?  Can I please know it??? I have a fruckin round face and can't for the love of christ find glasses that work on my face....SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!
5. when you own an establishment that has outdoor volleyball courts and a BAR - and just for shits and's 90 fickin degrees can you RUN OUT OF BOTTLED WATER?????  someone didn't want to carry another case out to the bar did she??  well..that only means one thing...NO TIP.

ok...back to he story...
 Anyhow,so after the last game was played and the feet were washed, the team was standing around talking about what they were going to do afterwards..."drinks here" or "my house my house...may parents aren't home"...Seistor says, "Yah maybe, but we've gotta go  now"  I say "I have to go home and shower with my kids"...cuz apparently I am a sick individual...WTF took over my mouth?!  OMG I am a total ass!!!

Seistor really loved it - and likely now has an additional lifetime of ammo against me after that beautie!  I just laughed...

Funny, how I haven't laughed until tears were in my eyes lately...till my belly ached until today.  I don't know if it was the fact that my sister and I were together or if it was the fact that I actually started to feel like the me that used to be before the three...maybe a little of each  - Whatever the case, I am totally smiling still and can't wait until next Tuesday!!

Gonna take it right away to the danger zone...


WannabeVirginia W. said...

Sounds like fun times. So where is your panty post woman :)

Smart Ass Sara said...

OMG--- I fucking LOVE volleyball! I'm super good at underhand serving!! I used to play in middle school and I remember at a tournment I had to serve non stop through 3 games. And my team was mad because the other team would never try to hit the ball. I hit the ball so it goes slow and it ALWAYS looks like it's going to hit the net or be out of bounds on the back. But somehow I will it to be legal. And we always win. It's fabulous. ;)

Annah said...

I would LOVE to play volleyball. I've always been drawn to the sport but my friends are lazy and I'm too scared to go to South Beach with all the hard bodied and perfect clones play. Meh. LOL. Loved your post.

Anonymous said...

HA HA haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

you SO took it to the "danger zone" you fuckin rockkkked that shit sis. .. like i felt that i needed to warm up. but you right off the bat were.. GOOD!

I so had a great time with you!

alright.. i gotta go shower with my kids (not) peace out. J