Well, I have the charger and the computer and some pictures...let's not skirt around this shit girls!!!

As my last post left you all clinging on to your panties you have recieved from the panty pyramid..I have a few pics to show you from my own entries and also some that were submitted to be a part of the

So we all know her for her wig wearin, sassy talk and outrageously amazing wonderment....The Bloggess...

Next we have the amazing photos by my new friend Valerie...she is also a hair dresser who has mad skilz and who did my hair and make up for my photo shoot!!!!

I have to mention that these images were taken Adam Ibbotson (http://www.adamibbotson.com/) and also the one on the left, is an exact repilca of the Tattoo on her thigh...it's super hawt and I think she looks absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Ok, here are some of my pics also...BIG BIG BIG ups to Maria Gagliardi and Adam Ibbotson http://www.marypics.com/
also, please don't think I am vein; however, I am really impressed with the following pics....
personally, my vote is with Valeries so far....

ok so the pics above are kinda fun as the left was based on the right..duh..I am explaining this like you all don't get it...sorry...

I love the one on the left here...I was playing around and really love the saturation here, it's soooo retro
I also love the blue bra that is falling out of the suitcase

lol.....just a little bit of sillyness really.  Anyhow, Maria, Adam and Val....you guys are seriously an amazing combination!! 

NEW ENTRY:  Just submitted today..... Jenn The EXHOTGIRL looking pretty friggen HOTTIEBOOMBOTTI

So there isn't much to say after this....but what are your thoughts????  and

where the FUCK are YOUR snaps?!?!?!!