Sunday Afternoon Coffee - Winner's and You Park Like an Asshole

Happy Rex Manning Day!!!!

I don't have cupcakes, I don't even have any cardboard cut-outs; I do have the friggen movie Empire Records in my head and I also have the honour of finally announcing the winner for my first Give-A-Way!!!

I am totally going to keep the suspense going for a while though because my friend shared with me something pretty friggen RAD!!!!

So you know when you go to park into a spot but the mother-fucker who is on your left actually thinks their Toyota Trecel is a Show Car??

You know when you get home and see your neighbour parked over the friggen yellow lines and are part way onto your spot?

What about when you go to the grocery store, with your 3 kids when you have no food at home and it's 7;00 pm and all you need to do is park in the "for parents or expecting women" spot but there is an asshole parked in the last one?  The guy, who doesn't have kids - well maybe but a 15 year old doesn't qualify you...

These people have names Dumb-Asses or Arse-holes!!  And these people NEEDS to be put in their place!!

Who do you think you are? 

Why do you think it acceptable for me to get into my car from the passenger side door when you park too close to me??? Are you asking to get junk punched?  Do you want me to be rabbid when I see you??

No, I say you people MUST realize that this behaviour is just as unacceptable as pissing in public! 

So, how do we fix this problem?? What do we do???

We go to and get the best thing you can have to defend agains A-HOLES!!!  go there now!  You will see a D/L 1 or 2 - I suggest 1

anyhow, what you get is this fantastic PDF  where you have several boxes to check off and you leave them with the respective ASSHOLES.  Take a picture and submit to them too -- and if you do share, share with me!!

This literally made my day, and while I was at work I printed 2 copies (so I had 6) and then I left and went to 5 different places where I gave them out!!! I left very special one for the mother-fucker who parks in our visitor spot but doesn't back up all the way, so we have to weave through the spots to get to mine...the one I own!!!  Ya, you BITCH!  Im comin to get you!





has come to

announce the winner for

Mr. Insatiable has taken all the 13 ballots (from tweeting, following, posting, doing etc) and has chosen the winner of an AMAZING gift basket......

girl. you must have a horse shoe up your ass!!!  Anyhow, email me your address and what kind of basket you want...Girls Night, Movie Night, Games Night etc...I'll get it all together and send it out to ya.

Thank you everyone for participating in this and waiting for me to get off my ass and post the winners name! 

I am off to catch up on the Lady Bloggers Tea Social and will likely be stopping by each of your "hoods" soon!!!


Insatiable Host


Lori said...

We can't be sad! Not today! Not... Rex Manning Day!

And my name isn't fucking Warren.

Sarah With Scissors said...

HELLLLLLSSS YAAAAAAA!!! I'll be emailing you shortly!!!

You da bomb girl... da bomb. (Considering the wipe out I had when I got back home to the snow, karma owes me).

Miss Marilee said...

This made my day. I just printed like 10 pages off and cut them out. Be prepared. I will be sticking them on people's cars tomorrow.