Truth or Dare....wanna play for a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Saturday frackers!!! 

I hope you all are doin well!  I know I hadn`t really been around but I have read all of my religious blog updates and commented and have also had time to find 3 great new blogs that I want to share with you on Monday!!  I have also had a day where I was just sitting infront of the computer wondering what to say...

I was literally speachless...I had. no. words...

Regardless, I then decided that I would like to have my blogsphere friends play a game with me...Truth or you know it!!  Goodie!

Ok, so this is what you are going to do.  I have listed 10 truths and 10 dares, and in order of who posts a comment you must do the truth or dare and then comment back about the response or reaction...if someone has taken number 20, then you start again at 1. 


Wanna know what you could win....

Well...I have really thought long and hard about what would be super cool...and yes Sara, sex toys would be fun and likely amazing I think that it may be too personal of a gift, and seeing how you all live in another country, state, province, if I bought a gift certificate it wouldn`t work...

I had thought about booze...and my dearie Virginia Wolfe, I can not ship to 21 places of my friends out in the that blows!  However, I must agree that Pomegranant Liquor with Sprite is amazing!! As is Gin and Sprite, Rum and Sprite and Booze in general...

so what is up for grabs you may ask....

A GINORMOUS gift basket...depending on who wins, it`ll be themed either girls night, boys night, mommas night, date night or family night.
(because I understand that not everyone has my same sense of humour) you`re likely thinkin well..great but trust me, I used to make gift baskets as a`ll be fantazing and the value will be $80.00 CDN


1. Comment to accept your truth or dare and put the number that you are accepting (MUST STAY IN ORDER).

2. Then after you complete your Truth or Dare, comment back with your reaction or response (again include the number you accepted). 

3. If your dare or truth is something that requires you to `do` something, you must either video it or take a picture and send it to me at insatiablehost (at) yahoo (dot) ca as I will need proof that your tasks were completed

4. If you haven`t added me to twitter, add me and tweet to everyone that I have a giveaway going on and for them to check it out.  Twitter name: scoasgirl (please include @scoasgirl in your tweet to everyone)

5. Follow me if you aren`t a follower already.

6. Add the decal that I have created to you blog (simply copy the code that is listed below it, go to your `layout` portion of your blog and add a widget `HTML` (Im speaking in blogger, if you have wordpress or other, the idea is the same..) and copy the code into your widget and hit will then have the image on your blog.

7. Each time a task is completed, comment back (example below)
 comment 1: accept Truth 1.
 comment 2: Truth 1 response
 comment 3: followed you on twitter (or am following you on twitter)
 comment 4: followed your blog (or following your blog)
 comment 5: tweeted the giveaway
 comment 6: I pimped your blog with the Truth or Dare decal on my blog (and please list your blogs address so I can come visit or view...)

Truth or Dare closes at 12:00 am ET on Tuesday March 16, 2010 so make sure that you send me your answers/responses/reactions asap!!! (please note that I will be displaying the videos/pictures/answers on this commenting will be your permission allowing me to do so)


1. Truth:  When was your first time doin the nasty...How old, where, who...deets peeps...deets!!(better make it good - even if it was not!)
Task Completed by Welcome to Sara's Organized Chaos on THIS post
2. Dare:  Kiss a stuffed animal like it is your crush...again, need pictures for proof.
Task Completed by Sarah from I Run with Scissors on THIS post and just because I can't wait for you to see the proof

Now, I don't want you all to think that I am just sitting back here watchin you all do all the my friends...I too am taking some truth syrum and dare antics...  check out my latest post HERE for my dare!

3. Truth:  who was your first crush...what happened...what did you do
Task Completed By Princess Aurora at Tales of a Frumpy Mocha Princess on THIS post.
4. Dare: Have a conversation with the chair and pretend the chair talks back. (video proof would be hilarious)
5. Truth:  What was the last CRAZY dream you had...then tell me what it means (this doesn`t have to be what it actually means, but I would like creativity)
6. Dare:  Think of five words that rhyme with your own name and them make them into poem. (this can not be the Name Game song (danon danon bo banon banana fana fo fanon fee fi fo fanon danon) each word must be a different word and if your name is orange...good luck
7. Truth: What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
Task Completed by: Rectal Ventriliquism on THIS post

8: Dare: Take a picture of you or one of your friends standing in front of a 'parking in rear' sign while doing a dirty pose
9: Truth: If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?

10. Dare: I guess we all suffer from it, the dreaded "bed hair" when we first get up... normally the world doesn't get to see it..... not any more!!! Take a picture of you with bed-head and no makeup...let`s see it!
11. Truth: What is the silliest thing that you have said to your partner, while being intimate? Or...what was the silliest thing you have been told while being intimate?
12. Dare: This one is great...take a picture (video a la ``when Harry met Sally`` scores higher cool points) of your best fake orgasm face!
13. Truth: What is the wildest thing that you have done, ever?
14. Dare: Let`s see your best shaving cream or whipped cream face...literally put it on your face and make it funny..are you poppa smurf, santa, old man...Do it up (Gilette is great for this)
15. Truth: If you woke up one day and found that you have become invisible, what is the first thing that you would do?

16. Dare: I dare you to give me your best zoolander face.  For those of you who do not know who Zoolander is...
(thats me!!)
17. Truth: What is the best thing about your life right now?
18. Dare: Stuff as many marshmellows in your mouth as you can and then sing Right Said Fred`s ``I`m too Sexy`` - video it or just at least take a picture
19. Truth: What is one talent that you have, describe it.
20. Dare: Use your paint program and draw a self portrait.

Alright it  is...the give-a-way has begun, consider yourselves challanged!!!  Any questions you may have, let me know!!


Smart Ass Sara said...

Bitch it is ON. Luckily- this is easy. I will do an ENTIRE post on this tomorrow.

Smart Ass Sara accepts Truth 1

sarah @ i run with scissors said...

Throw down....

Sarah With Scissors will take Dare 2

That teddy bear is getting more action than Jenna J. (crap, I'm supposed to pretend I don't know who that is).

Alex said...

Jenna J only porked her husband plus 3. I've had more action than that.

Did I just type that out loud!!!!!

Husband has my uber camera in New Zealand so I can't play.

I never get to do anything (goes and sulks in the corner)

Smart Ass Sara said...

Truth #1 response is here:

Smart Ass Sara said...

I don't like birds; therefore, I don't tweet.

Smart Ass Sara said...

And I not only pimped YOU, YOUR BLOG, but your PANTY PYRAMID. Plus my truth, plus a book review related to the truth and that makes me fabulous.

I doubt anyone can top me and my circle here. ;)

PrincessAurora (NDI #38) said...

I am TOTALLY taking Truth #3 ! Working on it right this minute!

PrincessAurora (NDI #38) said...

Jenny said...

Very nifty giveaway.

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Holy Fark! I confused. I freakin' have to read the rules when I am sober.

WannabeVirginia W. said...

What the jebus is going on. I need a damn power point presentation to enter this contest. Is you a brain surgeon or something? Damn girl. Why is I talkin' like this?

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Okay now I am concious!

I will take 7. and will write about it tonight on my blog. I gots to go do some higher learnin'

Hell!!! no woman, I don't tweet, I will pimp your blog on mah blog tonight when Iam finished with higher learnin' and may have to re-read the damn rules or get mah ass disqualified.

The Insatiable Host said...

Holy Shiz gals..I have the link to another amazing person who has carried out her dare...Sarah @ I run with Scissors...

check this out!!! Sock Monkey Porn at it's best!!



thanks for playing and for all y'all who haven't better hurry up!!