There's No Crying In Baseball

Whenever the pms fairy lands in my postal code there aren't mant things that don't start the water works. Perhaps I am an over-sensitive person because I just dhed a tear at the new mercedes benz commercial; and maybe jusy maybe it was a tad eccentric when I was cooking eggs today, when Lucas came up to me and said "I love you so much momma" that I wept for a few minutes. I really can't see a way to combat these emotional feelings. Work is SO busy and Dan's schedule is long. Perhaps everything just boils over each month and to cope I take it all in stride and the only way I maintain focus on everything that matters is by letting the stress escape from my eyes. Pardon the metaphore but like taking a lid off of the pot. I have been feeling this come about for 2 weeks. My dr called it when he tried to sugar(free) coat the blow of my weight with this excuse. He said "oh danon, its not so bad and plus your menstral cycle is soon know you always balloon up." Ya that's the luv from my doctor. Although true-fuck you! So anyhow, weepy-eyed me get in one of these fits of tears when 4o comes around the corner and screams "there's no crying in baseball MOMMY!!!!" Ok kids, you're moms a pussy! Deal with the hand you're dealt. On other notes, each day I have stuck like white on rice to eating right! I have consumed the following; Breakfast: Large coffee dbl dbl with milk 3/4 cup muslix w 1/2 cup skim milk Bottle of water Snack: 30 green seedless grapes Bottle water Lunch: Salad- 3 cups mesculin mix, 1/2 cucumber, 1/e med red bell pepper, red onion, 6 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 avacado and 3 oz chicken or salmon. Lemon juice dressing with 1/2 tblspn evoo and balsamic vinegar dressing. Bottle water Botle water Snack: apple or yogurt Dinner; salad with chicken/salmon again Bottle water I have felt full each day and because I literally love salad I don't see myself getting sick of it. I have also done jumping jax, running, skipping and leg lifts for my cardio and abs and arm/leg combos for 3 days! I effinv can't wa-t to get dans computer back! I am sorry for the lack of posts and reading your blogs! As it is my thumb is locked where it is bent and numb. Really it is! Anyhow I haven't weighed in but it'll be on monday. I don't know what to think. When I have the computer to watch the shred it will be better than trying to remember in my head. I'm not gonna lie I totally did that the other night. FAIL!!!! Ok I better get movin but hope everyone is great.


Julie, The Wife said...

Day 3 here, everyone is afraid. Very afraid.

Love your doctor.

You can do it, CN!