on the road to recovery

So it's just the 3rd day since my lady balls have been ripped out of my throat and I thought I was feeling good...until today!  I woke up and was in tears with this unbearable ache in my throat.  I know that this is going to be painful, but really, this bad?   I am not a suck (well, too much of one) but I haven't felt like this in sooo long.  I mean, child birth wasn't like this type of pain....it wasn't fun either; but it's my throat..no talking, swallowing, chewing food, anything..laughing, talking, caughing....it all blows! Thank god for the perks the doctor prescribed! 

3 days without really being coherrant, or without the use of my voice has taken it's toll on me.  I may have made up an imaginary friend Gretta.  Gretta is who I found myself talking to when I came to after the anesthetic on Wednesday, and apparently we were chatting for a good hour.  (This is also when the nurses were pumping me full of morphine).  In any event, I don't have that many friends, so how could I turn Gretta the Morphine addict away?  I mean, it's just not right to do that...Anyow, so Gretta and I have been talking for a few days now, and she really seems to be a nice gal.  She does have her issues...for sure, like, she always wants to sleep and doesn't want to be near anyone; however, she is coming around.  I also asked her about being a workout buddy; however, her answer was...we're too sick.  We can't do that now!  I think that Gretta needs a Chick Norris Bitch Slap!

I hope to be able to tackle the next day and a half as I am going to be home with the kids by myself.  I know that they are all really trying to behave and not make me talk or raise my voice...but I gotta tell ya, not even bribing them with McDonalds tonight could help!  Where is my WIFE when I need her....These kids are completely hyper and have too much energy!  Damn kids...lol  I feel really bad though..I mean, how am I to hope that my kids will understand that mommy just can't talk...mommy can't raise her voice... They all understand that mommy is sick and her throat is sore, but then Bella asks me the same question about armpits 50 times in a row, and gets mad at me because I dont' answer her....Im sure it'll pass soon enough...it has to right?  All I know is that when I feel better, I have to make it up to the 3 amigos because they really have tried to make me giggle, given me hugs and snuggels when I have asked for them (and trust me, when I am under the weather, i ask for them a lot) and they have tried to all take care of me.

I have also been catchin up on some posts that I hadn't read in a while, and found myself creeping on all the blogs listed in the Lady Bloggers Roll and on SITS...again, if you haven't checked either of these sites out yet, you totally should.  I have found a whole whack load of great blogs to add to the collection!  I have also  had more visits on my blog and these people who visit, are SOOOOSUPERFRIGGEN NICE!!!  So thank you all you new readers, friends from SITS and LB's ...please continue to read and I hope you all have a great Saturday!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!  Drop me a line and tell me what you are doing; drop me a joke, or give me something to rant about!!! What is chappin your behinds lately?  These are things that I would like to know!!!



Julie, The Wife said...

Danon! I am so sorry about your throat! I hope you feel better soon and Gretta kicks the morphine monkey soon.

Love the new site look! Be well!

Amanda said...

"Perkies" will make it allllll better!

Hope you're mending quickly! Thank goodness for your fingers and your "blog voice".