Thank Gawd for these Blogs!

It's not every day when you find yourself wanted to spend  3 hours making a banner for your blog just to tell other people how great they really are; however, I am having that kind of day!!!  Today I have done nothing much of anything really; however, I feel compelled to share some Link Love with you all.  As I have been reading a ton of new blogs I really want to tell each of their writers just how amazing they are...So I think that Monday's will be now dubbed Make-Out with other Blogs' Day...god am I that kind of blogging whore?? ....well..apparently.

Anyhow, so in typical blogging fashion, I have been told that an award is like a chain letter...well I am not down with the whole make people do something because I did something or something...I just really wanted to share with you all some really great writers and show my appreciation to these people!

Without further procrastination:

You all know her as Ex Hot Girl; however, I really have come to know her as an inspiration to my writing and also for motiviating my ass to do things that I would never of had the balls to do.  Jen, I don't know you, I have never heard your voice (aside from your vlogs) but I know you are the most amazing person around and I thank you for everything you have done.  I know you may think it's not much either, I mean, you have read my blogs, joined in the panty pyramid and have commented - but through your blog and your journey I have actually become a different person, more like the chica I know I, not a Latina chica but a chica full of sassifrass.  You have helped me fine tune my voice and have boosted and pumped my blogs a few times...big ups for you!!  Anyhooo I love you and you are amazing!!!  Thank Gawd!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!

I know her as the Goddess of Todd "Hot Nutz" Epstein; you may know her as A Day in the Wife...mutually respected, Julie is the most bad ass writer I have met.  Not only can she make the word Vagina into an acronym for virgins, she also has a flair for getting to the heart of the matter...I love every Friday for the Whoreticulture Fridays where she exposes true issues and quandries...I love that on any given day, she can give you a monicer that will make you laugh until you shard yourself.  Not only that, she is also a great friend...another invisible person in my life - one I have never met or talked to but wished to god that I had a framed picture of Todd beside Jackie Daniels the lamp. (OMG Please can you take a picture of him and email it to me?) .....(intermission while I giggle uncontrollably and cry in pain because I shouldn't giggle)...ok...anyhow, Julie you make my keigle exercises easier because I do them daily with your posts (ok, not in a creepy way, every time you laugh you's a natural thing that just happens...sheesh...ya bunch of wild banchees!  Julie, I THANK GAWD!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

The Barefoot Foodie..sounds yummie huh?  Well she only serves up a cup of SHUT THE F*CK UP and a side of "she's friggen hilarious!!"  In one of her recent posts why if High School didn't ruin your life, you did it wrong, I literally fell over because the laughing wouldnt stop.  I snorted, giggled, laughed out loud and then almost peed.  I really hope you all go over there and say what's up!  Barefoot Foodie..I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Thank Gawd!!

I have also just come across Everyday It's Something and I really enjoy her posts!  The funny thing is that she really is a great writer; someone that I think I would like my own style to emulate or whatever the word...but then I look at my own writing, and it's not nearly as refined...polished...freshly, my writing is like Courtney Love's chipped nail polish and Everyday it's Something is like a new Manicure on a models' hands.  Girl you are funny and I still can't believe that Crest are a bunch of Coffee-Drinking-Nicotine-Infested-Ass-Monkies!!  Anyhow, THANK GAWD I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

I hope you all have enjoyed my little love for you all and please check out each of these sites and let them know where you heard about them!  Have a great Monday and I'm sure I'll talk with you all soon.

Thanks again everyone for being so amazing!


Miranda said...

Thanks a billion for linking it up. I absolutely love your blogs so I'm anxious to see what kind of chicks inspire you :) Peace out girl scout...

Brittany said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Seriously, I am all blushy now, and that cup of shut the fuck up made me spit my water out!

Julie, The Wife said...

Chick Norris, you are RocknRolla. And I love you.
I think you can send me a message on the FB page with your address, and a pic of Todd will be yours.
xoxo, j.