Man Down!!! WTF!??!


I am sooo happy today is here!  Today marks the end of my own personal hell being over.  I willnot have to make any more reservations for Valentine's day!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't be happier - well until this time next year!  I have to admit though, for all the stress and chaos, I remained successful and on top of my game for the most part...I was talked off the ledge (not really) by only a few people and I am still here to thank them for it!

On a different note, today gives me one more reason to be proud to be Canadian.  We are hosting the Olympics bitches!  I am sitting here watching the amazing display of culture, patriotism and pride.  I have seen so many amazing things that I had never seen.  Now, I grew up in a smaller town called Caledonia, which is right near the First Nations Reserve, and I certainly had been immersed in the Native Culture; however, I have been so impressed by each of the distinct differences in indiginour young people; attire; wardrobe and more...its so beautiful.

Anyhow, so as the Olympics give me reason to be proud, CTV a local television network that is airing 12-18 hours of the games daily aired some of the most obsured content I could have seen ever!  Right while they were waiting for the opening ceremonies to start they shoot to a bit from Much Music (you guessed it a Music network) that are filming on site...The clip is of 1/2 naked young girls in a hot tub with a VJ talking about drinking games, while 2 20 something dudes strip down into their gitch "drop your gear for beer" was being chanted then the cameras switch to a chalet where there are more 1/2 naked young girls doing body shots...  Now I don't know about y'all but WTF were they thinking??????  This is a time for athelets, countries and groups to be so proud that these games are still going since the early years and they air tarts being tarts??  Canada, where is your pride? 

The funniest or saddest part was when they cut back to CTV's broadcasters, their faces were more shocked than mine.  I can't imagine how many profanities were in their head!  The next thing that shot to my brain was..what about those 1/2 naked girls parents!!! Are they proud?! Did they see it??! Likely...who isn't watching the Olympics!  Wowzers.  That is all I can say...

Lastly, I would like to pay homage to El Buli.

I am not sure if you all know what this is; however, it's the worlds best restaurant (year over year for many years) in Roses, Spain.  The executive Chef Ferin Adria has headed this kitchen since 1983 when he took over the kitchen and changed it from a French Restaurant to the Gastronomic Lab that it is today.  Anyhow, so it has been announced and confirmed that this restuarnt will be closing indeffinately.

Now, I happen to know that reservations here are not happening - Especiallly for this Valentine's Day (if you were thinking about askiing) but, there are people who have waited YEARS to go here.  There are blogs about experiences here and there are dreams that I have about enjoying the incredible creations that escape from the kitchen...and now they are tarnished.  There aren't any more reservaitons, dreams or's a sad day in the culinary world

The silver lining is that they will open for this season June 15- December 11...anyone of you lucky ducks who have a reservation this year, you should buy a lotto ticket because you now have a horseshoe up your ying yang.  First, you obtained the most saught after reservation in the world and second you made it through to the end...if anyone has been there..could you tell me all about it?  If you are going, can you tell me about it...when, let's count down together...I would like to share in your excitement!

As for my food log I have kept things very simple each day.  I don't know how many calories I have eaten daily; however, I have had 5 bottles of water a day at work and also have enjoyed salad every day for lunch and dinner with my 4 oz of lean protein.  I have also started to have breakfast, either a 12-grain bagel with protein or I have made egg white scramble with 12 grain toast (1/2 peice).  I haven't totally abandonned carbs, but I have significantly reduced them to just in the morning. 

Now I have not been perfect, yesterday one of my colleagues, Princess Cupcake sent our office cupcakes and I have to tell you all that I ate one...everything but the last 2 oz of was Skor.  There were skor bites, creamcheesie icing and the cake part was vanilla cake that was scented like chocolate....holy fuckballs...I had to have a cigarette afterwards....(ok I didn't really but Lena said there were funny noises coming from my desk.) 

I have maintained working out 4 days this week and I feel good.  I am not seeing results but I know that it's about this itme that something starts to happen so perhaps something to report on Monday's weigh in...if not, next for sure.

Anyhow, I will talk with you soon...for my missing'll be missed, and I am sorry I could not give you what you needed.

Happy Friday
Have a drink!


Juggling Thoughts said...

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Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Can't believe a network that is airing the Olympics would air something like that! Yikes! I'd have hated to have been watching it with my children- it's already so hard to find family friendly shows and then they go and ruin the image of the Olympics. On the other hand, I'm sure some of those young people taking part in the hot tub festivities will be full of regrets once they realize that millions of viewers watched their antics...or should be anyway. Stopping by from SITS. Happy almost Valentines Day. Blessings.:)

Juggling Thoughts said...

As far as dining, we are in Fredericksburg, Va. Got any suggestions? :)

Grilled Cheese said...

I watched the opening ceremony of the olympics last night.

For about two hours, all my roommate and I said was some version of, "Oh my God, that's so cool. Let's move there."

And fortunately, I missed the body shots so I still came away with a wonderful, Canadian feeling at the end!

Julie, The Wife said...

I had a follower leave too a few months back, and I thought "Oh Follower, How Could You Forsake Me?" and it bugged me more than I thought it would.

I follow you twice as much as I should, so I'll more than make up for them. They just didn't get how money you are.

Cheryl said...

Hi Danon!

I'm visiting from The Lady Bloggers Tea Party. Thanks again for stopping by my blog.

Oh my goodness, you are hilarious! I can tell I'm going to like this blog. :) Your gratitude with attitude had me rolling.

I'm loving the Olympics. The opening ceremony was AMAZING. We missed the footage of the 1/2 naked chalet here in the US, but that hasn't stopped a lot of us from wanting to plan our next vacation to Canada. :)