Sunday Morning Coffee

Good morning everyone, I hope you all have had your caffeine fix already; however, if you are just settling into your first pot, then I hope you enjoy it!!

Sunday does happen to be one of my favorite days of the if you have been reading I have discussed..I love it because it's a family day through and through.  We all wake up, usually in my double bed (3 kids, the cat and McHubby and I) and will start our day with the daily caffein injection and a movie!  Today's movie was, I love this movie and haven't seen it for over 20 years and McHubby hasn't seen it ever (so he claims) anyhow, we enjoyed our movie date with the kids are are about to settle into the remainder of the day! 

I think we will be taking the kids outside to run off  the energy from the past week.  I had tried to install hampster wheels in their rooms but someone over at the CCS said it was frowned upon (again the government trying to control all things parental).  Last year I had applied to have a rubber room but then was shot down because I was told that mommy and daddy couldn't lock ourselves in there when we wanted to be away..and that this was something that was negative as it was just avoiding the problem children rather than facing the issues at hand...again, I scoffed!  They just wanted to ruin all my fun!

I have also tried to humanize myself today.  I woke up, showered, brushed the teeth and went to the store.  I happened across several specimins of Saturday night was sooo fun but who the hell is this guy/gal beside me!  I really love seeing this in action..when you are married a lot of things become clear to you. 

1. when you see a couple who is just together for the booty smack down...ya, you know those couples...she is on her cell phone texting her next romp while he is trying to put two words together because he was SOOO WASTED DUDE!  my thought is, why even bother..if it is a bootie call, then isn`t it just that!!  When did breakfast get put into the deal...hmmmm...maybe this is why i was never one for the bootie call.

2. the couples who hook up the night before, and dont know who this stranger is...I love this one because I almost want to go over  in introduce myself as the poor bastards girlfriend or something..I mean not to cause damage but poking fun is great!!  I love seeing these couples eating their bagels and downing coffee while looking at everything on the walls and in their sight of vision because they have nothing to say...and then when they have spent 20 minutes (to fill the `was i polite enough`time) they leave with an awkward handshake, kiss on the cheek or a weird bump of a hug..I literally witnessed this twice today!!! 

3.  The genuine couples who always get smashed on Saturdays are great to see also...there is a group of 20somthings who must get loaded every Saturday, becuase on Sunday morning I always see them together at the local bagel bakery.  They all have their gap scarves, hats and iphones in tote along with the ladies having their coach clutches (this is not to diss coach, as i too have a clutch, but I dont have one in every colour to match my other accessories and I did not buy my amazing mother-in-law did for me!! Yes, she has exquisite taste)  anyhow, so the 4-some of 20somethings had their hats and scarfs on, guys dressed like the modern metrosexual and all of them looking like the 3 bottles of wine and the case of beer was a milestone in their lives...they are the most natural looking of the sights i saw today...they all had conversation, laughed out loud and giggled and snorted their nosh and really did look like they were having a great time! 

I have to wonder though, is this what friendship is now a days  is this what it has become...lets get smashed and go out for breaky in the am!!  Hm....maybe i need new friends, or maybe just a good night of drinking...i dont think i could do this  though.  I think that i am all about the low key, casual nights with our friends where all we do is laugh our asses pretenses no judgement...just fun....(sigh) those where the days!!!

anyhow, the dood has just passed out on me and I think I am going to try to eat something more than a popcicle...have a great sunday and if you are stopping in from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party, have a seat, enjoy your tea but leave me your thoughts and let me know a little about yourself!!


Amanda said...

I can't remember any instances of my friends going out for breakfast after a "hookup" (i wasn't one for that, either!) Maybe that's a new thing? I can't do the crazy night out anymore. One or two glasses of wine with good friends, home by 11:30 is good enough for me! Sounds like a lovely Sunday you had!

JMJE said...

For several post-college years, my friends and our respective boyfriends at time loved the sunday morning breakfast. It was our favorite time to recall or try to recall the events of the evening. This event does not happens so much now and if it does its usually a nice brunch.