Welcome Back Kotter!

Long time no effing talkie friends!!!!
I have been in dispare for so long, and I can not tell you just how excited I am that I have the computer back!!! WOW Where do I start? I have tried to Molog (my new fantastic word for mobile-blog) and it doesn't work. I hate it actually.
I have spelling mistakes and as I am blind I can 't actually see them until today when I checked out my own blog and was in shock and disbelief! Anyhow, it feels great and I have about 300 posts to catch up on reading... so for all my fav's i'll get there...I hope you all are great though.
Anyhow, so as y'all know I am trying to lose weight as my main and primary goal. After my ass-bag of a doctor told me in not so many words " really, its great if you want to lose weight before your surgery"...ok, so I am a fat-ass. Not THE fat-ass, and please for anyone who is offended by the term please do not be, I am really just toally hard on myself and I want to improve my life quality and shed the LBs before my Seistor gets wedded.
I have been trying to learn about how to count calories, reduce carbs --- oh carbs how I miss thee...the biggest thing is just be conscious about the food i am shoving in my mouth. i am also starting ZUMBA on Saturday and I am continuing...well restarting the 30 Day Shred as I really liked how I felt when I did this every day for those 20 minutes.
I am at this weight where I am not happy. I have a mommy tummy that looks like an ass on my stomach, complete with hole (belly button). I just want to have confidence again in myself and feel like a sexy woman. I know that there are times I feel like it and I do also have to applaud myself because I do look pretty darn cute some times; however, I really want to feel this way all the time!!!
Ok, so if anyone has some good advise about how to learn this stuff asap I welcome it. Also I am toying with the idea of joining weight watchers. I have been reading Bitch Cakes and see that she is super duper fantastically sexy and in her 140s (sooo great btw - ps her latest post is pretty sexy too with her svelt self in her sexy under-roos!) and I also have some friends that have done this lifestlye change and really have learned a lot. But you guys, I have to tell you something....
I think I am afraid to meet people in this type of senario. Like I think I'll meet some great people and be inspired and learn a shit ton but my fear is like what happened to the nameless guy in FightClub (Ed Norton - really..he didn't have a name) when he ended up meeting BitchTit Bob and sobbing for hours...maybe its what I need a good sob but whatever, I am looking into impacting my life not just my appearance, so this may be a good start.
OK...i'll be sassy and whitty soon, I am actually at my mothers having dinner and doing laundry. I'll be back in a jiffer and I really can't tell you how great it feels to strecth my fingers and rant away!!!!
insatiable host!!


JewliaGoulia said...

Yeah! You're back!

:) :) :)

Dude, you are going to do Zumba? I am so jealous. I want to take a class but I am too scared to go alone. Ah!

As for 30 Day Shred. . . I'm scared. It's awesome cuz you already know how it goes. I am way too intimidated to start it.

I was thinking about joining weight watchers too but with school and life. . . I don't know if I could/would make it to all the meetings.

Have you had a look at SparkPeople.com yet? I joined a month or so ago. I think it is amazing (and free!) I use it to count calories but there is a TON of information, recipes, support groups, etc. etc.

BTW, you are totally sexy already but I know what you are feeling when YOU don't see/feel it yet!

I'm cheering you on!

(Oh, thanks for the "pizza" recipe, I am craving pizza SO badly!)


Julie, The Wife said...

Hey Kotter! Up your nose with a rubber hose! Welcome back!