Week 1 -

What's up peeps!?

I hope you all are doing swell.  Well I have literally zero time to post much tonight but I wanted to stay in line with what I had told ya...so weigh in today for 1 week of back to exercise; low carbs and TONS of water...
I knew that I shouldn't have any expectation on this one as I know it takes like a week to get your body burning what it needs to...but I have lost officially 1.4 lbs.  I am now 182.

Not bad, not great...but I am drinking average 5 bottles of water at work and doing the remainder at home. I also find that this little trick is helping.  Every time I fill my bottle up, I write a check on the calendar...this way I am keeping track each day and I feel like I have accomplished something.

Food wise, I am still learning...gosh there is soooo much stuff out there to read!  I did have an excellent Apple and Broccoli coleslaw with walnuts, celery and carrots in it that my mother-in-law made CAN I JUST TELL YOU IT ROCKED!!!!  What a great way to get your sweet tooth knocked outta your mouth?!

Anyhow, I am off to bed as I am sitting here with one eye dozing!!

Hope you all are great!



Julie, The Wife said...

Keep it up, CN! You rock!