Jesus didn't meet me face to face but he still loves me!

Well...I don't know what to say really; my friend Julie at A Day in the Wife...the one who dubbed me Chick Norris; the author of the hilarious 12 Days of Tiger; an entire month of tributes to why Laura Ingles rocks the shiz; the one who howls at the moon and drinks champagne like the alpha wolf tells me today that
she has nominated me for Best Canadian Blog
oh, em gee!! this is the 2nd time ever I have used this expression ever much less today; however, when something this cool happens, you never know what is going to happen or come out of my mouth! (save your comments for below this post :)) anyhow, so as I am new to the blogsphere, I had no clue as to what the Bloggies kinda sounds like the day after your "deal" is finished or something but ney my's's something profound! something amazing! and something that even to have a nomination is FUCKING RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!!!! so while I will now whore myself out to my friends and family to vote for me - I wanted to tell y'all that this is bloody cool and if you feel this way too, then I encourage you to visit the Bloggies site and vote too even if it's not for me.
There are seriously talented writers out there who deserve a lot of credit. Writers who make me want to lick the screen of my toshiba lap-top; writers who make tears well up in my eyes when I learn of their milestones and sorrows. There are bloggers that I get up off my ass before I read their blog to prep a fresh cocktail and sit back down to not be disturbed while I burn excessive calories while trying not to pee my pants reading their rants and seeing their visions captured with the tap of fingertips or snaps of a flash. There are soooo many amazing blogs, really...and I know you all have written about them, given them buttons and bedazzled the shit out of them...
I have to say...I too have nominated some peeps today because of this. I think that each one of your 4 know who you are and I really truly believe that these individuals are friggen amazing. Even now as you think..but really Danon, how could you know these people are so have never met them...I say to you all...Jesus didn't meet me face to face and he still loves me! This I know.
I think that if we all do our part to nominate those truly worthy of this incredible award then it will make someone's year!
In other exciting is my friggen lucky day and I am totally going to buy a lotto ticket because of this...but I won a pair of tix to go see Joe Rogan (UFC former fighter and now commentator; comedian; former host of Fear Factor and kinda cutie patutie) for the local radio station that I can't stop listening to 102.1 The Edge. Super cool right??? Ya, I thought so...
Anyhow so it means a date night with the hubby -which means that we may make out too - which also means that there will be alcohol involved- ****WARNING..if your children are reading this post here is where it should stop...kiddies, go play!!! or go to bed- unless it's Alex's kids then Good morning!!!**** urgh! censorship! anyhow, as i was saying...yes....alcohol is going to be involved and yes...FOOD. I think it'll be a great night in any event even if it's in 3 months! Yay me for my horseshoe up my WHOOOOOHAA!
This humpday post is starting to get me hyper and excited again...I guess this is my 2nd wind kickin into effect (great, thanks for takin your sweet ass time to get here...I've only been waiting for 2 hours since I finished "hell" (30 day shred)). I am also super stoked that my little sister is landing at midnight tomorrow for a quickie visit, jaunt to Cuba for 2 weeks and another quickie visit...
If you are new here...welcome and just so you know, I luvs me my seistor! She makes me happy. She also posts wonderful comments anonymously on my blog - which adds to her mystique. I actually was really inspired by what she (you- if you are reading this) commented yesterday... here
She empowers me, supports me, makes me laugh and blames the cat when she farts! She is the one person that I would give my last bite of chocolate fudge cake to when I were's just how we roll. Anyhow, sis...your comment is true and I am starting to believe it more than ever before!!! I <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_33">probs on the couch-type) and Spa Day on Saturday!!! It's gonna be a long weekend and I can't wait!!!
Thanks again friends, readers and strangers who I haven't met yet...please vote for your favorite bloggers'll literally take you 3 minutes...GO
What are you waiting for???? Do you want to push a button and Poof be directed where to go again????


MrsFatss said...

I must get to tweeting and tell everybody to vote for YOU. Because you totally rock my socks and I heart you to pieces and you, Jenn and I need to get together with your friend and drink and smoke and howl at the moon. Wanna?

(BTW - the word verification for this comment is furbug. I think THAT is also funny)

JewliaGoulia said...

YEAH girlie! Whoa so much going on! Congrats on everything you are so talented, lucky, and crazy! lol

Here's to you!


Miranda said...

You had me from "Jesus didn't meet me face to face but he still loves me..." Looking forward to your posts :)

Suzette said...

Cool blog, and thanks for the SITS Saturday Sharefest! Hope you win the Bloggies:)
It is so nice someone appreciates your writting, isn't it? I'm glad I found you today because I needed a laugh, too:)

HansShinta said...

Congratulations!! I hope you win the bloggies. Will hop over there to check it out later.

Happy Saturday Sharefest (a day late, I know..haha). Please come chekc my site too. I am entereing it for a weddig contest, so I will need lots of comments to show that people are reading..hehe..