I am not alone!!! Rise internal literary junkie...

ok, i have to admit...I am an EX HOT GIRL BLOG JUNKIE...could it be that another person could lead similar lives to my weak existance? could it be that maybe she is my altar ego??? what is the liklihood that another female out there- where you are- could be totally unhappy with her figure (shock, gasp, astonishment)...be so completely insane that she too thinks that other people need and want to hear about her quirkiness???? I THINK IT IS TRUE!!! did she marry my husband Dan - who i sometimes call Bastard out of love and Princess just because??? I can't believe it...I feel almost crazed and complete...I am also really loving her blogs. Subject: EX HOT GIRL Occupation: Amazing Photographer. Enlightened eye, hoalistic approach to beauty Likes: likely to love Gin, cosmo's; trashy mags and triscuit crackers as much as me...could possiblybe more...but i dont know her...she is just the source of literature that i need to read. On a recent rant, we learn about her fixation on S&M, Tweets/Twits, Princess socks; a detestation of cleaning windows, affection for Old Navy and her talent with myspace-like images. I also learn that where I thought that I was the only one who could clear a box of triscuits faster than Spicoli with the munchies, I am not! I AM NOT ALONE!!! To her post, I wanted to share with you all my response... "so in an odd and inspiring way, you have now lead me in a cerimoneous almost "intervention-like" way to PUT DOWN THE EFFING TRISCUITS!"...it does not matter that they are the whole wheat triangles with olive oil and cracked pepper; it matters only that I need to stop because apparently my house is haunted by this strange ghost/food nabber who eats all the good stuff and leaves my kids lunches with healthy crap...i love your blog, OLD navy rocks the socks outta life and i am morbidly fascinated with the blog. thank you for making me think as a writer, enjoy as a spectator and stand in awe at the captured images of your life. VIVA LOS TRISCUITS" I think that in some way having an outlet/bloggie type thing-a-majig is a way for people to really know who you are. Being able to share freely our expressions and thoughts the best way possible - as a raw emotion, really gives you an idea of what layers are inside of your own B52 shooter of life... I encourage you all to read EX HOT GIRLs blog- (and mine too)but really, she has a lot to say and share...I can't wait for her next rant... ExHotGirl... insatiable host salutes you with a raised glasss of PinotGrigio!


Jennifer Brindley said...

...I don't know what to say. Seriously, I'm overwhelmed and totally humbled by this. Thank you so much. <3<3

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Julie said...


And I will take your Pino Grigio, and I will eat your Triscuits. I just found Ex Hot Girl yesterday, and through her, you, and am realizing what fun there is to be had out here in the blogosphere!

If I could get a gadget on my site to make the smell of baking bread come out of the computer while reading the blog, I would so do it. Viva Los Triscuits!

Thanks for the fun!