I am stuck on a roller coaster and tears are escaping my eyes...let's drink.

When life hands you lemons, pour tequila into a shot glass and bit the lemons!

When the world's got ya down, boogie down -- ya gotta get get get up and get down.

I am an emotional basket case. I feel like a strung-out crackhead who is on a roller coaster that is going backwards.  I can't stop  tears from escapint from my eyes and I am having a hard time trying to figure out where they are coming from.

I feel that perhaps I have too many thoughts in my head at once that I am literally letting the tears build up and now that there hasn't been a mass exodus they are revolting against staying in my eyes. Ok call bullshit if you will...but I dont know about you, but I dont have time to have an emotional meltdown.

I have 3 kids who pull my in all directions.  I have a husband who could feel neglected by me and who also may not like the fact that it's been a week since I shaved my legs.  (DON'T SCOFF AT ME!!!! I know there are more of you hairy beasts out there!)

I just am recovering from the worst bout of PMS and almost ate an entire chocolate cake --- I realized before I left the grocery store that I should pay for said cake, and get home before I sat in the isle by the bread to eat my feelings washed down with a gallon of milk.

Perhaps the reason that my fucking cat is knocked up is why I am experiencing all of these new found reasons to feel insane....SYMPATHY EMOTIONS!!!!!  Oh god..brace yourself...maybe it'll be entertaining for ya!!

Anyhow, I better get going as I feel another wave of emotion is swelling up.  Have a great night frackers!!!! Grab a drink and cuddle your emotions.



anne h said...

Funny - cake in the store...hey- why not?!

Kristy said...

Sadly, I'm kind of right there with ya right now. Hopefully you are feeling better. Ride it out and hope for better times!