I have hit delete all 3 times.

Words are there but they aren't making sense.  Thoughts still come into my head and I giggle to myself but nothing really has stuck with me enough to make me want to write about them.

What is going on with me?  Where are my manners?!

READERS..I am sorry that I am a craptastic blogger.  Please forgive me and please kick my ass into gear and get me writing again.  I have no idea why I can't keep my motivation or why my life ihasn't been interesting enough to want to share it with you all (well..maybe that's the problem as it's not interesting at all) but I am sorry and I wanted you all to know that I miss you and will get out of this friggen horrendous funk soon.

Quick updates:

1. Princess Pineapple Bottom Jeans had her kittens on Wednesday  and then on Thursday they all died...they were 3 weeks premature and weren't strong enough to survive.
2. I lost my uncle on Thursday also.  He used to call boys "ugly mutts" and always had a joke for everyone.
3. I am trying to get Mr. Insatiable a great gift for Christmas and have no idea what would be a good gift..(I am taking suggestions).
4. I am going out for a girls night on Friday..maybe this is what I need ??

that is my life.
what's up with yours?!



Kristy said...

I am getting my hubs a Kindle because he reads and always complains of running out of stuff to read, but I know he'd never buy one for himself.

Sarah With Scissors said...

girly, you and i are on opposing vacation plans... i finally got my ass back together to start writing again... miss ya chicky