Life Standing Still

It's been a while since my last update with you all...I know; sad. pathetic and a little shameful but likely wouldn't have wanted to hear what I had to say as I wasn't really positive or motivating...

Things have been going well though....The psychos are getting big; school is going well...and it's almost Christmas...GOD where did this year go though?

I am really getting excited for's the only time of the year when people don't look at you crazy for having rum in your egg the grocery store; bailey's in your coffee mug at church or when you aren't ridiculed about wearing those amazing sweaters your grandma made you with the fucking ugliest penguins wearing Santa hats ever that make you drink at church you only wear when you see her  unless you have been drinking too much and accidentally go to work with it on 

I also love the fact that I have started shopping for the kids and Mr. Insatiable.  We are musing over the idea of a Wii for them.  I like the idea as it's easy to get and we all could have a great time.  I had also heard about some fantastic wii fit things and harry potter games so I am pretty stoked. (if you can reccommend some great games etc, please let me know).

This time of year also means that we are closing in on the end of the year!  2011 - sounds like a space odyssey or something.  I remember when I was little and imagining life in my 30s..It didn't really entail children or so I thought, but I had a husband and a I guess I was a friggen clairvoyant at that tender age.  Who knew I was so friggen cool?  Ya, I know I totally am but awesomeness of this magnitude...psh,

So you may ask, where the hell has IH been???  You also may not fucking care either  For those of you who care, I have just been here.

I wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner ....that's it. I hadn't (until last night) been out in what seems forever - but I managed to get a night off "momma duty" so my friend and I ventured into Toronto to see Jamie Oliver ---the bloody cheeky monkey he is .  It was a Q&A of sorts and really was entertaining.  He's got a great personality for one, and his sense of humor is really like a lot of our own.  Sexual innuendo's and double entendre's...

We had a fun night, took the train and I got to love the city!!!  Walking downtown made me wonder what else can we do???!  I love it there - although I couldn't live in a BIG city like Toronto or New York, I definitely need to appreciate and discover more of the area...

I have been working a lot also - still the normal hours, but it's been really busy so at the end of my days I feel completely exhausted.  Having to manage the kids on top of that is something that I can only explain as overwhelming and intense.

We haven't done anymore caterings; although, we were approached  to do one for someone.  I feel like working with/for that group gets us nowhere.  It's all promises and lies....we still hadn't been paid by them from the last "great idea" I am not at any point wanting to get into that again.

As for writing, and me time...well....I am trying. 

I had written something the other day and I was really proud.  I took a few moments to stop and get it off my chest which could have been fueled by the 2 bottles of wine that mysteriously vanished  Drunk writing sometimes does allow something so profound and amazing to be written.  Will I be sharing it???  Maybe.

You see, dear readers, there are some things about life that I hadn't shared as I wasn't sure of how to say it....some things that I felt I could be judged.  We'll see.  I will say that when you love someone, you love all of them - the good bits, the naughty bits and the worst matter what happens, you are always there standing beside them.  This has been proved time and time again through the greatest of love stories....right down to the story of Mr. and Mrs. Insatiable.

Ok, so that totally killed the mood like a fart in the middle of foreplay - but whatever..I am back and will be trying to commit myself to writing more and frequently and awesomely (did I make that word up?!)

Anyhow, so whoever is out there, still reading my diatribes, THANK YOU and I miss you.  I am now going to read my favourite blogs and catch up with you all...if you feel like making my night, please drop a comment and tell me how you are keeping!?!  Tell me a joke - and if it's a good one or you make me laugh so hard that I spit out my drink, I'll call you my hero of the day!

Have a great night friends!!!


Julie, The Wife said...

Chick!!! I swear to God I was just thinking about you today! So glad to see you post, but DUDE I feel you on the busy with life stuff. Love my new job but feel like I'm doggie paddling through some days. And yes, I've fielded a couple of judgements for being honest on my blog lately, and it eats at me WAY more and WAY longer than it should.
Totally bad joke: "I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself." I know, cringe, but it made me giggle a little when I first heard it.
Have a great week! Xoxoxoxoxo, Julie

Jody said...

It's hard finding time to blog when life is keeping us busy! I luckily find time at work, (but please don't tell ;). Drunk blogging is great, and too much truth can fire some up, but that's Their problem! Go for the Wii, it's a great toy for the whole family. (I've visited your blog before but today I'd my first comment, just in case you are wondering who the hell I am)

Miranda said...

Yay girlie! So glad to see you! I peruse my blogroll for your posts everytime I'm on. Hope all is well. And know you can always share with us. We're a pretty open people :)

Sarah With Scissors said...

Dude, if I can fall off the face of the earth for 6 months, you def get a month.

You's in my circle of awesome *bump* (okay.. so I'm addicted to the bump now... HA... I'm a freak... but awesome)