I have been reading every one's New Years Resolutions on facebook and twitter and I have heard it all before.  I am also that person who used to make a resolution and keep it for a week to then go a head and go on an emotional eating binge.  Whatever, now that I am dawning my 31st birthday, I can tell you in my wise voice that this year will be different.

Each day I want to live with full passion for life.  MY life.  Everything that encompasses it also  - Family, Friends and me - just the way I am.

I will not allow people to walk all over me nor will I allow them to use me for convenience.  I will call a spade a spade and a friend a friend -- WHEN IT'S TRUE.

I will drink whenever the fuck I want - and if I want to have a bottle er...glass of wine a night --- GUESS WHAT - I will - but I wont feel guilty about it afterwards.

I am going to shed 40 lbs this year - not just in total but I will start at 1 and allow it to go from there...  This 40 pounds isn't just weight from the kids - it's 10 pounds of feelings that I have wanted and needed to shed for a long time.  It's 10 pounds of sheer laziness with a pinch of you making me feel aweful about myself or someone's thinking I am not good enough...  I can't believe I have let myself drown in this feeling for so long.  There's got to be a few pounds, so let's call it 5 - of fried foods.  5 for pizza; 5 for baked goodies and 5 for cream and sugar in my coffee.

Once this is done, I will not abuse myself mentally any longer.  I would rather slap myself in the face rather than beat myself up for something that I have no control over....

2011 is going to be a life changer folks and you are all gonna witness it!  I can't wait!!!!  I will write again and more - I will have better thoughts too because once you turn 31 you are instantly a fucking genius.  You also turn 30% hotter.  TRUE FUN FACT: once a women enters her 30's she instantly increases her stats impressively.  Her sex drive revs to a 200 mph; her skin starts to even out and she feels sexy in her own skin. But...when she turns 31 -- man oh man, it's gonna be outstanding.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled my friends.

This year is going to be EPIC.


Philosophia said...

Happy New Year! It most definitely will be epic for you. :)