SPAM's a bitch!

Dearest Readers who are still here, and haven't given up on my like the 4 former readers did.

Today's subject is something that I feel strongly about...ney, ADAMANTLY about...  FUCKING SPAMMERS!!!!   I really don't care about Mr. Sommadublahhaha from Usbeckistan who tells me that I have important business to attend to.  I could give a fucking shit about Madame Ella Mastromeolahon who tells me that we are dear long lost friends.  I don't need friends with strings attached!  I get that on a monthly basis when I have to deal with Aunt Flo...

Spammers are people that have too much time on their hands who also have stolen my email address to tell me these things that I don't care about.  You may be asking, who the hell I think I am as I am now blabbing in a public forum; however, you chose to come to this page, I don't just give it to you.

Today I felt amazing as I had 4 comments on my pantypyramid blog.  This blog has has no pulse for about 5 is something that I had kept near and dear to my heart until several people who signed up for the fun didn't follow through...anyhow, so I had 4 comments, maybe from people who wanted to join; maybe from people who had decided to follow through...something...


These four comments were annoying bullshit details that weren't even full sentences.

"These occasions will also call for the hottest party dresses around... Panty lines and bra straps take away from what you have and gotta get fun! pantie panties" (the pantie panties was hyperlinked, but as I am not sure who this annoying person is, I removed it).

Really though, why would you!?

How could you?

It makes me almost want to go to their site and leave comments like "boogers got you down?" or "llamas make great pets" but I refrain.  I hold myself back from doing that because that is completely rude.  People enable comments for feedback, criticism, support and a means of traffic and readership of our blogs and not for that of annoyance.

Anyhow, to you spammers out there...please stop - if you don't something bad will happen to you - call it karma.

And let me tell you - Karma's a BITCH!


Smart Ass Sara said...

I know. I keep getting a ton of spam comments which is why I had to turn moderation on. :/ ANNOYING.

And I might do a ghetto version of the panty pyramid on my blog. I have yet to find time to do it though. So let's be real- it may never happen. Boo.

beate said...

I like spam karma. But i also use the anti-spam-bee. these two work pretty good together.