What kind of girl are you?

"What kind of girl are you mommy?" she asked me. I didn't know how to respond so feeling my age an advantage I counter her question with "what kind of girl are you?"   Befuddled she looks down at her feet for quite some time figuring out the right words to enunciate just what kind of girl she was. Her feet tapped in the puddles and her fingers twiddled round and round until I saw the light bulb pop atop her head. Her eyes met mine with a grin from ear to ear. Casually she answers "the kind of girl who tastes like chocolate chip cookies and smells like vanilla beans.  I'm the kind of girl who runs in the rain until you tell me to stop and I am also the kind of girl who hears a song on the radio and can't help but dance."  She stood proud, revelling in her profound declaration...she smiled with her whole body.

This was from my 8 year old today. What the hell? Did she literally just look at me and sum up her entire 8-year old self when I cant look inside of me and tell if I am hungry??!!

How on earth did she do this?  This little creature who started out as the product of a killer dress, new hair cut and a body shaking orgasm is my daughter.  My 8 year old daughter who is so curious and inquisitive has the capacity to think so clearly about herself.  How did she become so sure? Where did she learn to be so free? 

Naturally, I would immediately think "from her mother...duh?" but I really don't know... I am no longer that confident.  I am not that 20 something savvy bitch who can handle her gin and tonics like they were vitamin water...I am also not that  sure that I smell like chocolate chips or vanilla beans although that would be fantastic.  So would smelling like sunshine and lollipops...

I am truly blessed to have been given such wonderful children.  Kids who have imaginations that are bright with HD colour and who's daydreams are way wackier than the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I hope that in the future I get the chance to be completely surprised by my kids creativity and genius. 

I get slightly emotional in thinking back to that smile she gave me..that soft giggle she carries in her voice...the low rasp in her tone. 

Although I don't always understand you..you have always brought laughter to my heart.  Always march to your beat, not the beat of others; soon enough you will see others marching to yours. Go make your own music, fill the air with your spirit, passion and kindness.

Wow...aren't I a lucky gal?


Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

"This little creature who started out as the product of a killer dress, new hair cut and a body shaking orgasm is my daughter."

I love the way you write xx