I am a Comment Whore...and I don't care

I was actually contemplating not posting this, because it's a super amazing fantastic idea; however, as I feel it's so fucking awesome I decided to now hit publish.

I am a

The funny thing is, is while I was at the SITS site, I was  doing regular SITS Sharefest things, and I happened across this blog called "Stuff I think About"  The author was telling everyone about how great and random and awkward some things people say actually are...I too feel this is true.  Case in point..

we all know the blogs that I read religiously (if you need a refresher)

The Bloggess
A Day in the Wife
Ex Hot Girl
I Run with Scissors
Welcome to Sara's Organized Chaos
Ann Nahm
Did I Just Eat that Out Loud
and several other fantastic ones (Chunky Monkey, Barefoot Foodie, JewliaGoulia, ShaunaGlenn....the list goes on and on)

Of these blogs, I constantly see random and amazing comments!!!  I LOVE IT...not to take away from any authors skills or posts, but I have to admit that I love whoring myself through comments!!!  It's super fun.

I have started a list of some of my fav's and would love to know or hear yours.  I will be also creating an updated list to keep these random and obscure thoughts for us all to look back at and laugh till we pee our panties!!

I will say that I am an author of one or more of these comments, can you guess which one(s)? LMAO

did we really make it to 2nd base? I only copped a feelsky once, but you did roofie me so Im not sure what your scene had in it...I tend to be easy when it comes to free drinks...

thank you for linking our shit...i just hope there isn't a blogbaby that comes outta that stuff...I have had my kids, so unless you want to have it (where i wont support it but may namecall and poke fun) it's all yours!

i also feel that if I don't say something about the kidnapping of said niece and taking to Mexico may be a disservice...DON'T GO TO MEXICO...at least go where you don't have to boil water, have bed bugs and perhaps you may just want to go where you could have a cooler name than Heffe (no. I didn't call you a heffer, you just thought I did).

I give people the mind finger. Like I pick my favorite FUCK YOU scene outta movies and then insert said experience into it, complete with background music, and re-enact it...yes, Robert Pattinson does frequent these highlights; and we may have or may have not touched each other's naughty bits...OK, back on topic...I give a mean finger (middle finger not the other...again, not into chickies...like ever!)

Ramen noodles al dente?

Not sure hun, I mean there are these poor people who work in those factories who spend their days writing with pens on the back of each packet the instructions on how to boil water..(in case we all forget how to do this). I have had the crunchy, munchie noodle snack - again, i have been drunk, something that rhymes with high or a combo of both in my past; however, me likey boiled, with soya sauce and occasionally an egg cracked into it to make it aaegg Dwop nooodols (to be said out loud phonetically)

you my friend are friggen redonkulous for the portmanteaus also...

Fantabulous!!! mothafukha!

Peace out whores!!!


Smart Ass Sara said...

I like to comment on as much as possible too. And I can honestly say I've gotten followers who then email me to tell me they are following me soley based on a really inapporpriate, out of nowhere comment. WIN. ;)

Michele Chastain said...

Glad I found this blog, and I agree with you...there's so much great stuff to be found on blogs...it's a universe within our universe.

Michele Chastain

p.s. you're so adorable...I'm totally jealous of you! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, this is hilarious!
I love commenting on other people's blogs, too, (just like I'm doing right now) because quite often they write something I can relate to - and every blogger likes getting comments, because it means that people read what you write.
And I'm preeeeeetty sure that sometimes my comments must sound hilarious and out-of-context, as well... but that happens with all I say and write anyway. Hahaha.

Janet said...

Wow, thanks for visiting my site and for linking to it here! You are welcome to whore yourself out on my page anytime! :-)