Road Boogers

Do you know what this is?

This is the view that I had today on my drive home. Not THIS guy but a guy similar to him. 

YOU, do you realize that you looked so uncomfortable with your finger lodged up your skull.  I have seen people's fingers stuck in bowling balls and never have I seen someone soooo deep up in their shit like I did today....and you were driving! 

I guess good on you as you sure "picked a winner".

I do have to ask though, do you realize that I can see you?  Do you care?  Do you think that I wanted to have the lasting impression of your excavation site in my mind and also the sequel of this feature when you decided to eat whatever you found there?  I must say that the fact you had the decency to eat whatever the hell was under your nails afterwards was great.  Whatever gorilla's taught you to groom sure did their job.  Perhaps this was a Jane Goodall gorilla.  Let's face it, those apes were smart!

I just would like you to know that the next time you are that hungry, please flash your lights, or flag someone down..they will surely buy you something to eat.  I will.

As a mother of 3, I have seen some PICKIN' but never once have my kids gone back for seconds...did your mother not teach you manners?  What are you hoping to achieve with this? Do you suffer from PICA?  I am sure that if you did suffer from this you are more likely to eat the tire of your car or your own shaboodie...but perhaps your own boogers curb your hunger?  These are things I have no idea about, but honestly...



Smart Ass Sara said...

gross, gross, gross. I hate people anyways, but the people who think that things they do can't be seen by others drives me insane.