Stalk me Stalk me Stalk me with that deviant behavior!

To all the new folks who have just joined this amazing ride...WHAT THE FECK TOOK YA SO LONG?!!?    Sincerely though....Thanks for totally checking out my blog!!!  

I have hit 90 stalkers on this mother!.  This is a huge celebration for me, as I thought that after a 2 month hiatus, that I was over....yesterday's special 1/2 off....but for the past 2 weeks I have seen a continued increase in readers, followers and views.  So....

I really have been loving this new found energy to read and post....thank friggen gawd I have found it, as I hadn't had any therapy in the time that I was off...I mean who would I talk to?  Who would I tell about the random shit that comes into my head???  I mean I could talk to Mr. Insatiable, but look where talking got me??? Knocked up with 3 kids in 4 years that's where....ooooh..I mean..shit.  Too Late. 


Well... to the new people that have started to follow this blawg...I want to tell you something...I actually remember my very first follower.

My very first follower was this Nutcase of a woman who LOVES Little House on the Prairie.  Julie, aka A DAY IN THE WIFE literally has been here since the 2nd week of my posts...she has supported me and provided countless posts that have made me either
drink more or piss myself...sometimes in different sequences. She often considers herself to be a "ride or die" kinda bitch...and that is the type of chick I love! (I don't luuuuuv chicks, just luv them) None the less..I remember.

I remember when Jenn of EX HOT GIRL (who is totally a smokin hot girl) came into my life and then followed.  I seriously doubt you haven't heard of this chick, but OMG if you don't friggen go read her adventure of losing weight and herself to photography, John Meyer and life please go now...actually wait...comment here or follow...then go  er.. damn.  I whored it out again...silly blog-whore.

Another amazin day was when this Aussie bitch Alex came into my life...WHOA MOMMA! can I tell you how great this chick is???  One of the best posts of hers was last year when she was about to go out to her hubby's work party and told the tale of when she fell down the stairs because she was drunk and flashed her panties to everyone....HYSTERICAL..not only that, she has some amazing kids, a beautiful life down unda and great blog too!!

I have had many an eventful moments during this blog journey..some you may could make me cooler than Vanilla Ice.  Like, really...Jenny the Bloggess...totally has been here, left her finger prints and everything...I was like 1 or 2 times and that is nothing and I totally should stop writing about her because it's pathetic but me not writing about her, would be her not writing posts like this.  Seriously, I wish that she had a book or a vlog for the ask the bloggess segments...HOLY SHIZ BATMAN....that would be a great idea!!!!

These are some of the moments that I will cherish tremendously.  I will also remember the day that I received so many comments on the post "Do Porn Stars Get Yeast Infections" which is something that I will still question until a Porn Star sets me straight..but that day was a total high without drugs or alcohol!  I had so many great comments and feedback that I became hooked.  Hooked on that blog-love.  I was done for.  You had be at blo (not blow..
dirty hookers) blo.

I guess what I am trying to say, is tell your friends about this blog..maybe they will like it too...maybe they will hate it...but at least they will let me know either way.

If this is your first time here..glad to meet ya! Just leave your name at the appropriate comment field so I can remember the jist of it...I am not really fond of one-night stands but if you must come and go without be it.  My tubes are tied also, so it's not a bother.  If you do write a blog, tell me about it...If you are funny, I really want to know.  If you think you're funny, let's try it out but if your mom is still telling you you are funny but you know you are not...maybe fuck off tell me about your funniest post.

I can't wait to jump into this weekend - as this week is quickly becoming a puddle of goo before my eyes...the great thing about it is, tomorrow is Thursday and that means.... means that it's Thursday DUH!  But if anyone else knows why tomorrow rocks the socks like Fantastic Mr. Fox, then let me know!

In closing as I have whored blogs out, especially my own, please know that I also blog at THE PANTY PYRAMID.  This is a great blog if you are up for some support and panties.  Read here to figure out the rest, but honestly, it's about payin it forward. (these are some of the people that have done so already...and they are happy...well some of them may be drunk...but drunks are happy people!!

I know that I cuss, use inappropriate language and atrocious grammar but the truth of it, is that I haven't felt this good about myself since forever.  I know that it's because of all y'all out here that really have made a difference.


Brenda said...

90 Followers!! WOOHOO!!

Kristy said...

Thanks for stopping by my site, I am liking your blog. Love the design and format you crazy bitch and I mean that in the kindest sense. I also want to check out some of the blogs you have mentioned, haven't heard of Whoa Momma. Watch out - I'll stalk you! :)

Julie, The Wife said...

You make me laugh laugh laugh. I don't know what crazy effed up force in the world brought us together when we BOTH were starting off our Bloggy Journeys, but it was certainly meant to be. I am your Ride or Die Bitch, Chick Norris, for reals! Congrats to you!