May I have your attention please: Will the Insatiable Host please stand up?

For 2 days I have tried to write.

I have tried to articulate my feelings and I just can't seem to hit publish.  You see, my blog is and has always been a personal reflection of my daily musings, thoughts, sentiments etc.

Mainly my blog is written to add a light humor to my day and hopefully yours.  Life is so serious all the time from work to home life that I often try to use words to break the tension.  If you know me in person, you know this is true.   I always try to add laughter to some part of my day because it feels good to laugh - and plus you burn more calories laughing than you do frowning and being a crusty fuck all day.  You also know that I am not a vindictive or revengeful person.  I am actually a little level headed and fair.

For my readers who don't know me personally, I hope that you have taken one thing away from my ramblings... I don't lie, and I also am likely to have the most open mind ever.  That being said, those who read my blog, have the choice of reading or not.  You have the option to hit next or move on...I am not holding any readers captive!  Well...maybe a few of you but that's because you sold your souls' a while back and we're now blogsisters...

The point is, you don't have to like, agree, believe or even read every detail of this blog- - no one is holding you to this.  I started this blog thinking that I needed to do something for me.  Well this decision has been something that I cherish so much because finally for ME and only ME I have done something.  I took a chance and was creative - funny and for once I was not the entire reason behind a joke.

We all know that I am not a raging journalist on the trail of a hot story.  I know that I am not likely to be the most viewed or read blog out there; however, I DO know this...

Steven King offended hundreds of people before even selling his first hundred books.  Ann Landers answered questions of readers and they were so upset with her response or lack there of, that she didn't have them as readers any more.  Some people loved Stephanie Meyers Twilight series and others detest it.  You say tomato I say tohmato.  If you don't like what has been discussed, contemplated, spoke of or reasoned, please feel free to not read further; however, please also don't feel that it's ok to be slanderous or devious and trash my blog. 

You all, dear readers are entitled to your own views, opinions and I 100% respect and support them; however, if you are going to read my blog and be a part of my personal life, then please do me the same courtesy.

I have received negative comments in the past and have embraced them as if I wasn't someones particular brand of sass and class, and I really appreciated them telling me.  I have also received commentary that argues some of the conversation I host on my blog and again, appreciate every word because if I am being me;
I will always value you being you

The only thing that really chaps my ass is when my words are misconstrued into something that they are not.  When, my words are taken out of context, manipulated and analyzed.  Now, again, I have always had the disclaimer that I own my words and stand behind them so please dear readers don't think that I am backing down from my thoughts; however, if you had to defend why you got a tattoo or bought the car that you just bought to someone who has nothing to do with the purchase, would you feel OK with it?

Recently I have been asked by some readers about the words that I had written and I was a little mystified.  I mean, the circumstance I understand; however, the logic behind it was something that was a little unclear.  Regardless of the terms that they were on, I wanted to re-assure or assure you my readers, that I am in no way that much of a bitch that I would ever pose any sort of spiteful or vindictive venom on this blog.

Well...let me be honest....I'll totally spew venom if you show park your car at Tim Horton's or if you're child knocks my kids out for some reason - - but from one imperfect human to another, I don't care about too many things to really take the attention away from myself and make it about something or someone else...

Please don't be offended by that -- I really am a super big caring gal.  BUT when push comes to shove, do I really care what everyone thinks of me?????  Um...if you don't know the answer yet you clearly have no fucking clue who I am. ( if you are just slow, NO I DON'T CARE). 

The only thing I care about is if I am  one thing, I am a great friend, a hard worker, a loving mother, trusting confident, wife, best friend, daughter, sister and true to myself.  Other than that, not much else matters...

You don't know that I grew up getting made fun of from public school through high school -- so my skin is tough.
I had to assist in raising individuals older than myself in some aspects of my life - I can handle your rejection
I have grown up through my adolescent years where girls are fucking ditch-pigs and whores set out to destroy every last gleaming hope that you too are just like them..popular and beautiful.
I have dealt with the worst FAILs in life.  Moved, rejected, hurt and neglected to know what's really important in life.  I also know that when I left high school, all of the drama melted away also.

I have totally come out on top and am so much better because of it all.  You see dearest readers, I write just like most of you, every day.  Although I don't always publish what has been written, it seems to be the only way to clear my head and stay focused on the task at hand.

This may read a little scattery but I just want you all to know that I love having each one of you follow, read and subscribe to my blog; however, I just don't want you all to take it seriously. 

Don't judge this blog by it's cover...
allow yourself to read the intro, body and the end before investing your time and emotion (and possibly others). 

The end.


Brenda said...

Girl, you are BADASS!! The End. Miss yah D.xx