Crash. into me...

Yesterday some little shit rear ended me.

We were at a complete stop (as there was a red light).  As most people tend to stop at a red and go at a green, this person decided that this was not their niche.  It wasn't serious by any means but I was with the kids and I as alone.

I had no idea what to do as all that was streaming through my head was YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!!  I started trembling and shaking but I didn't let the tears surface.  I mean, that would have freaked everyone out, right?

The kid who hit us was really upset - he knew he messed up and really he was just a totally decent person about the whole ordeal and made sure to check with me to see if I had kids (as I was driving a van).

I haven't been in an accident when it was just me or just me with the kids, so instinctively I called my husband to tell him and get some support to hold my shit together.  We had the ambulance come check us out and aside from a little whiplash on me, I think we will live through it...I just totally hated that feeling.

You know that feeling.

Where you start to think about if it were worse?  Like if the accident left me unconscious and the 6, 5 and 3 year olds would have to take care of me....I can't shake the feeling of being helpless and depending on them.  Needless to say last night the kids got the emergency training. 

Seat-belt check list
911 dialing techniques and how to unlock a cell phone.

I feel a little over protective but I really had a good scare put into me and now I just want to be prepared.  Or, at least as prepared as one can be.

I can't shake that feeling - and my head is racing.  Will it ever stop? Yo. I don't know....turn off the lights and I'll glow. :)

Happy Sunday peeps - how have you been?


anne h said...

Cliche, but true -
Everyday is a gift!
Glad you are ok!

Smart Ass Sara said...

Ugh- I've never been in an accident with my kids (thankfully) but I would probably go gangbusters on the idiot who would hit us. I mean really- props for not going mental. :)

Toni said...

Poor you! but GREAT idea to teach your kids what to do, good thinking there.

Anonymous said...

Oh my poor dear. I'm sorry. I've had a fender bender with the Things and boy oh boy did it ever freak me out.

Hope you're feeling better my love.

Kristy said...

So glad you're ok, and hope time heals your anxiety about it! Ucky!

mub said...

Glad you guys are okay! Luckily all of the accidents I've had there have been amazing people who stop and take care of things and make sure I'm alright.