Why in the hell.... Welcome Back Blogger - #5

As you know my adventure of blogging started almost a year ago.  At first my initial reasoning was to blog about cooking and how great that was.  I mean, I love to cook - the kids and I do it every night; however, I wasn't letting my true voice shine.

There's a hell of a lot of personality here folks, and its really hard to hide...

I tried to write perspective pieces and they fell short -
I wrote pieces about things near and dear to me - again, leaving me feel as if there was a blank page infront of me.

I started to listen to my online friends....Sarah from Running with Scissors, Jennifer from Ex Hot Girl, Julie from A Day in the Wife and Sue from Did I Just Eat that Out Loud (ps SUE HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!) ...they were all talking about their "voice" and my "voice".  As writers we know it's more so about self discovery and causing/making a reaction rather than the one thought provoking statement. 

Through writing these posts and reading all along the journey you all have taken  I have learned a thing or two about myself.  I have learned that no matter what; there is only one man that I can ever depend on- one man that will only truly care...I am so lucky to have married him.

Through these writings, I have leared about me.  What makes me laugh; what holds me from crying.  I have done things that I wouldn't have ever done before!  I think that on the road to self discovery things are revealed that you aren't expecting.  People may not support you - but you also find out who your pillars of strength really are...and you learn how to test your boundaries.

I think that as it's been 1 year that I have blogged about me..I guess what I am still tryin g to say is that I blog so that I can own upto my own feelings...I blog to break down my defenses and show you the real person that I am inside; the one you don't see very often....

I just hope you all know that I luvs ya all and really love writing.  I just hope that I can keep doing it!

Thanks for all the fun and let me know how you all are.


MelissaD said...

We all blog for different reasons. Glad it helps you out. It's nice to have an outlet for thoughts.