Welcome Back Blogger - Post # 3 (When Swallowing Isn't so Great....)

Re-upload a post with a title that you are particularly proud of and explain why...

Challenge 3 is something that could be either yay or ney for me...as you know I have had a few great titles in the past from Porn Stars and Yeast Infections to Shaawing!!!!  Personally I have a few other favorites...but for me, this post really is something that I am proud of...it also really did well for readership...
commenting didn't do as much as I would love but I wrote it for me and it would be a little narcissistic if I spent my days commenting on my own posts now wouldn't it?


Why am I so forgiving?

i don't understand why I am so forgiving...does it mean that I am a
weak person and let people walk over me, or does it mean I am strong for being able
to put it in the past...I don't think there is an answer..

There are many things that have occurred to me, around me etc and I have this inhumane capacity to tolerate bullshit.

As we know life isn't easy and often people get hurt, hurt you or ending hurting others without realizing it. I am here with scars on my soul so deep that you would think I am the most jaded person out there....but really I am not. I just swallow my pride a lot. Bite my tongue.

Hold my cool.
Sometimes I wish that I could learn to stay mad or angry but I can't. Call me a good person? Maybe...I do make mistakes daily. I am a bitch constantly...but one thing, I can't hold a grudge and stick it. There have been many experiences in my life, where I have been so low - so hurt and so embarrassed, that you would think that I was done with it all...finished with all those people who made fun of me. Took me for a run,
stole or hurt me. But, I am still here...and so are they.

Times where I have been so
humiliated and ashamed

to hold my head up. I wonder what is in me that makes me still to this day, almost ignore all of the residual hurt and shame which still allows me to function. I haven't really ever forgiven those who have hurt me so bad...instead I have over looked it, swept it under the rug and charged ahead.

Perhaps that's the secret....I deal with things, I say whats on my mind (you all should know that) but when it would end up hurting someone even more;
I just swallow

my pride. One time where I actually do, and it's not really good for me.

When looking at myself now, and am trying to improve myself along the way, I wonder if this is a part of me that should change or not? Should I keep swallowing or spit out this nonsense?

What do you think...do you spit or swallow?

(Your PRIDE...dirty piggies)


anne h said...

Wow - nicely said!