The Sound Track of Life

I think I am PMSing a tad..but i have to tell you that everything has been tearing me up.  I watch a movie...I cry.  I hear a song...I cry.  I read a card...tears.

Mr. Insatiable tells me it's because i love everything.  I try to find happiness in everything I do and everything that I see but sometimes my happiness and wishing everyone around me were happy consumes me and it makes me an emotional basket case...

so be it.

I am seizing this as a great opportunity to get the emotional baggage off my shoulder and be prepared to take on the commitment I made to myself to get back on track with my eating, living and laughing.  Wanting to dance, laugh and smile whenever possible.

So, here it is...the soundtrack that I will be living to. 

See that.. right over there...ya the MY PLAYLIST..yup! 

What are your life's theme songs?  Share them with me, I always love adding new tunes - maybe they will help get my ass in gear!


Alex said...

I can't type properly because it's my first weekend away from the baby and my boobs are exploding (and expressing is oh so STUPID)....but I must admit to crushing on Florence and the Machine.