Kids in the kitchen...

So, after a week-long hiatus, I am back motha's!  How are you all doing?!  What has been going on in your life?

I have been refreshed and relaxed and it's time to talk some serious buz-nass.  I am taking a toll...For all you "Mommies" I want to know what your favorite food to cook and prepare with the kids is.  What dish do your kids crave?  What is it that makes it so great?

Do your kids cook with you? How do you get them involved?  Me, I know that our kids want to learn how to be sufficient in the kitchen.  We teach them about the ingredients, ways you can use the items and about the tastes etc...

They love to try new things and aren't afraid to be adventurous and do the bold and exotic foods.  From sea urchin to alligator they have tried it...Chef Insatiable and I encourage them to try things just once...then they can decide if they like it or not...but we always keep them involved.

We get ideas for each meal for the weekend and for their lunches, because guess what?!  If they suggest it, they will eat it!!! 

I have been reading and reading and reading and now after Chef and I talked about it, we want your input too??  Do you have any great recipes that we can try with the kids?  Really, it would be great to try any secret recipes?  What is your best meal?

If you are able to help us, I will publish the recipes here for everyone to try and will share with you the details...

Aside from this fresh way of thinking, I am back on track for posting.  Sorry, I feel that sometimes when my life gets too chaotic my blog is the one that suffers; however, it's almost been 1 year of blogging and I haven't quit...(and don't intend to).  I am still here and trying to balance my life.

The stay-cation was great...we did pretty much nothing but lot's of things..farmer's markets, day trips, plays, shopping, parties and more.  We relaxed, shared in quiet time and revelled in our family was soo amazing.

I will be back in full swing tomorrow with a fun and sassy post for you as I have some great things to share...hope to hear from you all soon about your favorite recipes!


Kristy said...

My boy is two. He loves to take things and put them on the dinner table for me, but I gotta keep an eye on him or he'll put out syrup and a can of olives, for example, from the pantry at the dinner table. Not very helpful, but bless his heart.