Welcome Back Blogger - Post # 4 -- She's Got Betty Davis Eyes...

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...and she moves you.

...and she knows just what. it takes. to make you notice...

I think that if I were alive while she was a young woman; she and I would be inseparable.  We would have had the type of friendship that no matter what, we would have been the best of friends.  I would have been there on the cruise around the world when my grandfather bought that ridiculous hat that made her look like a Q-Tip.

We would have written letters when life took us in different directions.  Those letters would have been the things that kept me young.  Words that I lived by and memories that would last me well past my years.

You see, she was delightful.  A real gem - that's what everyone said.  At her funeral they kept telling me that I was really lucky to have her in my life...but you know...they were the lucky ones.  They were better people to be in her presence.

No matter what, her laugh filled your heart and wrapped it's arms around you and made you feel home.  No matter who you were, you always were full of love...and meatballs.  Regardless your position in life, she always made you know that when she told you she was thinking of you - you knew she was sincere.

I think that if we were to have met that at age 17 it would have been the best age...we both were quite intelligent and if I may be shallow - we were gorgeous.  We had it all at this age!  The difference that I see now, is that she knew she had it - and I am still trying to remember what that felt like.

Her love life was full and complete - like that of a fairy tale.  I would have been jealous of how romantic the gestures that my grandfather had doted upon her - but I also would trade it for anything in this world just to be able to know him.  I remember his smell and although I was less than a year when we lost him, I will always remember that smell.

When I looked at her when she was in the hospital - I saw what she meant by "my life has had many triumphs...many days where I laughed uncontrollably"  that was the day she told me to not cry for her when she is gone - and the same day that I told her to "shut up" because I knew even then, that I would be an emotional basket case...she was right.   I still haven't cried for her...don't get me wrong...I have shed tears - those ones that you allow sneak out of your heart while you are lying down...the ones that you blame on the commercial you just saw - or the ones that you feel come on and suffocate your throat when you think about her...those ones are different...

If I had that day over again, I likely would have put my foot down and asked everyone to leave me the hell alone.  They too knew that I wanted more time with her - and that I couldn't buy any more either...all I wanted to do was ask her questions.  I had asked her every question I ever wanted to explore the answers, but I would have asked them again to see if I could gain any insight into how to live and be as happy as she was.  How could I possibly live my life and be half the woman that she was.  For some strange reason she kept telling me that I was already -- but I don't see that woman yet.  Maybe she is there.  Maybe she is lost....or forgotten.

Regardless of the shoulda' coulda' woulda's...I know that she was the true essence of being a lady.  She

A true lady was she.

She had Betty Davis Eyes....


Kristy said...

OMG, I love it. How beautifully written. I wrote about my grandma on Thursday as well. She was quite a lady too. I miss her.